God Emperor of Dune

God Emperor of Dune➵ God Emperor of Dune Download ➾ Author Frank Herbert – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Esta cuarta entrega de la saga Dune centra su trama en la figura mesiánica de Leto Atreides II hijo de Paul Atreides héroe cuya estirpe hunde sus raíces en la legendaria casa griega de los Atridas Esta cuarta entrega de la saga Dune centra su trama en la figura mesiánica de Leto Atreides II hijo de Paul Atreides héroe cuya estirpe hunde sus raíces en la legendaria casa griega de los Atridas y nos lleva a través de diversos dilemas éticos a comprender God Emperor PDF/EPUB or los mitos ue necesita la humanidad y a los héroes ue los encarnan El futuro en el mundo de Dune pertenece solo a los ue son capaces de pensar por sí mismos Esta saga apasionante plantea por primera vez de forma completa racional y convincente todo un mundo absolutamente diferente del nuestro Sus referencias a los problemas ecológicos el poder de las drogas y la fuerza psicológica de los mitos la han covertido en una obra de culto para millones de lectores en todo el mundo. Thirty five hundred years has passed since the end of the previous book Leto II I will just call him Leto for the sake of brevity has been the God Emperor of the known Universe practically all this time He is not shy about using pure despotic methods of governing when he feels like it Unfortunately with all his infinite wisdom he forgot the most important one a smart despot knows when to leave; the stupid one remains in power until his subjects remove his head – against his wishes obviously As a result practically everybody and their brother want Leto gone Heck I wanted him gone I can only think of two exceptions his fanatical and specially cultivated Fish Speakers and his majordomo Monteo scared into submission by constant mood changes of his not entirely human and sometimes homicidal boss Unfortunately Leto is very slow when it comes to taking a hint so he stays He continues making endless philosophical speeches about everything in a true prophet fashion in the most runaround possible way Ask the guy being about the color of the sky and you will receive a speech worth a couple of pages I assure you you will not find word “blue” anywhere in the answer Thus Leto committed the ultimate sin you can be a despot and sometimes your people can tolerate and even forgive you but absolutely nobody wants an Emperor who baubles non stop This leads to total rebellionThe book has an excellent beginning which made me really excited Thirty five hundred years has passed and it means all the annoying people of the first trilogy are long dead The story starts with a great action scene the only one in the book it turned out later featuring Dune rebels The philosophical speeches of Leto were uite refreshing in the beginning I loved what I was reading than the last two books and thought everybody who gave the novel low rating had no clue About 150 pages later the rebels mysteriously disappeared never to be heard again Leto’s word diarrhea started to get on my nerves Blah blah blah Golden Path blah blah blah I am not a despot blah blah A normal human being can only read so much of it before it gets really old I need to add that Leto never bothers to explain what the Golden Path is about except that humanity is doomed without it Both Leto and the author himself try to convince the readers – real and imaginary – that the God Emperor is not a despot using exactly the same arguments every single despot in recorded history justified his behavior including the classic oneMy answer to Leto would be slightly paraphrased well known saying if you walk like a despot and uack like a despot – you are a despot What else do you call a monarch with unlimited power who kills his subjects when he is in the right mood? No Golden Path can change itIn the last part of the book – where I get to on sheer willpower – Leto finally shut up to my surprise The moment he did everybody started to behave like teens on serious hormone overdose My apologies to teens in real life; this is a cliché and rarely happens I mean to this extent Let me just mention that all the people in uestion were grown up adults; I am not even sure this term applies to Leto I suddenly realized I became a faithful of God Emperor as I promptly went down on my knees and prayed “Oh God Emperor Hear your faithful Please enlighten your undeserving worm with one of your heavenly speeches and make these kids stop” Needless to say my prayer was not answered So much for God Emperor One of the first disappointments of the book was continuous recycling