Fairy Circle (Fairy Circle, #1)

Fairy Circle (Fairy Circle, #1)[Download] ➼ Fairy Circle (Fairy Circle, #1) Author Johanna Frappier – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Saffron Keller high school graduate is terrified to leave the boundaries of her mother's yardCreatures that don't exist are about to show her why Saffron Keller high school graduate is terrified to leave the boundaries of her mother's yardCreatures that don't exist are about to show her why. Hea y'all I have been reading Fairy Circle and let me say I completely absolutely and utterly enjoyed this book Author Johanna Pontes Frappier did an incredible job she took fairies vampires humans and reincarnation and arranged them in a story that describes life and living in a whole new light I would say her books moral is what you do in this life will determine where and what you are in your next life I love that Johanna made sure to explain every detail of how past lives work how you know all the people around you how you have shared lives with them before the trick is just figuring out how you knew them Was she your mother your friend or maybe your daughter The characters in Johannas' book are fantastical and believable Saffron the main character is a recluse she is scared of just about everything but there is a very good reason for all this fear When she sleeps her nightmares are relentless and passionate which aggravates and confuses the still pristine Saffron The nightmares scare her and terrorize her even in the day light hours The author takes fairies and gives them a new spin and I love the new twist she has created Johanna describes each as a thing of beauty and adoration but at the same time there is a serious air of danger and lies that floats around them and Saffron must figure out what is happening to her to fully understand what they want with her a human Now if all this doesn't sound exciting enough throw a vampire in there too Saffrons' desperation to have no fear and to gain control of her spiraling life drives her right into the arms of a vampire but will she figure out his true intentions before it's to late to go back? All the characters are tied together they all play a vital role in what will become of Saffron and her future lives if she is even going to get to have any Above all this literary greatness there is also the tried and true romance taking place but this love is no fantasy it's like a torture devise to Saffron I am completely in love with this book and its solid storyline and gut clenching twists that I never could have guessed would come from this seemingly cute story nope this is a dramatic twist to things that have been put to light with love stories and fantasies remember that even in the light the most beautiful things still have a shadow a dark place where anything can hide I can give this book 5 stars but it deserves for originality and content So if you like Fairies Vampires and the dark sides of things the like then do yourself a huge favor and get this book start the series and fall in love with all the characters 5 out of 5 stars for Fairy Circle by Johanna Pontes Frappier From the moment you start reading until the end of the bookthe author takes you for a wild and crazy ride Fairy Circle in my oppinion is a mix between Wicked Lovely Fallen and maybe a smidge of True Blood You get the fairies the vampires and the past lives all mixed into one delicious book I didn't fall in love with the main character Saffron but I enjoyed her immensely I enjoyed her uirky nature and all the situations she finds herself in She has these weird dreams some explicit ever since she was young which only get worse as time goes on Saffron's life is opened up to all kinds of freakish things after spending time in the fairy realm She see's ghosts in her bedroom has garden gnomes living in yard and she comes face to face with a vampire intent on making her part of the undead The other characters take the reign a few times in the book giving you a brief background into how they fit into Saffron's life My favorite character was Markis who is just too sweet and adorable I have a soft spot for cute and adorable characters I just want to eat them up All in all a good read from an author with an awesome imagination Just when you think the storyline is going in one direction she pulls a 180 leaving you stunned And not to mention a cliff hanger of an ending Go read Fairy Circle for a different and uniue read Johanna Frappier has such a distinctive voice The main character Saffron just leaps off the page in full technicolour she's uirky and vulnerable yet she's got sass and feistyness too Even without the awesomeness of the story I'd still want to get to know her Plus her love interests are all hotSaffron sees things that other people don't It's creepy and terrifying and the intrigue catapulted me through the novel I love the worlds that the author has created present past and magical they're all interesting and enchanting with an underlying menace that thrills Best of all the story didn't take me where I expected it to go But now I need the next one in the series Hurry up Johanna no pressure I just finished reading this awesome book What an original take on fairies and vampires I absolutely loved every second of it I can not wait to start book two to find out what happens next with Saffron I ADORED this book everything about it just blew me away There is so much emotion behind the main character Saffron that I was whisked away to her world the second I began reading Not only did I feel her pain but my heart literally ached for the girl and the unusual situation she had found herself trapped within Unlike many books in this genre I had absolutely no idea which way the story was taking me It was completely unpredictable leaving me sitting on the edge of my seat throughout with my fingers tensed with worry for SaffronJohanna Frappier is a fantastic story teller weaving intricate tales within the story itself culminating in a nail biting finale and leaving me desperate for book number twoI can't wait to read from this author and I would highly recommend the Fairy Circle series to EVERYONE By Laura Dube Rhode Island This review is from Fairy Circle The Fairy Circle Series Kindle Edition I loved this book I couldn't put it down It was so well written Johanna Frappier has a great great imagination I could imagine the scenery as I was reading The detail in this book was so vivid It brought me back to my late teen early twenties I cannot wait until the next of the series comes out By Steven This review is from Fairy Circle The Fairy Circle Series Kindle Edition I'm breathless It's a perfect lead in for the seuel The theme concerning control is well worked out The descriptive passages and psychological insights are marvelous I can imagine a film treatment because the writing is so vivid The Jethin temptation scene is superb writing I was tense Wow The beautiful imagination of Johanna Frappier I loved the amazing details that she uses for everything It feels as though I am walking along with them Saffron is such a misunderstood person Both by herself and the people around her She has no idea why she is afraid of so many things until she is taken to the fairyland to meet Li and Ky Even then she's only given part truths She's frustrated and alone Shehas had a crush on a boy at school and doesn't know why he would look ather or smile at her She meets an undesirable person who tries to manipulate her into doing something she knows is not rightThis is the first book in a seriesI can't wait to find out what happens next Great job Johanna Johanna Frappier has set the bar high with her debut novel Fairy Circle Book 1 of 3 in the Fairy Circle Series While reading I was transported to each scene by her vivid descriptions I can see this novel being made into a movie I'm not going to give any spoilers here The main character was someone I wanted to cheer for I really got into this story and couldn't wait until I picked it up again I have not read Fairy Thief yet but it is on my to read list If book 1 is any indication of Johanna Frappier's talent she has a long and lustrious career as a writer I would recommend this book highly This one felt like Alice in wonderland but with different set of characters and beings Johanna's love for the supernatural and ghostly is very much evident in this story and i actuaaly felt like i was the one falling in the rabbit hole This book is twisted in a good way on soo many levels A pretty interesting read Johanna has written in my opinion the most Amazingly uniue story I have come across in a whileEvery page I read made me feel and like I was actually in the story it was so full of detailsI cannot wait to read book 2 in this series Fairy Thief