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No He Cant❮Read❯ ➹ No He Cant ➼ Author Kevin McCullough – Accepting his party's presidential nomination in the summer of 2008 Barack Obama beamed while Denver's stadium rocked with gauzy chants from adoring admirers But looming beyond the deafening roar was Accepting his party's presidential nomination in the summer of Barack Obama beamed while Denver's stadium rocked with gauzy chants from adoring admirers But looming beyond the deafening roar was a harsh reality that too few were willing to face just yet Some hope is too audacious to believe and just because a smooth talker proclaims something No He PDF \ doesn't make it true Now long after the honeymoon has ended and the national mood soured toward the th US president nationally syndicated radio talk show host and columnist Kevin McCulloughthe first pundit to predict Obama's rise to the presidencyprovides an alarming perspective on the man he has watched closely since the aspiring commander in chief was an obscure community organizer on Chicago's South Side You'll learnHow Barack Obama's first act as president to sign into law taxpayer funded abortionHow his administration has systematically and intentionally created federal dependentsWhy Obama's actions prove he believes American Exceptionalism is a mythThe outrageous lengths the president is willing to go to as he undermines our national securityFrom Obama's radical economic policy and dubious skills in national security to his administration's disdain for individual liberty and constitutional constraints on the power of the executive branch McCullough lays out a convincing case for why early on he labeled Obama one of the most dangerous politicians our generation will see  Real hope is possible While delving into Obama's flawed governance McCullough also charts a way out and forward for the America that once was and can be again  It is a way of clarity and common sense in a tried and true directiona way that is diametrically opposed to the disappointing course set by the current resident of the Oval Office. SighYes I've read this Don't judge me It was free on the condition that I review Which I shall do now Honestly I don't even know where to begin with this I'm tempted to go the sarcasm route Having read this book I no longer believe Obama has sold his soul to the devil I now believe that Old Scratch has sold his soul to Obama but frankly I don't think that's wise or fair So instead I'll treat this the way I'd treat it if I were going to use it in a class Which I am not EverEven harder is restraining myself where I disagree with McCullough on certain things I don’t think it’s fair to criticize him for not thinking the same things are important that I think are important so I’ll leave off things I think he should have talked about Nor have I allowed myself to criticize his format I realize that his native tongue is that of a columnist and as someone who worked as one of those for a few years I recognize that his tools of the trade are different and that he can’t be held to the same citation format that say I hold my freshmen students too If you’ve never worked in print media citation rules are looser and generally run on the honor code with the understanding that if you’re challenged you can show your source This is generally intended to save space and allow material So no criticism there either Hardest of all is the fact that on some level McCullough and I likely end up on the same side of things I am certainly no fan of Obama as a president and I tend to think that he is the ultimate proof that no academic should be given political power ever The man is clearly lost in a job that is far too difficult for someone with no actual leadership experience We’re fortunate that despite the economy the world situation isn’t as terrible as it has been from time to time in the past We’re not fighting a Civil War or engaged with a mighty world power like Germany in the 40s or Spain in the 1890s Nor do we have labor strikes or massive civil unrest All things considered if we’re going to have someone in office who has no clue what he’s doing this is about as good a time as we could hope for Okay soapbox now put awayThe point of all of this is to say that I have some serious issues with the right wing as well which makes it difficult to talk about this and similar books without sounding like I’m defending the current administrationOkay enough caveats on to the reviewFirst just the detailsOutlineMcCullough breaks his book into four sectionsPart One Economics Financial PolicyPart Two National Insecurity ie Foreign Policy and Military PolicyPart Three Erosion of Rights Domestic PolicyPart Four Accountability to Caesar Religious PolicyEach section has five or six chapters each of which is further broken into two parts a longish analysis of Obama and the general state of the nation and a shorter declaration of McCullough's position on the issue if you're still in any doubt at that point usually titled Time for a Bit of ClarityThis structure is a bit deceptive really the book has only two major sections though they do from time to time get a bit muddled economics and religionThemeMcCullough's stated them is clarity trumps unity always For demanding unity or unification without demanding an evaluation of the moral foundation on which such unity rests is an assured path to destruction pg 192That is the stated theme What ironically is much less clear is exactly what McCullough is trying to say Back to this in