of poor Duncan Idaho Leto seems to be fond of resurrecting him and killing the guy the moment he showed an independent thought How many times do you want to stumble upon the same stone? As many times as can fit into thirty five hundred years that is how many His personality changed dramatically in the three books he was a selfish hero completely loyal to his masters the way dogs are loyal In this book he is a lovesick teen – well in mature age by years count Then again if Leto being 3509 years old acts the same there is no shame for Duncan to behave so One of the biggest plot holes is related to this guy as well To explain it I assume everybody knows Dune – from the book or movies The original guy died a heroic death giving Paul and Jessica time to escape His countless clones keep his memory Yet during the first meeting of a brand new Duncan Idaho – fresh from a cloning factory – and Leto II the latter asks “Do you remember me?” Duncan answer with yes Leto II was born way after the original Duncan died How the hell his clone was supposed to remember him? Especially considering the fact that the current incarnation spent the majority of his time wondering what happened to previous ones? There is no way the memories are shared between incarnations One fact I found hard to believe nothing much changed during 3500 years between the books Even considering that Leto suppressed all changes that many years is a lot of time May I remind you the whole recorded history of humanity took less than that and look at where we are now We do not have any wars any Sorry scrap that We go to work by flying cars Sorry scrap that too We conuered terminal diseases like cancer and AIDS Sorry I keep coming up with bad examples I guess we are still not that different from our distant ancestors who just discovered the wonders of controlled fire The whole book is way below the level of the first trilogy This is not just my opinion The original illustrator thought so too and decided a phallic symbol is needed to salvage the novel And thus the following cover was born This cover promptly ends up among the top three positions of all worst science fiction covers lists by the way This shows people have no appreciation for true art Herbert himself used similar symbolism in the novel when Leto commanded a woman dying of thirst to caress the inside folds of his worm body until water mixed with spice comes out to satisfy the woman’s thirst I am not even commenting on this one So the book started on strong 4 star rating level which became 2 stars fairly fast and remained this way until the end when it ended up in 1 star territory It is not completely hopeless and Leto’s ramblings are interesting until they overstay their welcome so 2 stars is the final rating I hated this book the first time I read it Hated every person in it did not understand why anyone acted the way they did Now it's one of my top ten comfort reads and I see so much in Leto I want for myself Dune was the perfect hero book and then Herbert turned the trope of “boy becomes Messiah and saves the noble people” on its head with Dune Messiah and Children of Dune In those two volumes everything assumed and trusted became so much sand and a son had to destroy his Messiah father’s legacy to save the universe from religious genocide and tyranny We closed on the boy becoming yet another saviour and had only a vague hopeful idea of what he intended to do next Herbert could have left us there many thought he would when he finished his Dune Trilogy Instead he published his most difficult and daring book yet In Emperor we discover that the boy’s plan to save humanity from tyranny is to become the ultimate Tyrant and Predator of humankind Yeah I’m with you Just say “huh?” and get it over with I can’t explain without giving plot away Emperor is a masterpiece of philosophy and the best book in the series but I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped somewhere in the middle and stuffed it to the back of your shelf for ten years before you gave it another chance Who am I to argue? I did SPOILER ALERT if you never read Children of Dune STOP NOWLeto II is now the God Emperor after merging with the sandtrout and becoming a monstrous worm man powered by melange He rules the known universe with an iron fist not unlike his Aunt Alya did actually but this is of course because he is SAVING the human race from itself He has an army of woman the Fish Speakers that carry out his bidding spreading terror and still peace across his vast domain He has reigned for 3000 years and sees the end nearing There is a lot of philosophy here and