A Killer's Game by Luca Tahtieazym

‘I’m a killer, an assassin, a murderer, a criminal. But above all, I’m an artist.’

France, 1986. Achilles Clazay is a successful and charismatic businessman who is adored by his partner and respected by his colleagues. He is also a talented artist who lives for his work.

His latest project is Françoise Laville and she’s gagged in the shower, about to die. Because Achilles is the notorious serial killer who has been carving great works of art into the ‘canvas’ of his victims’ skin for five years.

But a copycat murder soon changes everything in his brutally ordered life. Naturally, Achilles is enraged by his imitator and will stop at nothing to find him. He is a practised hunter, but the hunt for the imposter will reveal dark secrets even he couldn’t have dreamt of. Will he survive the chase?

Stay for Me by Corinne Michaels

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Release Date: 12/8/20

Hollywood taught me everything I know about relationships—except how to be in one. As an actor, I became an expert at faking it. Faking that I wasn't affected by my childhood. Faking that I was okay. Faking that I knew how to save the day, the girl, the whole damn world.

But I've always known the truth—I’m no one's hero. 

Until I’m forced to move back to Sugarloaf for six months, and Brenna Allen offers me a chance to prove otherwise. She’s everything I never knew I wanted, but can't have. Her broken heart, perfect face, and adorable children turn my world upside down. Instead of preparing for my next leading role, I’m directing a middle school play. 

All to make her smile. 

The more time I spend here, the more I want to stay. Build a life in this town that I swore I’d leave—for her.

But when the world comes crashing down around us, I’m forced to decide if staying for her is the right choice or if leaving is better for the woman I love.

I am a Rockstar by Uma Vanka

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"I am a Rockstar" is your comprehensive guide to Success in life. Reviewers of the book have recommended this as one of the best self-help books on Success, a self-help book that works, a guide that provides very simple steps, avoiding confusing mantras and a success book with something for everyone. Instead of listing boring textbook analogies, the author shares stories and experiences, making this an exciting and easy read.

I am a Rockstar is your simple and end to end guide to Success, helping you to

•Adopt positive thinking and winning attitude to succeed
•Boost your self-confidence and self-belief
•Control your life through a more straightforward, efficient, and productive perspective to life
•Develop essential winning skills:::

oEssential tools such as communication skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills, branding skills & presentation skills
oCritical life skills such as appreciation, discovering unknowns, turning weaknesses into strengths, fighting stress, turning failures into Success (you will learn to replace the word failure with FALL-ure), cherishing tough times, working smarter, and be prepared to win the life war, not necessarily individual battles.

Paradise Peak by Janet Dailey

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A desire for absolution brought ex-con Travis Alden to Paradise Peak. But when he finds honest work, along with a keen sense of belonging, he shelves his plan to unburden his guilty secret, instead working to rehabilitate a ranch—alongside the very people his transgressions hurt the most. With the chance to create a haven for wildfire refugees, Travis seizes the opportunity to do good, to earn the respect his new boss shows him. Only Travis doesn’t count on his feelings for his boss’s beautiful niece.

Hannah Newsome is a woman with a past as bleak as Travis’s—the kind of woman he should protect, not pursue. But once the rugged loner sees her wariness turn to warmth, once he tastes the potent passion between them, all he can think about is having it all right here in Paradise Peak, with Hannah by his side . . .

The Lost Diary of Anne Frank by Johnny Teague

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Even though at a distance, the readers of the Diary of Anne Frank became her friends and her confidants. She was able to establish, in her writing, a connection with each dream, each fear, and each struggle. The diary ended, but the story did not. The Lost Diary of Anne Frank picks up where her diary left off, taking a much researched journey to the last months of her life - from her arrest to Westerbork, then Auschwitz, then Bergen-Belsen, and finally to her last breath, all adhering to her own, very personal, diary format.

Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye by Jacquelyn Middleton

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Leia Scott has sworn off love. Fresh from a messy, public divorce from her hockey player ex, the twenty-six-year-old fashion designer temporarily trades New York for London to heal and embrace her freedom. Her vow? To protect her heart, steer clear of relationships, and say yes to flings without strings. She throws herself into designing upcycled dresses and exploring London with her sister. But Leia's carefully curated plan encounters a flirty complication with an irresistible British accent.

Wealthy, charming, and devastatingly attractive, Tarquin Balfour is tired of meaningless hookups and dates that go nowhere. For years, he has played the bon viveur with reckless abandon, throwing decadent parties, sleeping with a parade of women, and diving into extreme sports around the globe. But now the young property developer wants more. He craves love and commitment, to prove his kind heart matters more than the abundance of zeroes attached to his bank balance. Struggling with undiagnosed depression, Tarquin worries he'll never find The One…until he meets his princess, a fashion designer named Leia.

Afraid of falling in love and fearful of being alone, Leia and Tarquin enter into an entanglement that threatens to hurt them both.

SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE is a sexy story of love, second chances, gratitude, and finding beauty in the broken and the forgotten.