a bit as wellAnd I think that’s enough It’s not like this is a great work of philosophy where even the structure teaches us something Really it’s of a lengthy diary entry loosely organized around a right wing pundit’s analysis of the left wing Obama administration On to the review properStrengths1 The book is well written and readable Which of course is to be expected from a professional writer Even than that though it’s written as if it were a compilation of columns which it might very well be so chapters and sections tend to be short and fairly fast paced 2 Whatever else he’s been doing the past few years McCullough has certainly been following the career of Barak Obama with a great deal of interest The amount of detail in this book can at times be overwhelming3 McCullough for all his clear disagreement with the Obama administration really doesn’t take any cheap shots He sticks to issues and concerns which are generally agreed on so none of the “birth certificate” nonsense and highlights well some of the differences between mainstream right and left in the nation today4 There’s a whole chapter dedicated to praising the aspects of Obama where McCullough thinks he’s doing a good job okay maybe it’s of a “section” than a chapter but it’s still there So kudos to McCullough for at least admitting that there’s some common ground5 McCullough recognizes that a he calls it “the” fundamental difference between left and right in America is theology Which is a great starting place but then he goes on to suggest that the difference is that a the right believes that God is the moral authority in our lives who “guides actions calls to repentance and seeks to mold them into better people;” often through the institutions of parenthood and marriage; while b the left believes that God is unconcerned “uninvolved or uninterested and certainly unauthoritative in today’s world” and conseuently the left is “confused by moral order” 154 155 And here despite identifying that theology is an important place to start a thoughtful analysis or discussion McCullough goes immediately off track arguing that the left is without moral compass and in desperate need of parents especially a father figure and Jesus to get back on track No that’s not an exaggeration McCullough repeatedly says that Obama needs God and a dad “It should not be surprising that his own radar of right versus wrong is confused misaligned and sometimes malfunctioning It’s how he was raised—pg 155 So technically I’m counting this as both strength number 5 and weakness number 1 since it takes a great deal of intentional blindness to think that people on the left do not believe in morality or God Different convictions is not the same thing as no convictions Weaknesses1 See above2 This book is scattered McCullough is certainly aware of a large number of issues and news stories from across the country and around the world but he doesn’t always necessarily weave them tightly enough together in a single narrative It’s a little unclear for example exactly why the “fact’ that Obama is worse than Tiger Woods is really relevant to the book or why so many pages are spent discussing Tiger Woods at all Moreover McCullough regularly will tell some kind of right wing horror story and then try to loosely connect it to Obama by arguing that the story reflects where the nation is going under Obama3 Frankly McCullough claims to be a Christian and I certainly am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one “judge not” and all that but he has far too low a view of sin This comes through in two especially clear waysa His economic policy suggestions are about as libertarian as you can get I’d cite something but frankly pretty much every suggestion he makes fits the description I’ve never really understood how someone could believe the doctrine of original sin and believe at the same time that the best thing to do is to strip off all restraints even if only in the economic realm that sounds like the groundwork for a brutal nightmare of Hobbesean proportionsb His view of America is well naïve at best He says “This would in time turn into one of the most grating realities for me to deal with personally I don’t like wondering if the man who runs my nation doubts her goodness regardless of what he has to say about her greatness” 114 Then later in the same chapter America is in large part I believe materially blessed because she has been spiritually blessed God has prospered her for the good things she has done and He has done so far longer than perhaps anyone thought He would have No superpower has ever dared to use its might for greater good than America No nation has brought economic spiritual and legal freedoms to people on earth than America No one has liberated people from oppression than America An no nation stands ready to help when others are in need the way America does America defines its legal liberties as being from God Himself I believe that this simple recognition of God’s authority has ultimately been an umbrella of blessing to those of us fortunate enough to call ourselves America May this ever be 116 117 This seems to be at odds with McCullough’s explicit declaration of belief in pervasive human sin 169 170 Either people are sinners and therefore a nation governed by the people is a sinful one or the nation is a good nation and its citizens are virtuous You can be an Augustinian and put the nation in the sinful city of man or you can be a modern idealist and put the state up on a pedestal but you cannot do both