it is interesting perhaps it gets a little slow I know several people that get fed up with the Tleilaxu ghola of Duncan Idaho's appearance and yes he is back in Heretics of Dune as well But overall it was a good readOne thing I still don't understand and perhaps someone versant in the Dune universe will enlighten me is what was the threat to humanity that the Golden Path was initiated to alleviate? Was it just infighting that he thought would exterminate the human race? If so just enforcing a brutal 3500 year peace was just postponing the inevitable? Perhaps this will be revealed in Heretics or Chapterhouse Another puzzling thing was the tolerance of Ix Apparently in the distant past before Dune the Butlerian Jihad was raged against thinking machines which resulted in a world with human computers Mentats and Guild Navigators and a formal universal proscription of computers However Leto II apparently allows Ix to wind up production again as he purchases machines for transcribing his thoughts among other things I found it a bit frustrating not to understand how the Ixians themselves I really love this series although I probably will not read the apocryphal 7 and 8 written after Frank diedFino's Dune ReviewsDuneDune MessiahChildren of DuneGod Emperor of DuneHeretics of DuneChapterhouse Dune God Emperor of Dune Dune #4 Frank HerbertGod Emperor of Dune is a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert published in 1981 the fourth in his Dune series of six novels Leto II Atreides the God Emperor has ruled the universe as a tyrant for 3500 years after becoming a hybrid of human and giant sandworm in Children of Dune The death of all other sand worms and his control of the remaining supply of the all important drug melange has allowed him to keep civilization under his complete command Leto has been physically transformed into a worm retaining only his human face and arms and though he is now seemingly immortal and invulnerable to harm he is prone to instinct driven bouts of violence when provoked to anger As a result his rule is one of religious awe and despotic fear Leto has disbanded the Landsraad to all but a few Great Houses; the remaining powers defer to his authority although they individually conspire against him in secret The Fremen have long since lost their identity and military power and have been replaced as the Imperial army by the Fish Speakers an all female army who obey Leto without uestion He has rendered the human population into a state of trans galactic stagnation; space travel is non existent to most people in his Empire which he has deliberately kept to a near medieval level of technological sophistication All of this he has done in accordance with a prophecy divined through precognition that will establish an enforced peace preventing humanity from destroying itself through aggressive behavior تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هجدهم ماه ژانویه سال 2019 میلادیعنوان خداوندگار تلماسه کتاب چهارم از سری تلماسه؛ نویسنده فرانک هربرت؛داستان تل‌ماسه در آینده‌ ای دور می‌گذرد و در جامعه‌ ای ملوک الطوایفی که با الهام از جوامع اعراب بدوی ساخته شده‌ است؛ سه عامل اثرگذار در این جامعه ی فراسیاره‌ ای، عبارتند از «پادشاه امپراتور صدام چهارم»، و «خاندان‌های حکومتی»، «اتحادیهٔ فضایی صاحب انحصار حمل و نقل فضایی» و گروه «بنی جزریت»؛ پس از جهاد بزرگ «باتلری»، ساخت و ایجاد دستگاه‌های خودکار، و رایانه‌ ها تابو شده، بنابراین جوامع انسانی مجبور به افزایش توانایی‌های جسمی، و ذهنی انسان‌ها، با استفاده از پرورش نژاد، و نیروهای مرموز، ماده‌ ای به نام «اسپایس ملانژ» یا ادویه شده‌ اند؛ «ملانژ» ماده‌ ای است، که قادر است نیروهای ذهنی آدمی را، تا حد بسیار زیادی افزایش دهد، حتی در مواردی می‌تواند باعث ایجاد پیش آگاهی از رویدادهای آینده، و طی الارض شود؛ «ملانژ» تنها در سیارهٔ بیابانی، و بسیار خشک «آراکیس اقتباس از نام عراق» یافت می‌شود؛ خشکی «آراکیس» به حدی است که مردم آن فرمنها مردان آزاد، برای از دست نرفتن رطوبت بدن، مجبورند از جامه‌ های مخصوصی استفاده کنند، و آب در آنجا ارزشمندترین چیز است؛ «ملانژ» را ماسه کرمهای «آراکیس» می‌سازند، و استخراج کنندگان ادویه، علاوه بر جنگ دایمی با آب و هوای وحشتناک این سیاره، مجبورند گاه‌ و بیگاه با آن‌ها هم سر و کله بزنندماسه کرمهایی که قطر آن‌ها گاهی به بیست متر هم می‌رسد؛ «آب حیات» نیز از همین موجودات استخراج می‌شود؛ ماجرای اصلی رمان، نبرد بین سه خاندان بزرگ «آتریید»، «هارکونن» و «کورینو خاندان صاحب مقام امپراتوری» بر سر تصاحب این سیاره، و زندگی‌نامهٔ قهرمان افسانه‌ ای فرمن‌ها «پل مودیب» است؛ خاندان امپراتوری، تسلط خود را با کمک نیروی نظامی هولناکی به نام «ساردوکار» بر عالم مسکون حفظ می‌کند؛ «ساردوکار»ها از کودکی آموزش می‌بینند که بی‌رحم باشند و در نبرد از هیچ عملی فروگذار نکنندگروه «بنی جزریت» هم از سوی