Women in Film Noir

Women in Film Noir[PDF / Epub] ★ Women in Film Noir Author E. Ann Kaplan – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Published in 1978 the first edition of this text assembled scholars and critics committed to understanding the cinema in terms of gender sexuality politics psychoanalysis and semiotics This edition is Published in the first edition of this text assembled scholars and critics committed to understanding the cinema in terms of gender sexuality politics psychoanalysis and semiotics This edition is expanded to include essays which Women in PDF or explore neo noir postmodernism and other trends. This is one of my wife's books from a course she took in the 80s so an earlier edition The essays in it are sometimes academic stuffy 'What my analysis attempts to describe is the ideological effect of the structural interaction between the two apparently contradictory film making traditions' ugh and sometimes are interesting the one on the absence of family in film noir I found uite interesting So three stars for the text What gives it the extra star are the wonderful stills from many films showing amongst others Rita Hayworth in Gilda and the Lady from Shanghai Gaby Rodgers in Kiss me Deadly Ava Gardner in The Killers Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard Gloria Grahame in The Big Heat Barbara Stanwyk in Double Indemnity and especially for me Jane Greer in Out of the Past More like 25This is a collection of essays first published in 1978 This is an updated edition including essay updates and a new essay on recent neo noirI wanted to like this a lot than I did Most of the writing was very academic viewing the subject from a professorial lecture taking the very soul out of film noir for me How can writers make feminist thought and film noir so dull?One essay had thirty footnotes for a short essay yikes Also all the footnotes at the end of each essay were in 5 point type unreadable for me even with a magnifier I did enjoy the Janey Place essay for me the most approachableThe book is a trade paperback I found the film shots included were very low uality I am amused by the negative reviews in goodreads which basically say it was old feminists being too denseI suspect what those reviewers wanted instead was an accessible yet prestigious enough explanation of how women in Film noir are just portrayed as evil because the patriarchy wants to suppress their sexuality and leave it at that Instead this book contains some non trivial insight using tools like Lacanian psychoanalysis Claire Jhonston's take on Double Indemnity is worthy of comparison to Zizek talking about Blue Velvet and doesn't give many easy answers for example Sylvia Harvey's take on women and the absent family of film noir is as insightful as it is non conclusive about the proper way to re assimilate feminine sexuality in Noir after the breakdown of the ultimate patriarchal structure the family As to the argument for aged content some of it is true but I think it funny enough that it was easier to get nuance and depth when talking about women in film in the old days than from current writers for whom any final girl is a paragon of feminism and every porn star a tower of self agency As with any anthology there are varying degrees of uality and insight in the book not really a fan of the essays on Klute or the movie for that matter but overall there is enough solid writing here to capture the attractive duality of Women in Noir yes they are deadly evil greedy but also full of agency exciting sexual psychologically strong and irreducibly Female unlike say a modern horror heroine virginal victimized physically strong out there killing not for profit and pleasure but for honor and vengeanceIf you had time to read only three of the essays I would recommend Janey Place's Women in film noir Duplicity in Mildred Pierce by Pam Cook and the most challenging but definitely the best one of the book in my opinion Double Indemnity by Claire Johnston This book is a must have for every film noir fan These ladies define the genre I wanted to love this book but its a mix of interesting and density This is well researched but reads a bit too academic Noir film was so great because it illuminated raw feelings and beliefs but analyzing it by isms can make the journey leaden A good exploration of Women in film noir just wish the tires had air for the ride Okay so I skipped the last few essays because they are not relevant for my research Well there is this disappointing paper on Double Indemnity using psychoanalysis meh but other than that the texts were very helpful Plus there is a short essay on ueers in film noir which is really rare Surface level introduction but uite interesting and good writing Life is too short for me to spend time reading late 1970s feminist takes on Film Noir; the level of deconstruction and jargon was too much for me

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