Of course America has done good things and I certainly am grateful to be an American; I do think it’s the best shot at a nation that’s been made in history so far but that’s not the same thing as saying that we’re God’s chosen people4 At the end of the day it’s unclear as to what exactly McCullough’s presentation of Obama is supposed to be At times Obama is a leftist ideologue disconnected from the world and trying to impose in a bumbling inept way given his lack of experience the ideas in his head upon reality Other times Obama is ruthlessly pragmatic steamrolling everyone and everything in the way on his endless uest for power Of course these are exactly the same criticisms that the Left had of Bush during his terms in office so it’s only fair to hold the Right to the same standard is he a Machiavellian manipulator of mankind? Or is he a disconnected dreamer? You don’t get to have it both ways So with all these criticism why does the book still get three stars? Because I have a rock solid rule if a book is easy to read and somewhat enjoyable it gets a minimum of three stars And while I do not necessarily agree with everything McCullough says his book was easy to read and not unpleasant to get through Therefore if I were to set that up as my standard and then not live up to it why I’d be no better than Obama Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®com book review bloggers program I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising A commendable lead in for those who would like a clear view into the controversy that has followed Obama and his administration from the very beginningDepending on how much one knows about Mr Barack Obama and his administration NO HE CAN'T can be a real eye opener Kevin digs deep into all the controversy from the very beginning before Obama was senator of Chicago and into his third year in the White House In the introduction to this book McCullough fills you in on a good point that America has lost it's common sense I believe he was putting that mildly You can certainly look at it this way I instead see it in another light I see it as a veil over the eyes of those who choose to believe and be deceived Is this kind of deception not predicted in the very bible However since this book is not about the bible although Kevin does bring up the lack of Obama's religious beliefs I will not continue with this point I am not suggesting Obama to be the anti Christ even if he did name his vehicle The Beast however my point is I have seen all this deception the Obama administration has brought forth through from the start It has taken a hold of friends and family and it is really scary They are not moved and choose not to believe when presented with facts in regards to this administration facts that they themselves can openly look into These are not hidden in any way I have heard it all from friends and family either they believe these are rumors or they believe it as left over baggage from President Bush Seems to me Obama's roots of socialist and Marxist influence did not come from Bush Obama has shown us from the start his anti faith practices when he completely threw himself at the abortion issue He stepped over my boundary when he the only federally elected office holder as a state legislator voted not once but on three separate occasions for legislation designed to allow handicapped children due to botched abortions to die even while they were being born As a state legislator he insisted that the members take up this debate A debate over whether these children in a hospital named Christ Hospital in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago and in his own denomination United Church of Christ As these children already lay dying due to neglect of that hospital Obama attempted to prevent the passage of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act Favoring abortions is bad enough but Obama before his presidency favored every type of abortion possible the abortions pill the second trimester abortions placement of clinics on school grounds for abortions and even for minors to be driven out of state for the procedure This above only covers a few of those listed by MCullough and is disturbing to say the very least The very reason I am on this planet and so are you is because of the right to that life liberty and the pursuit of happiness Before he was even president Barack Obama he had already stepped on what this country has been built on the right to life I myself was raised with morals values and knowing what is right from wrong Turn to his first week in office and you will then see Obama placing his signature to an executive order reinstating taxpayer funded abortions for children across the globe This order reversed the Mexico City Policy This policy was a Bush administration ban that prohibited funding to international family planning groups who provide abortions as a means of family planning Later in March of 2009 Obama was moving a policy pertaining to public health would have doctors being forced to act against their own conscience and perform abortions whether the doctors themselves believed it to be morally wrong or not Kevin compares him to Hitler and he is absolutely correct Obama spoke about ending exemptions to doctors if they took it upon themselves to perform abortions Obama is infringing on the rights and life affirming ethical standards of physicians that are guided by longstanding Hippocratic ethics and biblical principles which preclude participation in abortion and