Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad

Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad❴Read❵ ➵ Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad Author Gordon Thomas – Created in 1951 to ensure the future of an embattled Israel the Mossad has been responsible for the most audacious and thrilling feats of espionage counterterrorism and assassination ever ventured Gor The Secret PDF Ì Created in to ensure the future of an embattled Israel the Mossad has been responsible for the most audacious and thrilling feats of espionage counterterrorism and assassination ever ventured Gordon Thomas's Spies: The Secret History of PDF/EPUB ² Gideon's Spies: PDF/EPUB ² publication of Gideon's Spies resulting from closed door interviews with Mossad agents informants and spymasters as well as from classified documents and top secret sources revealed previously untold truths about the Israeli intelligence agency Spies: The Secret PDF Å And now in this edition Thomas updates his classic text and shows the Mossad as it truly is brilliant ruthless and flawed but ultimately awesomeThree all new chapters cover topics including How the Mossad Spies: The Secret History of PDF/EPUB ² planned to assassinate Saddam Hussein Saddam's food testing ritual and the surprising source within his government China's US based front companies and its relationship with bin Laden Mossad's untold role in the events before and after Mossad and revelations about Princess Diana's death The disappearance of the millions transferred from the Vatican Bank to the Polish Solidarity movement How extremists recruit suicide bombers including women Mossad's untold role in the Ira war and the hunts for Saddam and bin Laden Saddam's plans for trial. The most entertaining one star book you may ever read If I'm rating based on the sheer page turner appeal of the first half of the book I give it two or three stars Gideon's Spies is chalk full of harrowing tales of treachery boldness and bravery written in the voice of a murder mystery The trouble is Thomas's shoddy writing or to be fair to Thomas perhaps it's the publishing house's shoddy editingIt's hard to take very seriously a book that claims the Lockerbie bombings took place in 1998 Thomas also doesn't do himself any favors in the credibility department by kicking the book off with a lengthy 30 page examination of the Princess Diana conspiracy theories Look maybe Mossad was involved I don't know But if you're trying to establish credibility at least bury the stuff about Di somewhere in the middle once you've convinced the reader that you're to be taken seriouslyFurther there's no coherent narrative to this book Thomas jumps all over the place chronologically We start in 1997 then it's the 1920s through the 1960s then it's the nineties again then back to the 1980s It was impossible to pick up a thread All that was going on was that Thomas was threading together one cool story after another And again I give the guy props for telling some really cool stories That's why this book has one star instead of zeroBut things completely fall apart after about 350 pages At that point the first edition clearly ends and the final 300 pages is tacked on Literally tacked on Thomas did additional research kudos for that but made seemingly no effort to integrate the updated material with the earlier stuff He defines terms we already learned He rehashes stories dude we already heard that story 200 pages ago He mixes up dates He does this weird thing when he uotes people where he writes insert uote here said So and So to the author I have just never seen that before in a serious real book and it came across very sophomoricI think Thomas could have done himself a lot of favors and given his obviously very thorough research a real air of authority and reality if he had integrated the last half of the book into the first half checked his dates written a bit less breezily and left certain stories completely out As is this is only passable fiction Which is a shame because if true this book is groundbreaking The trouble is we can't take anything we read here seriously even if we should This is an interesting book to review While I learned uite a bit from this book I take issue with the fill in the gap nature that the author of this book takes when he doesn't have evidence to present with the assertions that he makes There is no doubt that the author harbors an anti Israeli bias and this tone is evident throughout the book I am willing to read books and objectively consider the evidence at hand regardless of my preconceived beliefs In first reading this book I expected the book to be one in which facts and evidence was presented of past actions of the Mossad There is no doubt that the Mossad has been responsible for assassinations and other forms of sabotage so simply presenting the evidence and the facts is what I expected this book would be of Throughout the book the author speculates and inserts his own beliefs and conspiracy theories rather than simply presenting the evidence at hand He does this often by raising uestions and making speculations Not to mention that footnotes of his claims are not provided Again there