دیگر، برنامه‌ ای دیگر برای خود تدارک دارند؛ آن‌ها نسل‌هاست که اذهان مردم را با اعتقاداتی مذهبی اسیر کرده‌ اند، و برنامه‌ ای دقیق و حساب شده برای کنترل نژادی نسل انسان‌ها دارند؛ هدف آن‌ها تولد «کویساتزهادراچ» است، تا بر عالم حکومت کند؛ «آتریید»ها جزو محبوبترین خاندان‌های حکومتی هستند؛ «پادشاه امپراتور صدام چهارم» که از قدرت «آترییدها» هراسان شده، و به خاطر ترس از اعضای درباری «لندزراد» نمی‌تواند خود مستقیماً علیه آن‌ها وارد عمل شود، کنترل منابع «ملانژ» در «آراکیس» را، از «بارون ولادیمیر هارکونن بزرگ خاندان هارکونن و دشمن قدیمی دوک آتریید» می‌گیرد، و به «آترییدها» می‌سپارد؛ «دوک لتو آتریید»، سرور خاندان «آتریید»، «آراکیس» را با وجود آب و هوای خشک و سختش، سرزمین خوبی می‌بیند، زیرا امید دارد ارتشی از «فرمن‌»ها، که زندگی در «آراکیس»، آن‌ها را سخت و خشن و شکست ‌ناپذیر کرده، بسازد، تا با گارد ترسناک پادشاه امپراتور، «سارژوکار»، برابری کنند؛ از سوی دیگر پسر «دوک آتریید»، «پاول»، و وارث «بارون هارکونن، فیض روتا»، هر دو از پروردگان برنامهٔ «بنی جزریت» هستند؛ تنها با این اشکال که طبق برنامهٔ «بن‌جزریت»، «پاول» باید دختر به دنیا می‌آمد، تا از «فید روتا هارکونن»، «کوییساتزهادراچ» را به دنیا بیاورد؛ اما سرپیچی مادر «پاول»، «لیدی جسیکا»، این برنامه را برهم زده‌ است؛ تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 22041399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی It's not until the end of this book that you begin to understand Herbert's grand plan for his series DUNE is really about shaking man out of an evolutionary cul de sac showing a frustrated civil? society that despite its technological and social superiority is stagnating The inventions of the Bene Gesseritt the Guild the Mentats all of these are bulwarks against the decline of man that are failing And the only one to understand this is Leto II God Emperor of the Known Universe In his transformed state he rules a bizarrely changed Dune and through political intrigue and the continued centuries long resurrection of Duncan Idaho clones we learn that Leto has seen this decline of man coming and his twisted machinations are an attempt to prepare the human race to evolve beyond this end Fucking BRILLIANT stuff here even if it's not fully borne out until the next novel But wow They don't make 'em like they used to God Emperor of DuneBook 4 of the Dune ChroniclesBy Frank HerbertA Dune Retrospective by Eric AllenWhat do you say about the book that was so completely terrible that it so turned you off of the series that you refused to read the four books that came after it for over a decade? This book is bad in a way that few things achieve Oh yes there are worse things than this book in human history and I do not mean to cheapen the horror of those atrocities but when it comes to complete and utter failures in fictional exploits this is amongst the worst By this time in his career Frank Herbert's Dune series had sold multiple millions of books He was a veritable gold mine for his publisher and so he had the power and influence to basically get anything he wanted from them As a result God Emperor of Dune is pure and complete insanity Oh but its not just normal insanity oho no Its a special sort of insanity Its the sort of insanity that happens when you give crazy way too much money power influence and creative license I like to call this kind of crazy George Lucas Syndrome Allow me to explain In 1977 George Lucas a rookie filmmaker under huge budget constraints and with heavy studio influence managed to produce one of the greatest movies of all time Though Star Wars was well recieved by the world at large his distributer still placed very harsh budget constraints on the following two films These movies were a great illustration of the concept Art from Adversity Despite all of the people telling him no all the limitations of special effects technology all of the problems with budgeting and studio executives trying to change his work he managed to produce one of the most lucrative franchises in movie history He was viewed as a filmmaking genius by many and then he made the preuels He had unlimited funds was no longer constrained by the limits of special effects technology and most importantly everyone on earth was utterly terrified to tell him no because he could very easily take his goldmine of a series elsewhere and be just as happy When you take the adversity the thing that CLEARLY created the art to begin with out of the picture you are left with a man who is completely insane making movies that are also completely insane What does this have to do with Dune you ask? Plenty You see having sold millions of copies of his first three books in the Dune series Frank Herbert had enough clout with his