other controversial procedures Did the words in his speech at a nationally televised press conference when he said “I would like to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies that result in women feeling compelled to get an abortion or at least considering getting an abortion hold any meaning at all apparently notKevin goes on to talk about all the deceptions Obama and his administration pulled off to get to where they are today which is than just an embarrassment it is downright morally wrong Yet at the end of this book Kevin does give Obama one credit which I don't believe he is even worthy of If you had these perceptions like Kevin had about Obama from the beginning then you will not feel alone when you read this book Just like Kevin I had my own insights about Obama and his administration from the beginning However when you watch friends and family fall for this deception and vote this man in is when you realize any hopes and dreams of improving our country has turned into a nightmare How do you go about convincing these people who are being deceived by these lies I am not claiming self righteousness here but just downright common sense Our country has moved away from what our founding fathers wanted for America however under the Obama administration it has moved away at an alarming rate I only wish McCullough would have given details on some particulars in this book however considering the deceptive Obama administration it would have been as fat as a bible I believe prayer from those of us who have clarity and insight would help those who have their heads in the sand and it is the only way out of this administration for who is not to say Obama will continue to deceive those and win another election Only God can help us now i’ll start this review with a uip and an anecdote anyone who believes bigger government will solve anything hasn’t been to the DMV in a long time i went to the DMV the other day to renew my license which had expired i checked the website before i left made certain i had everything i needed and was excited to see an advertised average wait time of about 13 minutes i grabbed my kindle and drove the 15 minutes or so to the DMV and went in only to learn that i needed to present my birth certificate there’s a lot of that going around this week or a valid passport i drove back picked up my documentation noted the average wait time of 11 12 minutes and headed back already an hour invested into the process i check in get my service ticket and prepare to wait 11 12 minutes which worked out if you don’t count the first hour of waiting all that to say – government isn’t a good way to improve efficiency but according to McCullough yes i will talk about the book bigger government is the core ingredient to his nefarious plans for AmericaMake no mistake i disagree with most if not all of the Obama administration policies to date so this book simply compiled and reinforced many of my suspicions i had always assumed it was either by coincidence or unintentional conseuences that drove these poor decisions but McCullough makes the case that it’s actually intentional among other things explained in the book President Obama has been nurtured by socialist principles and because of this realizes that remaining in power is predicated on the systematic erosion of personal liberties responsibilites and accountability for all of our citizens he paints a rather bleak picture of the first two years of Obama’s presidency without much hope for change in what remainsIf we are to believe what we read here – and there’s no real reason not to as facts are clearly delineated from speculation – then we should be uite concerned with the state of the Union if we aren’t already we’ve been told lies and have been exposed to vast amount of dangerous assaults on our economic social and spiritual well being all for the political power grab of a select fewit’s hard not to walk away from this book with cynicism skepticism and anger – much less a hopeless outlook for this nation fortunately all leaders are appointed by God and the outcomes of this life are in His hands it’s also reassuring to reach McCullough’s conclusion we can combat these policies and changes by taking back the responsibility this administration is trying to usurp from us instilling it into the next generationand one last side note before i leave this topic it comes from my impressions of the recent movie The King’s Speech this is an inspirational movie not only because we see a man overcome his fears to embrace the role as king of England and uphold his subjects in word throughout World War II but the final speech sent chills up my spine and the conviction of faith in which it must have been written and delivered stood in stark contrast to the non commital attitude so often observed from our own nation’s leader i’ll close with a uote from that speech which adeuately summarizes what McCullough is getting at“For the sake of all that we ourselves hold dear and of the world order and peace it is unthinkable that we should refuse to meet the challenge The task will be hard There may be dark days ahead and war can no longer be confined to the battlefield but we can only do the right as we see the right and reverently commit our cause to God If one and all we keep resolutely faithful to it ready for whatever service or sacrifice it may demand then with God’s help we shall prevail” from trudatmusiccomraw Review This is a very factual book and good read for anyone no matter what party they belong