Werewolf Love Story (Entwined, #1)

Werewolf Love Story (Entwined, #1)➲ [Read] ➭ Werewolf Love Story (Entwined, #1) By H.T. Night ➽ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Five years before VAMPIRE LOVE STORYIt is 2006 and Tommy is training hard before his second mixed martial arts match On a random night he runs across a sexy mysterious woman named Sasha Sasha turns To Five years before VAMPIRE LOVE STORYIt is and Tommy is training hard before his second mixed martial arts match On a random night he runs across a sexy mysterious woman named Sasha Sasha turns Tommy's life upside down and out of control On a chance encounter Tommy befriends a vampire named Patrick Both Patrick and Sasha change everything Tommy has ever known to be trueLuckily Tommy meets Maya the woman of his dreams and is able to make sense of his new reality A young Josiah Reign befriends Tommy along the way and Tommy has to Werewolf Love PDF/EPUB ² inevitably face his true destiny of becoming a werewolf Will Tommy choose his destiny or become something no one had ever thought possible. Tommy put me off ALOT He is so Narcissistic I wanted to slap him Anything that happens he blows off the handle at anyone around him other than Maya view spoiler I ended up feeling sorry for Sasha ok so she is a glutton for punishment but the poor girl seems to be getting the blame for everything Tommy has gone through i just think takes two to tango and he needs to man up and take some responsibility for getting his willy wet after knowing the girl 5 minutes hide spoiler Not your average love story I’d say it concentrates on the friendship element I liked the new take on vampires Sasha was the most troublesome character the catalyst to Tommy’s Destiny It did feel a little like a fairytale and I’m curious about Maya’s family Once again I have found a good book in this story I found it hard to put it down until the end This book 📖 is awful It reads like the rough draft of a screen play without the stage notes Blah “Werewolf Love Story” is the Preuel to the series “Vampire Love Stories” which begins with the aptly named “Vampire Love Story” I’m really glad I read “Vampire Love Story” first both because it is background for the rest of the series and because the protagonist Josiah Reign is to me a appealing character than his best friendroommate Tommy who is the narratorprotagonist of “Werewolf Love Story” “Werewolf” actually takes place at an earlier time than “Vampire” because it has to explain Tommy’s situationTommy no not Thomas graduated college in Theater Arts and was a champion wrestler; so after graduation he turned to a career in Mixed Martial Arts Now fighting his way toward a championship he is elated to be scheduled with a well known contender at Los Angeles’ famed Staples Center home of the Lakers Unfortunately a couple of weeks earlier he met a girl in a bar took her home and had a uite enjoyable time until the next morning when he discovers she has a boyfriend even bigger than Tommy and is a consummate liar The night before the fight at the Staples Center Tommy is trying to get a good night’s sleep until he is bombarded by panic calls from this same girl Sasha who insists she needs a ride because she’s stranded Well along with lying about her boyfriend she possesses some other even important secrets; and one of those causes Tommy to get into a fight protecting her against three guys in which he is seriously bitten reuiring 45 stitches Afterwards Sasha confesses one of her big secrets but of course Tommy doesn’t believe this good looking chick is actually a werewolf Unlike Vampire Love Story this actually had the feeling of a love story especially near the endEven though the writing is still choppy it seems to have gotten better I think that because it focused on Tommy’s feelings and not on what was going on around him it actually let’s the readers connect to him on an emotional level instead of just the surfaceGetting the before story is something that authors either put in flashbacks or leave it out all together and the only series that is coming to mind with preuels is the Redwall series which I loveWhile writing this review in my journal I was still reading the next book but those entries don’t really mean anything any since I’ve finished them and you my fellow bookworms and bookdragons can see what rating I gave them here on goodreadsSomewhere between writing Vampire Love Story and Werewolf Love Story the author got better and I was hooked onto this series I finished it and I really liked itI would really recommend people read this series instead of Vampire Love Story it’s funny and emotional it really lets the readers connect to the characters and really get into it instead of just scraping the surfaceThank you for reading my review Sam Great story A different take on The whole history of vampires and werewolves I mean Mani? Carni? The Tandra?It took some getting used to as its not really explained well in this book I read before this Vampire Love Story loved it then I saw this preuel which is Tommy's story which takes place I think 5 or 6 years before Vampire Love Story Now I want to reread that book again I was disappointed to see that at the end of this book there is another preuel due out in the fall called Entwined Vampire Love Story Preuel #2 I felt this book ended abruptly Now I will just have to be content and read the werewolf whisper next and wait for the preuel to come out Great love story Complicated friendships Tommy is one true friend Maya seems too good to be true I think Josiah is awesome and knowing his fate it's cool learning how it all started between him and Tommy I would definitely recommend this book Its no twilight type of vampire love story story It's sooo much better This author does a great job and is creative despite sticking with some of the typical vampirewerewolf legends I'm sticking with this series and can't wait for I read the other reviews with out knowing the story and I think I may be hooked I think I may be partial because I am missing home and home is in this book I'm from riverside which is between San berdo and oc I knew all the streets and he'll I even knew some boxers and mma fighters growing while growing up I can really see his character I loved that the story took time to develop Tommy And I liked the love story though I am really over the I see you and fall immediately in love with you stories but that is neither her nor there I only gave it 4 stars for all the grammar errors Now to read the series that this is preuel to It was an exciting read I enjoyed reading the story from a man's perspective Interesting take on Werewolves and Vampires It really is not a stand alone book and is one in a series I suggest reading the description of the book It is a fast paced read and I am reading the second one immediately The supportive characters each have their own uniue voices and personalities as well as what they perceive as faults or weaknesses I like how they all compliment each other and band together as a functionally dysfunctional family of sortsThere are sexual situations so for mature readers only Wow yea these series of books are jumbled up like you said on your web page I bought this book and the Vampire Love Story at same time so I did not know at first they were so entwined I just confused and from what I have glimpsed upset about what happened to Maya cause if Tommy is not with her in the Vamp series what has happened did she die or did they break up I guess I need to read the rest of werewolf series before starting vamp so I won't be as confused or upset So far I am liking the story