publishers that he could have taken a dump on a blank piece of paper and they would have published it because they were utterly terrified that he would take his series elsewhere And so when he handed them the manuscript for God Emperor of Dune NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT HOW TERRIBLE IT WAS TO HIM They published it because he wrote it it had Dune in the title and people would buy it read it and claim to love it because of itSo this leaves the uestion was Herbert balls out insane from the beginning and simply constrained by his publishers and editors to create art for his first three books? Or did he just do a crapton of drugs between book 3 and book 4? We may never know the answer for sureWhy is this book so bad? Well lets find out shall we?I can't put enough uotation marks around the word story here so I won't even try 3500 years have passed since the events of Children of Dune Leto Atreides II has become a giant sandworm with a human face and arms Yeah I'll give you a minute to wrap your mind around that You good? Ok moving on then The ENTIRE plot of this book revolves around Leto talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking He talks about being a sandworm He talks about what it means to be a sandworm He talks about why it's important that he has become a sandworm He talks about how being a sandworm fits into his plans And through all that talking HE NEVER MANAGES TO TALK ABOUT WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT TO THE PLOT OR WHY I SHOULD CARE And then he dies easily killed by his utter arrogance in believing that mere humans could never possibly rise up against him And I get a lot of people telling me I've got it wrong on this but try reading his last few bits of dialog after falling in the water with this in mind and tell me I don't have a point If this was not what Herbert meant to convey with this dialog he sure failed at what he actually meant to get across to meThe Good? Nada In fact skip this book if you plan to read this series Your life will be better for it You miss absolutely nothing that the next book does not readily explain in a few sentences and you don't have to wade through all the complete fail that this book embodiesThe Ugly? First of all while Herbert's views on women were pretty apparent in his previous works he is openly sexist in this book to a huge and offensive degree He has some extraordinarily strange views on the roles women play in society what they want out of life and how their thoughts and feelings differ from those of men He devotes a large section of the book to explaining in great detail why women are inferior to men veiling it behind the guise of praising them as a gender Nice try Herbert but you FAIL to hide your complete contempt for women in general Every woman that I know that has read this book has come away from it TERRIBLY offended Women beware this book basically says that you're the scum of the universe and the source of every problem that man knows If this sort of thing offends you and believe me I'm a guy and it offends ME steer clear of this bookNot only does Herbert put forward some very offensive ideas about women he also puts forth some very offensive views about homosexuals soldiers and pretty much all humanity in general Women get the worst of it here by far but soldiers and homosexuals come close on their heels He seems to have great contempt for pretty much anyone that is not exactly like he is This is an actual line from the book I have not altered it in any way All soldiers are homosexuals at heart There are so many layers of offensiveness buried in those six little words that I could write an entire essay on that alone Needless to say it is offensive to every party mentioned in multiple ways It takes true talent and bigotry to imbue such a short sentence with so many layers of insult to so many different people And let me say right here and now so that there is no mistaking Herbert's views for my own though I may come from a strong Christian background I have no problem with gay people My philosophy on life is that everyone should have the freedom to live as they see fit and it is not my place to tell them that they are doing it wrong regardless of my own personal feelings on the matter I have worked with gay people all my working life and you know what I've learned about them? They're people Just like everyone else Doing their best to live their lives in a world that is not very accepting of them They deserve to live their lives just like everyone elseEvery character in this book other than Leto exists for one purpose and one