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Historical Lovecraft[KINDLE] ✽ Historical Lovecraft ❁ Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Historical Lovecraft a uniue anthology blending historical fiction with horror features 26 tales spanning centuries and continents This eclectic volume takes the readers through places as varied as La Historical Lovecraft a uniue anthology blending historical fiction with horror features tales spanning centuries and continents This eclectic volume takes the readers through places as varied as Laos Greenland Peru and the Congo and from antiuity until the th century pushing the envelope of Lovecraftian lore William Meikle's inuisitor tries to unravel the truth during a very hostile uestioning Jesse Bullington narrates the saga of a young Viking woman facing danger and destruction E Catherine Tobler stops in Ancient Egypt where Pharaoh Hatshepsut receives an exuisite and deadly gift Albert Tucher discovers that the dead do not remain silent in th century Rome These are tales that reimagine history and look into the past through a darker glass Tales that show evil has many faces and reaches through the centuries Tales that will chill your heart Join us in our journey through horror and time if you dare Stories by Regina Allen Jesse Bullington Nathalie Boisard Beudin Mason Ian Bundschuh Andrew G Dombalagian Mae Empson Nelly Geraldine Garcia Rosas Orrin Grey Sarah Hans Travis Heermann Martha Hubbard Nathaniel Katz Leigh Kimmel Meddy Ligner William Meikle Daniel Mills Aaron Polson Y Wahyu Purnomosidhi Alter S Reiss Josh Reynolds Julio Toro San Martin Bradley H Sinor Molly Tanzer Albert Tucher E Catherine Tobler Bryan Thao Worra. Outstanding anthology of Lovecraftian fiction The historical fiction theme piued my interest Lots of authors were previously unknown to me so I was hesitant to pick this one up but I'm glad I did I will be seeking out work by many of the authors Highlights for me were 'Shadows of the Darkest Jade' by Sarah Hans 'The Saga of Hilde Ansgardotti' by Jesse Bullington 'The Far Deep' by Joshua Reynolds 'The Infernal History of the Ivybridge Twins' by Molly Tanzer and 'Black Hill' by Orrin Gray An excellent collection of Lovecraftian tales from the folks at Innsmouth Free Press The stories set throughout history and around the globe work the mythos into settings from Paleolithic Mesopotamia to the US oil rush Excellent scary stuff Where history's mysteries lay gaping open there 'Historical Lovecraft' goes seeing to fill in the holes in time and human knowledge with eldritch horror and terrors from beyond the stars At least that's what a good portion of the short stories contained within the book admit to using as their inspiration which is fine by me As someone who enjoys history and the unexplained as well as someone who digs HP Lovecraft I was very happy with the answers the stories in this anthology had to offer When I finished this book I was dreading finishing it just because I was enjoying it that much I vowed to reread it and soon I was going to let my spouse read it but he may have to wait while I devour the book againMy personal faves were 'Black Hill' an interesting take on an oil operation 'Deus Ex Machina' especially as an ex theatre geek 'Shadows of the Deepest Jade'honestly there wasn't a story that I didn't enjoy though there were ones I definitely preferred over others Innsmouth Free Press did a great job picking a wide array of subject matters and time periods I thought the Modern Era stories would be less interesting but 'Black Hill' is honestly one of my favorites and happens within the last 200 years Cultures religions and governments are all fair game and rattled by not only Cthulhu but shoggoths The Old Ones Nyarlathotep The Deep Ones all answering the uestions put forward by the stories If you are only interested in stories told in the same voice of HP Lovecraft this is probably not the book for you However if you can appreciate that fear is eternal and calls out in a variety of voices as well as have a thing for the ideas that Lovecraft put forth? You need to check this book out Full disclosure I'm in this book And while it might be poor form to review a book you're in and while I certainly wouldn't do it for any kind of pro site or anything my goal with Goodreads is to record everything I read which includes stuff I'm in and besides there's a lot of other good stuff in here that's worth talking aboutFirst off Historical Lovecraft is a different kind of Lovecraft anthology than usual in my opinion It's at least as focused on the history part of the title as it is the Lovecraft part and almost all of the writers involved really seem to know their stuff There's a lot of great pieces in here including stuff by Jesse Bullington Daniel Mills and Aaron Polson among others Definitely my favorite story though is Molly Tanzer's amazing The Infernal History of the Ivybridge Twins I'm notorious for my hyperbole but let me assure you that I'm not engaging in any of it when I say that it's one of the best stories I've read in years hands down This is a spectaular mix of historical fiction and Lovecraft lore If you're Lovecraft fan you won't be disappointed I found the pieces set in ancient history the most appealing but the tales span a broad range of time and many uniue takes on Lovecraft's mythology A must read for Lovecraft fans Ok should be an interesting theme right? Stories featuring Lovecraft's stuff or at least a general feeling of it You know what? There are stories in here that deserve a flat out 55 rating and this book would and should have gotten higher The problem is there were stories in this book that