is no doubt that there is truth to many of the stories that the author shares Still some of the claims are pure conspiracy theories For example he speculates that the Mossad or the CIA had a hand in the Pan AM terrorist attack He also likes to rely on anonymous sources and his own insinuations and beliefs based on not evidence This is what makes many of the claims of the author uestionable I am not Israeli nor Jewish I am Iranian American atheist I simply wanted to learn of the facts with evidence rather than the tangents that the author goes off in many directions The editing was also poorly done with many grammar mistakes This book was an interesting read indeed It simply is one in which the conclusion of the cases he presents were often time muddied by his tangents that were often than not his own speculations devoid of evidence In the world of smoke and mirrors that the world intelligence services operate in Mossad are considered to be the best in terms of the uality and uantity of intelligence that they collect AS well as that the missions that they undertake are audacious brave and just a little bit foolhardyIn this book Thomas has brought together details of those missions and operations that Mossad has either undertaken or has played a part in Through his extensive contacts in a variety of intelligence services he has attempted to fill in the gaps in the public record of events or we were not even aware of in most cases He covers events such as 911 the death of Diana the horrendous rendition flights that the CIA undertook the obliteration of the Syrian nuclear facility and lots Whilst a lot of this was interesting the book did drag It is nearly 700 pages of closely typed text and the mass os facts and detail does get overwhelming at times With all of these types of books you have to take them with a little salt as I cannot believe every thing in here is true But it does show Mossad as very proficient and brutal Gordon Thomas may be right to boast about what he claims are the unprecendented number and range of interviews that he conducted with high ranking officials from Mossad the Israeli intelligence service Yet while the fruits of those interviews may be of interest in a “spy novel” sense Thomas’ presentation of their sum mostly does not lead to a greater understanding of Israeil policy or much of anything else Dramatic and intriguing they may be but tales of Mossad officials cavorting around the world kidnapping former Nazis and recruiting operatives in French hotels are not of much interest in any larger sense There are hints of items of real interest here that would in fact tell us something about Israeli machinations – such as collaboration with the apartheid regime of South Africa or very scant references to arming South American dictators – though Thomas’ establishment friendly lens prevents him from exploring these topics in any depth One also notes a regrettable tendency to characterize any Israel foreign policy or intelligence misdeeds as stemming entirely from factors internal to Israel thus ignoring the fundamental US role It certainly cannot be said about this book that its author Gordon Thomas isn’t completely taken with the subject at hand Writing with a schoolboy’s fascination for the murky parallel world of international espionage Gideon’s Spies is a book full of smoke filled rooms institutional treachery and ruthless men and women operating in cunning ways that would make the most hardened of criminals take pause He describes a world where no one can be trusted where deception is revered as an art form and where your dance partner not only calls the tunes but also gets to decide when it’s lights out in the ballroomWhile entertaining to read Gideon’s Spies is by no means the serious work of history that its subtitle A Secret History of the Mossad might imply Throughout Thomas’ book suffers from the fact that the line between exactitude and exaggeration is never clear Some of the adventures he documents such as the farcical account of how Adolf Eichmann was nabbed off of an Argentinean street were straightforward and convincing but many others read like seamless fiction all the easily invented decades removed from the actual events Additionally there is no shortage of conspiracy theories in the book from Mossad’s potential involvement in the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed in 1997 to a rogue CIA team’s supposed involvement in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland in 1988 In both cases and others Thomas provides scant evidence that the theories are anything than the product of vivid imagination But poor sourcing and unchecked speculation is only part of the frustration that flows from this bookThe numerous stories of both intelligence failures and successes were sometimes difficult to follow with Thomas preferring to use a continuous series of chronologically chaotic asides to deliver historical context to his readers While the book does give a good accounting of the scope and range of nearly half a century of Israeli intelligence operations it glaringly fails to convey the critical connection between the Mossad’s intelligence efforts and Israel’s national