The Tower of Beowulf

The Tower of BeowulfThe Tower Of Beowulf Ebook Author Parke Godwin Under The Harsh Tutelage Of A Father With No Sense Of Mercy Or Human Weakness, Young Beowulf Has Grown To Be A Strong And Skillful Leader Of Men But Shame And Guilt Defeat Him When A Disastrous, Ill Conceived Raid Leaves His Closest Comrades Dead Marking Beowulf As A Coward In His Own Mind, Unworthy Of Life, Praise, Or The Noble Trappings Of Victory Only A Chance Encounter With A Reclusive Irish Priest Can Convince The Tormented Warrior Of The Need To Endure Propelling Beowulf Toward Ever Greater Perils And Terrifying Enemies, As He Attempts In Vain To Throw Away A Life He Holds At No Valueand Builds A Reputation As A Fearless And Indomitable Champion In The Process. Parke Godwin stayed very close to the actual plot of the epic poem Beowulf There s Grendel and Heorot Hall, just like the original poem The changes the author made added a backstory to Grendel and his mom added romance and, added a Christian monk who became the moral authority in the novel Each change made by Godwin moved the tale from a pagan tale of blood and glory towards a Christian fable a pro
Tower of Beowulf is well written with insight and depth Parke does an excellent job of combining the elements of mythology and the orignal story to create an insightful view of the hero and of his nemisis Most retellings of Beowulf stray
Good story The additional details in the story added to the Beowulf tale Recommend it for fans of the original The writing style is fairly slow and laborious, but the story is really interesting Just a slow paced read. It has been years since I reread this book I forgot how fantastic it is Of all of Parke Godwin s retelling of old stories and myths this one an Firelord , a retelling of King Arthur s life, are the absolute best I can t count how many times I ve read Firelord but I have read this one three times now Once when I bought the hardback and twice when the paperback came out September 1996 and thrice just now I ve read Beowulf of course in school And I translated the Old English poem in college In the translation Beowulf is a paragon of a warrior, mortal but as unbending as the hardest steel He s hard for the reader to really identify with In the Old English he is much the same but the language paints him as much of a monster as Grendel and Grendel s mother agl ca gl ca is the Old English word that is applied to all three of them It means
I read this book for my Hero Quest class It was different from other types of stories, but by the end of it I liked it Discussing parts in class gave me a better understanding and a stronger appreciation for it, but it still isn t my favorite because our Beowulf unit was just so l
This was a clever re imagining of Beowulf, plot wise However, the author has too much of a tendency to reveal characters motivations and inner struggles through tedious, extended monologue or dialogue.

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