purpose alone To ask uestions that facilitate even talking from him Let me describe to you every scene in this book Leto rants for about thirty pages on his morality and plan for humanity Someone is confused by his complete insanity and asks him a uestion He then goes on at great length explaining the answer The other character is still confused and asks another uestion which facilitates yet another long and boring rant from him These characters have no personality They have no motivation They have no plans or desires of their own They exist within the plot for one purpose and one purpose only to give Leto an excuse to further explain Frank Herbert's insanityLeto is still not a sympathetic character He has personality here than he did in the previous book this is true but here he is even loathsome because of it I'm sorry I do not sympathize with a grotesue mockery of humanity who goes on and on and on and on about he's the only hope of said humanity and as such has the right to severly subjugate all life in the universe under his strictures and rule He was not a likeable character to begin with and here he has become a loathsome tyrant that it is impossible to sympathize with So why should I care about a book that is primarily about him talking at GREAT LENGTH about his own personal philosophy? I don't I really REALLY don't He's a terrible character and as an extension of that any story revolving around him is also terribleHerbert STILL does not seem to feel the need to explain what motivates Leto to do what he has done and why I should care about it These are basic elements of the plot of this book and the previous one that are COMPLETELY LEFT TO THE READER'S IMAGINATION IF you want me to care about your character and the story revolving around him you have to tell me WHAT he is doing WHY it is important and most importantly WHY I SHOULD CARE These are basic storytelling elements that Herbert completely FAILED to employIn conclusion this book is awful It's a special kind of awful the sort of which you will rarely find in fiction It's basically a thinly disguised excuse for Herbert to give his own philosophies on life If you want to write a book of philosophy by all means go ahead and do so But don't try to tell me it's the next installment of your epic science fiction series This book gets ZERO stars but since the rating does not show up here on Goodreads with zero I threw one up there It feels FAR longer than it actually is It centers around a character that is completely and utterly loathesome without a SINGLE redeeming characteristic and I'm supposed to feel for this character? Yeah sorry Herbert but no I don't I really REALLY don't This book is terrible in a way that few books are And worst of all it's boring I can forgive bad writing I can forgive a bad story I can forgive wooden characters It is my opinion that one of the truly unforgivable things that a storyteller can do is to tell a boring story Only the most hardcore fans of the Dune series will likely be able to find any enjoyment here to any casual readers I typicaly recomend that this book be skipped over because it really is THAT bad Check out my other reviews Buddy read with Athena “I am a collection of the obsolete a relic of the damned of the lost and strayed I am the waylaid pieces of history which sank out of sight in all of our pasts Such an accumulation of riffraff has never before been imagined”More than three thousand years have passed since the events described in the Great Dune Trilogy and everything has changed Arrakis is now a planet of running water and green growth and the days of stillsuits and crysknives are gone The Sandworms and the Fremen remain only as legends from the Ancient Days of Dune Only one part remains from the old days Leto II the God Emperor God Emperor of Dune is logically a book centred around Leto However that is precisely its greatest problem The so called God Emperor who so valiantly sacrificed his human existence for that of an emperor doomed to serve his people by living through the ages and preserving the universe has turned into a tyrant And everyone sees him as such except for himself and his fanatically loyal Fish Speaker cult It seems as if though the book is an attempt to justify the government of Leto and that is a task in which it fails miserablyBecause of that one should think that there would be other people to sympathise with People living under the oppression of Leto’s rule joining together in rebellion against the monstrous tyrant Well there really aren’t any The rebels on Arrakis are led by Siona the last of the Atreides line descending