security Instead it is a tale of exploits and mishaps that often appear only marginally related to national security interests and sometimes even counterproductive to Israel’s democratic values If taken at face value the extent to which disinformation is used to further political goals is troubling and bodes ill for the idea that a free and independent media can serve as a useful check on state power whether in Jerusalem London or WashingtonThe story of media baron and apparent Mossad informer Robert Maxwell provides the most startling example Despite there being little direct evidence Thomas weaves a fascinating tale of a media empire financed by fraudulent business practices and wealthy Israeli investors motivated by eual parts profit and patriotism When Mordechai Vanunu a Moroccan Jew that had worked in Israel’s nuclear facilities at Dimona from 1977 to 1986 emigrates from Israel and decides to tell the world about its nuclear activities it is Maxwell that first informs Tel Aviv and then promptly runs a front page article seeking to discredit Vanunu in his London Daily Mirror when it becomes clear that Vanunu had sold his story to a rival London newspaper Eventually however Maxwell and his sordid business dealings would become a public relations liability to Israel and according to Thomas it was at that point that Mossad made uick work of him on a Yacht off the coast of the Canary Islands making his death appear to be a suicideIn another story of the expendability of the individual for the greater organizational good Thomas writes about the case of Ismail Sowan a Palestinian first recruited by the Mossad as a teenager in the West Bank because of his unusually sympathetic views towards Israel It was Sowan’s desire to go to college that led him to agree to accept Mossad’s offer but it was the idealistic notion that he would be furthering peace efforts between the two peoples that really excited him After first working as a diplomatic courier in Europe Sowan was told to go to Lebanon and join the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO His successful infiltration of the group and eventual assignment at its London headuarters provided Tel Aviv with a valuable source of reportage about the PLO’s illicit activities to promote terror around the world But when a series of counterfeit blank British passports destined for the Israeli embassy turned up in a phone booth and the murder of a prominent Palestinian political cartoonist went awry Israel needed a way to shore up its relationship with London Implicating Sowan in the murder and then leading British authorities to his supposed stash of arms and explosives worked to perfection Despite Sowan’s protestations that he was working with the very organization that had set him up and handed him over to UK authorities he was sentenced to 18 years in prisonThe most troubling aspect of Gideon’s Spies however may be Thomas’ account of numerous so called sayanim or “volunteer Jewish helpers” in locales around the world Some of them he notes do no than buy local clothing to be sent to Israel so that Mossad agents will have authentic clothing when working under deep cover In other instances however he notes that some of these volunteers are connected to the US media and instructed to plant stories with false information His claim that the sayanim represent “the historical cohesiveness of the world Jewish community” and that “regardless of allegiance to his or her country these volunteers recognize a greater loyalty the mystical one to Israel” pg 54 is a reckless one Such a characterization perpetuates the anti Semitic myth of Jewish dual loyalty Individuals of any nationality may feel strong ties to childhood ancestral or cultural homelands but to suggest that members of the Jewish diaspora play such a prominent role in Israeli intelligence gathering activities risks inciting paranoia and giving credence to a harmful canardThe value of this book lies in its ability to convey the potential for abuse when public policy is crafted without regard to the role of the public While the scope for debate on individual actions is necessarily limited the goals and macro strategies of intelligence gathering must be the product of robust democratic dialogue and its implementation should never be completely obscured from the public view Intelligence organizations should never do the bidding of individual politicians nor should they operate without impunity when laws are broken Doing so risks creating an extralegal arm of state power and calls into uestion the very basis of democratic governance It also provides a poignant reminder that in an open society privacy is the exception to the rule and not the other way around© Jeffrey L Otto Sept 28 2009 A terrific read with the ins and outs of any spy book only this time the names and events are not necessarily changed to protect people It is the true history of the development of the Mossad; its missions; its successes; its failures I was half way through the book when my father said it looked interesting and wanted to borrow it I was horrified but I survived Thankfully he is a fast reader and he returned it in a few days with a huge smile