or like Kevin McCullough has facts on Barack Obama since he became Senator of Illinois He has dates figures and statements that the reader may or may not remember I did not realize one of Obama's first votes was to let babies die from late term abortions Page xviii' Over and over the author the uses the term We the People in his book There are four sections Part One Economics; Part Two National Insecurity; Part Three Erosion of Rights and Part Four Accountability to Caesar At the end of most chapters Kevin McCullough has a section of Time for a Bit of Clarity The author has facts to stand behind what he is writing Cash for Clunker facts on page 25 tells how We the People spend 2 billion for 250000 junk cars On Health Care CNNOpinion poll from August 2 2009 reported that only 23 percent wanted this bill Page 64 On page 150 151 is when the Cambridge Police acted stupidly Many name are in this book of people and places and organizations Some are Ronald Regan President Bush Dick Cheney Rush Limbaugh Eric Holder Joe Biden Kevin Jennings bin Laden John Kerry Kevin Jennings Major Nidal Hasan Fort Hood Warren Buffet and Megyn Kellypage 180 for her toughness I picked these names from the book and they are not in any order Leona I think this is a book for old and young Hopefully it can get through some heads that America is We the People Kevin McCullough is a Conservative and it shows in is writings I first saw this book on Huckabee on FOX and reuested it from Thomas Nelson Publishers to read and review This book was complimentary but the opinions are my own I laughed at the title because I felt it was telling Obama he can't take from us This is a serious book Read it and share your opinions Mike Huckabee wrote a foreword for No He Can't How Barack Obama is Dismantling Hope and Change I did so not because he was evil personified—I don't believe him to be Though in my syndicated writings I have labeled many of his policies as such I labeled him “dangerous” because of his effectiveness his smoothness of tongue his Kennedy like uality of looking like a starting point guard who also dates the captain of the cheer suad He had it all connections with the powerful black clergy of Chicago's South Side the doting wife beautiful babies and a smile that could sell three billion boxes of Wheaties Pg XviiMy husband and I follow Fox News daily whether on the television through twitter email or online Some of the facts written in here are followed by four pages of notes backing the facts For those of you for Obama you'll like what he says here I'm not interested in championing the “Republican Message” for the GOP has disappointed nearly as greatly on some of the issues—particularly economic—as the current administration What I am committed to in the pages ahead is examining through the lens of unrepentant truth where we are where we were told we would be by now and perhaps how we can get there in spite of the crisis we face pg XxvThe book documents Obama's rise to celebrity status and his failure to keep his campaign promises McCullough demonstrates his humility by giving the president a chance to succeed but his mind was changed as he realized the dangerous policies Obama wished to enact He thoroughly dissects Obama's campaign his choices his policies and his record Whether you voted for McCain or Obama you need to read this to be thoroughly informed as to what values you are voting for when you vote again in 2012 The foreword was written by Governor Mike Huckabee It's an unexpected political book and the last chapter will warm your heart Book Given by Publisher To Review Seemingly out of no where Barack Obama was rushed into the White House on promises of New Hope and Chance for the working class families A promise of no taxesof jobsand the masses believed him Unfortunately they were lies told to get him where he wanted to be To be in power in the White Housewith the goal of controlling the masses instead of helping them To promote an agenda of socialist government control over the lives of everyday working peopleAnd we saw him doing just that with each new Czar that was put in placenot to mention the fact that they were his cronieshis palshis buddies in this mass control scheme Barack Obama has given us government instead of job opportunities More taxes instead of less Higher prices at the supermarketsand a failing dollar sooner than expectedKevin McCullough gives us the ugly truth with all the facts to back it up of Barack Obama’s track record from day one in office He gives us the truth about Obama’s bank bailoutsand stimulus packages which did nothing to help the economy or the average American Wasteful spending adding to our national debt than any previous president And all this is just the beginningThe silver tongue of this president convinced many of his desire to help people all the while caring nothing for the individual Pushing his own agenda with threatsscare tacticsand promises to help him complete his goalsIf you haven’t gleaned the truth yet about this administrationthen you need to read “No He Can’tHow Barack Obama is Dismantling Hope and Change by Kevin McCulllough Interestinginsightfuland will make your blood boil;or should I highly recommend reading this one for every American and give it 5 stars for telling the bold honest truth Thanks to BookSneeze for allowing me to review this book No He Can't by Kevin McCullough is an outline of the first two years Barack Obama has been in office highlighting McCullough's views that the current administrative