from Ghanima Leto’s sister But in reality Leto is allowing the rebellion to happen while secretly grooming Siona to become another of his instruments Siona knows this and knows that the God Emperor doesn’t want her dead That of course makes one wonder what the point is about the whole thingNext to Leto and Siona the rest of the characters are few and uninteresting There were a couple of them in particular that were a bit interesting in the beginning but my interest in them uickly evaporated into thin air And when you don’t have any characters that are fun to read about the book gets terribly boring after a whileThis book is actually not as bad as it sounds The story was intriguing at times not often mind you the great writing of Frank Herbert is still present and the fourth book is just as much of a lesson in power and politics as the first three books But the point is that compared with Dune Dune Messiah and Children of Dune three of the greatest books ever written this one is a disaster Reviews for this book have called it heady and deep I cannot concur Few books have mastered this combination of deep material with a hurtling plot and this is one of themOf the Dune Chronicles so far this is book 4 God Emperor of Dune is my clear favorite This profoundly philosophical installment in the bestselling sci fi series of all time explores the now verdant world of Arrakis thirty five hundred years after the events in Children of Dune Leto the nine year old son of Paul Muad'Dib Atreides has assumed control of the galaxy spanning empire described in the first three books and has transformed himself into a grotesue synthesis of worm and human in an effort to avert a terrible catastrophe which would render all of humanity extinct To be sure Leto's transformation is both disturbing and uncomfortable and yes the full physical ramifications of this transformation are explored thoroughly yet it feels uite naturally based in the mythology that Frank Herbert has laid out thus far in the series It is the logical conclusion of a mythology steeped in the surreal and otherworldlyGod Emperor of Dune explores nature of despotism the conditions under which it's called for and the attendant concerns that such a dictator would have amongst them the nature of religion government trade rebellions mythology armies sexuality war family duty and sacrifice and depicts Leto's difficult near impossible choices and the poignant destiny which results from themThe portrait of Leto God Emperor saint tyrant martyr human sandworm is a portrait of one of the most complex sympathetic and lonely characters I have ever encountered I loved Loved LOVED this book Highly recommended The weakest of the original series the fourth Dune book published in 1981 and Herbert's brilliant work begun in 1965 finally bottoms out Like many reviewers have said the uality of the literature diminishes with each installment but flashes of Herbert's brilliance shines through I can see the influence on the Star Wars films is Leto the inspiration for Jabba the Hutt or Anakin Skywalker or both? I became an instant fan of Dune after the original but after reading this one I took a long break not just from Dune but from Frank Herbert God Emperor of Dune is one of those books you can measure inner growth and change byAs a child I hated it I got bogged down in what I felt was a lack of story and plot I hated the characters which I felt were very very one dimensional and boring I hated the protagonist Leto II who I thought was stuffy and pretentiousThen as an adult I rediscovered it and it is now my favorite book of the Dune series the original Dune is right behind it and indeed one of my favorite books in the worldI think it takes an experience of time and pain to be able to understand Leto The sacrifice he makes to save the human race is doubly painful because his prescient gifts make every nuance available so that he can see exactly what he is missing and will never experience He is the ultimate outsider staring in in love with the human race and completely reviled by them in return One wonders if they deserve the great sacrifice he has made for them and if they will ever understand or deserve the great words he leaves behind in his journalsEvery time I read God Emperor of Dune I find new layers of meaning new ideas to ponder and new beauty to appreciate Frank Herbert was a genius ahead of his time Give the series a try and if you can not read God Emperor yet set it aside and try again another time You may end up being pleasantly surprised and greatly touched

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