on his face As a career military man I took that as a sign that the book that was already uite good was going to get betterIt didThe history threads its way through the directorships of the Mossad and how they affected the way it was run and how the personality of the agency changed with each change of personnel Some myths of the Mossad were confirmed and some dispelled Greater detail about the inner workings were given than I ever expected At times it felt as if I were accompanying a spy on a particular op It was fascinatingI enjoyed the political and social details which offer greater explanation of what was going on at the time than was ever publicized internationally It was interesting to have both views of the same picture which made the whole even interesting than either on its ownThe individuals come alive their personal agendas versus those of their assignments and the Mossad the conflicts the State versus the Jewish faith being wholly dedicated to eradicating the enemies of the State a very rich and informative read So where to start This book came very highly recommended from a co worker as an educational tool regarding Mossad Specifically there were a lot of items in it that did relate to project and program management ie planning for revenge on the Olympian attackers assassinations etc This part was very interesting in how they plan test and execute I will say though the intriguing analysis was on Diane's murder Yes we in America heard what was going on we mourned ok some of us and listened to the conspiracy theories begin I will say that the theory proposed sounds very likely additionally with the autopsy and theories out of that I found this very fascinating I also found the evolution of Mossad through the Iran Ira conflicts interesting I can’t trust this book since it mostly draws on former agents saucy speculations and other sketchy sources However the picture it paints of competing national spy networks is truly frightening If a fraction of these stories are true we’re living in a world where governments can uietly eliminate or discredit its perceived “enemies” with relative ease—from planted newspaper stories to untraceable poisons—and little accountability Mossad apparently has help in most countries payroll informants Zionist patriots and trained agents Oddly agents may have been working on the hotel driver who crashed and killed Princess Diana Mossad was a crucial part of Israel’s success in fighting hostile Arab countries the PLO and even mild civilian critics Most disturbing is Mossad’s offer of help to assassinate ANC activists for the South African security service; with Israel’s collaboration with apartheid South Africa why do we wonder that there is a pervasive anti Zionism on the left? I posses a stubborn aspect to my reading habit in that I have an extreme dislike to not finishing any book that I pick up Gordon Thomas' 'Gideon's Spies' a rather large tome weighing in at around six hundred pages was a test of my resolveA secret history of Israel's Mossad my updated edition was published in 2007 from its original copyright date of 1995 From the outset I hit on a subject of which I am uite well informed namely the death of Princess Diana So the utter rhubarb that I found in print in various sections of the text concerning various aspects of this assassination did not fill me with confidence or encouragement to slog through the remaining pages Mr Thomas Mossad agents were NOT involved in Paris and were NOT driving any white Fiat Uno The intelligence asset behind the wheel of the white Fiat Uno was NOT James Anderson but one James Andanton a Frenchman who WAS in Paris that nightAfter such a sloppy beginning I did persevere However my overall impression of 'Gideon's Spies' is of a large volume that could be edited down somewhat and presented in a chronological order I am also not convinced that some of the topics covered are not the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth perhaps for fear of greatly upsetting other national covert organisations The subject matter of this book is intriguing and a piercing insight into how nations interact with each other on multiple levels Mossad's methods and philosophy of defending Israel at all costs and by all means necessary are clearly exposed here Strangely the first chapter's discussion of the death of Princess Diana linked to Mossad because of the commercial interests she threatened is a little out of place given that the rest of the book focuses entirely on Mossad's role in defending Israel militarily There is no doubt however that Mossad is very involved in commercial theftThe book is overly long and will appeal mostly to those who already have a significant interest in its workings It's also unclear why many would have cooperated in its writing why certain details revealed within would not have led the agency to attempt to uash the book nor whether everything contained therein is true Perhaps the book or some details in it are part of the Mossad Unit of Psychological Warfare's effort to sow the seeds of confusionIn any case a revealing book in many ways and on balance worth the read

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