I finished and was left wondering just what if anything was Lovecraftian in it I mean there were stories that didn't even have a Lovecraftian feel to itIf it was just one I could let it go But it wasn't It wasn't even just two And I was left wondering just how desperate Silvia was to get stories NOT set in the Victorian age to put out this anthology I also find it sad that there wasn't stories set in pre modern times in this collection The best of the batch would be the story about the young priestess who has to sacrifice her lover because she has failed the gods I have been trying to find who wrote it and failed as it doesn't seem to be posted anywhere It has the benefit of being memorable of being of an unusual real culture and of being a good all around story If you are a Lovecraft fan pick this collection up If you are just a so so one pick up the electronic copy and save yourself some money If you are just curious pass this book by I love the concept of this collection Ever since Lovecraft encouraged others to play with his mythos that open door has lead almost everyone to crash the party Stories set in the mythos throughout history is a valid idea I am little underwhelmed with the execution Certainly different periods of history are all there but I found the stories to be a little ho hum A great indication of that was that by the time I finished the collection I had to thumb back through the book to even remember the stories I didn't really have a favorite Some stories like Sarah Hans' 'Shadow of the Darkest Jade' had a great concept but the first paragraph copied Lovecraft opening style so closely I found myself rolling my eyes In her defense we have all done it writing mythos stuff One thing I did like is that the stories were all pretty short sometimes I think was a curse that Lovecraft was paid by the word If you are serious about having a complete Loveraftian collection this book could be an important addition I think there are plenty of nuggets for the readers who are addicted to all things from the unknowable and unspeakable beyond For the general reader or fan of Lovecraftian fiction I don't think much new ground is explored and to me that is a problem I am not sure if it was on purpose but the authors who are almost always in Lovecraftian collections such as Michael Shea CJ Henderson and Cody Goodfellow were absent That hurt this book in my opinion such they are almost always there but those three authors not only understand the mythos deeply they are consistent about breaking new and interesting ground That was the piece that was missing for me That is not to say there were not cool stories but as an anthology I think hardboiled Cthulhu was a better example of an anthology that explored Lovecraft in a a new genre Historical Lovecraft is a clever gathering of stories of good and evil magic and reality from the dawn of time to present day It is organized by era antiuity Middle Ages etc therefore the reader can like me pick first to read their era of interest I did antiuity As it is with all collections of stories such as this there are favorites and the pick of a favorite is purely subjective My favorite because of its well formed character the imaginative use of the historical setting and the uniueness of the story is The Good Bishop Pays the Price by Martha Hubbard I recommend to you the good bishop Probus and his scribe Timos and their uirky doings in the backwaters of the Byzantine Empire 'Amundsen's Last Run' by Nathalie Boisard Beudin is a stand out as well The author's style of story telling is brilliant taking what seems to be a normal object as normal as an iceberg can be and taking it to the ultimate level of speculation making it an object of dark secrets and mysticalif not dastardly happenings Although William Meikle's story 'Inuisitor' contains the usual canards about the Inuisition I ended up liking the story because of its unusual presentationThis is a good and fun anthology the variety of stories and styles making it a great read for a lazy summer day Although I encountered a couple of stories of dubious understanding of the historical setting and insistence on the politically correct to the detriment of imagination I gave the anthology five stars because it is overall wonderful and well written containing a lot of knowledge and research in history by the authors This book is a collection of ostensibly Lovecraft influenced stories set throughout the ages Ranging from ancient Mesopotamia to the modern world it is divided into three sections Ancient History Middle Ages and the Modern Era The stories often incorprate the hisotry of legends of the time periods and cultures in uestion something Lovecraft himself was fond of doing With some of the stories the connetion to the Cthulhu mythos is fairly blatant with others marginal at best in spirit than content As with most collections this is a mixed bag However as far as collections go I have to say these tales are consistently pretty dang goodJames Pratt author of 'When Dead Gods Dream A Collection of Lovecraftian Short Stories' I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads Let me start out by stating that I have never read anything by Lovecraft which might be why I just couldn't get into the book Some of the stories were pretty good and I'd rate 3 or stars but some I didn't like at all The writing was bad and the storylines were confusing in some stories They just weren't very fleshed out Others were good and read like mythology from various cultures These were enjoyable I think if I was a fan of Lovecraft maybe I would have understood and enjoyed them

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