decisions are hindering American economy and weakening our nation as a whole McCullough covers the Obama administrations agenda as it pertains mostly to economy and national securityI have to admit I did not vote for Obama for many of the same fears Kevin McCullough expresses I do not support a big government and I look for a candidate's faith practices when I place my vote As a Christian I tend to vote for strong Christians when they are running This is not due to thinking only Christians can run our country but merely my connection to them in faith and my belief that decisions will be made on Christian moral grounds The information presented in the book reinforce my original fears and my current frustrations with Obama's agenda although I have found better reading on political websites McCullough's writing seems disorganized unfocused repetitive and fails to follow through I find McCullough to be well researched and truthful but all over the place It often felt like he was going to offer some advice for voters looking to make REAL change but then the chapters would just end like falling off at a high pointThe best chapter was the last and NO that's not because it was over It truly is the strongest chapter a letter written to his unborn son speaks loads about McCullough's character and his list of 10 places Obama could start truly building up America was awesome I will be keeping my eye on the president to see where he moves in the next years but he has burned many bridges beyond repair Guess I'll just keep praying for him and his staff No He Can't by Kevin McCullough is about how Barack Obama whose campaign was all about building hope and change in America is in fact dismantling those attitudes through his policies and decisionsThe book is broken into several parts each examining Barack's role and goverment style in a specific area The first part is about the economy and how Barack's decisions have actually worsened our economy instead of fullfilling the promises he made during his campaignThe second part is about national security and Barack's role in decreasing its effectiveness The third part discusses civil rights and how Barack has played a part in the decrease of ethics and rights in American society The final part of the book focuses on how we are to treat Barack Obama as Christians and Americans and what ways we can help fix these problems in AmericaNo I Can't was a well written book which clearly expounded the author's views Kevin McCullough was intentional in his writing and he presented his facts and material well I felt that the book was challenging to the American in its content I also did not always agree with his attitude towards President Obama Sometimes the author seemed disrespectful of the president's authority The book was clearly presented from a conservative viewpoint but I did appreciate that the author also was not afraid to critiue other conservatives on views that also did not seem right In summary I found No I Can't to be a powerful read which clearly expresses a well thought out and evidence based view The title of this book says it all McCullough is not a fan of Obama's policies and the book is devoted to listing specific offenses It is divided into sections on the economy domestic and foreign policy and morality I was looking forward to reading this book because I felt that it would provide an in depth look at Obama's policies and their effect on America The book certainly does that albeit in a disjointed way The main thesis of examining Obama is often laid aside for discussions of celebrities that seem wholly unconnected to US policy It makes for a confusing readFurther any undergraduate poli sci term paper would have to cite way sources than this book ever does and that bothered me I never knew if what I was reading was fact or biased opinions partly rooted in factIn summary this book really could have done a lot in discussing Obama than it did Certainly there are serious issues with this presidency that should be evaluated But the biases in this book make it difficult for me to recommend it to anyone for that purpose Had it been scholarly I might have been able to take it seriouslyI was provided this book by the publisher and was not reuired to provide a positive review Although I applaud the author's ability and talent with written word it is not his style I must review This book seems to only bash the president although one small chapter does give some applause The author seems only interested in glazing over others transgressions in his own party or with his on views and berate those who do not hold to them I do agree that the president has not done his job and has allowed the excitement that got him there be the only sound his administration can make but I do not care to bash a president now nor any past president They do their job to the best of their ability because we chose them and we shall live with our choices We can not change the past but only mold the future So to revisit constantly the things that this administration has done only keeps us in the dark and does not allow us to shape our future Remember the past so as not to forget and make the same mistake but do not hold onto it as if it is a small child's blankie as this only breeds anger hatred and blocks us from moving on On that note I shall recommend that all read this book as to open our eyes to the things that a unprepared and non seasoned president can and will do regardless of upbringing

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