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Billionaire Boy[PDF / Epub] ☉ Billionaire Boy Author David Walliams – Joe has a lot of reasons to be happy about a billion of them in fact You see Joe's rich really really rich Joe's got his own bowling alley his own cinema even his own butler who is also an orangutan H Joe has a lot of reasons to be happy about a billion of them in fact You see Joe's rich really really rich Joe's got his own bowling alley his own cinema even his own butler who is also an orangutan He's the wealthiest year old in the land But Joe isn't happy Why not Because he's got a billion pounds and not a single friend. Money doesn't buy you happiness but it certainly buys you a lot of friends who are never going to make you happy Your money is the means by which they are going to fulfil their own agendas it's not you they are interested in buddying up to Not having money doesn't make you happy either I think the best balance is enough to pay all your bills and have a nice holiday every year and a private jet and pilot a yacht in the marina and a bright yellow Lamborghini in the drive owning your own home This review can be found on Amaranthine Reads It's strange how sometimes you can be so happy it goes all the way round to sadness The only David Walliams book I have read is Ratburger which I thought was a great book and not unexpected from the comedy genius that is Walliams I have seen a few adaptations of his other works and found them to be largely hit and miss and sadly Billionaire Boy was one of the adaptations that I disliked and couldn't actually finish watching Billionaire Boy sees young Joe Spud a billionaire wanting to move to a normal non posh school because he is terribly bullied and has no friends But there's a catch no one can know that he is in fact a suillionaire thanks to his father's wet n dry toilet paper inventionIt is a fun book and I'd never consider not letting any child read it but I will say this is probably the weakest story that I've read I can really only compare Walliams' to Roald Dahl which less face it is no competition at all so in those terms Billionaire Boy falls terribly shortIt is an easy book to get through and it has wonderful Dahl esue characters and it tells an important story about how money cannot buy friends and anyone who likes you for your money alone isn't your friend at all but other than that I thought it was rather direThe jokes were lacklustre and fell completely flat but even then there were barely any jokes at all I recall Ratburger being uite dark and considering Walliams' comedy career I think he makes the darker stuff work much better It is a disappointing book from a man I consider to be a good writer but sadly this one just didn't have it My niece has been telling me to read some David Walliams books for a while now she can be uite forceful for a ten year old I was initially reluctant as I have to admit I’m not really a fan of Walliams’ television workThen the audiobook version of ‘Billionaire Boy’ turned up as Audible’s book of the day for £199 and I thought ‘Oh go on then’ Actually I thought ‘if I read this perhaps my niece will stop beating me up’Within ten minutes I was laughing out loud and wishing I’d listened to my niece’s advice sooner This book is genuinely funny for both children and adults The fact that it’s also a love letter to Roald Dahl just makes it better for me being a huge fan of Dahl’s workThe only thing that bothered me was Walliams’ ‘comedy’ Indian person’s voice the author reads the audiobook version himself and generally does a cracking job It was a bit like something from a 1970s sitcom; ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ springs to mind I don’t want to be that person who is always getting offended on behalf of others but if I’m honest it made me slightly uncomfortableThat one gripe aside this was a brilliant book and I’ll definitely be reading of Walliams’ stuff in the future A uick fun read About a 12 year old boy Joe who has it all 8 billions or so to be precise And though he gets 2 mils for his birthday all he wants is a friend Enter Bob the fattest most picked on boy at his new school for regular nonrich kids But not any The two boys uickly strike up a friendship But the billion dollar uestion is can their friendship withstand the weight of a gazzillion pounds?And then there's a whole cast of oddballs Mr Raj from Mr Stink's also here and a battery of funny lists and a ton of tongue in cheek humor to keep us laughing through it allTogether whether they mean to or not all the people in his life new and old make Joe understand that money is not the answer to everything Not when it comes to friendship family and love David Walliams rocks 4 happy stars from the kid in me Joe Spud is a twelve year old boy He is overweight and over rich He has everything you can possibly even his own formula one race car and a 1000 seater couch imagine except a friend When he was young he was poor because his dad had worked in a loo factory making loo rolls everyday When he was 10 his mother died and his dad decided he was going to make his own special loo rolls He then uit work and started his business He called it Bumfresh since Joe wanted to get a friend he decides to uit going to the most expensive posh school and try his luck at a local school where he pretends to be a normal boy Another reason he uit was because he was being bullied and being called all sorts of names When Joe finds out his dad bought the principal the most expensive motorbike just to sack the teacher and paid a person to become Joe's friend he runs away and This is a great book and I recommend it for ages 9 and up It's a very bold comment to make but I actually think David Walliams might be better than Roald Dahl I know I know Roald Dahl is phenomenal amazing one of a kind etc But David's books are so genuinely good kind honest heart warming and most importantly wise But not in a posh way Just in a everyday life type of wise way Admirations Mr Walliams You really did make my heart go awww I will be always grateful for that Actual rating 35 starsI tried reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and the first book was Ok funny in one way or another but it lost its magic as the series continued this in comparison was so funny original and there is no repetition in David's different books And I can't resist reading the books in David sound which makes them much funnierThere is always some kind of a message behind the book specially that they are directed toward younger readers this book's main idea that money can not buy you anything specially friends and happiness But this was over repeated here that it became kinda annoyingWhat I like in David's writing style is how he takes things to the extremes it is so sarcastic and then he surprises you with something sad or surprising that you ought to have feelings no matter whatSee this example The posh boys at St Cuthbert’s hadnames like Nathaniel Septimus ErnestBertram Lysander Tybalt ZachariasEdmund Alexander Humphrey Percyuentin Tristan Augustus BartholomewTaruin Imogen Sebastian TheodoreClarence SmytheThat was just one boyand this one If youhave a name like any of those in the listbelow it is very very important youdon’t become a teacherSue DokuTom AtoeJustin CaseNeil DownWill IngBob HeadTerry DaktulClare VoyantMel FormedRachel PrejudiceMona LottHerbie HindIma HoggCarol SingerDick TateDon KeighRhoda CamelRobin BanksFelix CitedGerry AtrickBea O’ProblemMya BumreeksAnita BathSue AgeMarcus AbsentAl GebraBarbara BlacksheepKitty LitterMary ChristmasJim ClassDoris ClosedDoris LockedWayne DearDan DruffHumphrey DumptyStan DuppCliff HangerHugh IdiotLee KingManuel LabourRuth LessWillie MammothMarsha MellowWalter MelonHazel NutLuke OutStu PiddLolly PoppChuck UpSeriously Don’t even consider itThe kids in your class will make yourlife a living hellSo those are just 2 examples and there are many so if you found those funny you will certainly enjoy this book Billionaire Boy by David Walliams is about a 12 year old boy called joe Spud He's a billionaire and has everything he wants; a formula one racing car a thousand pairs of trainers a race track even an orangutang butler But the only think Joe really wants that he cannot buy is a true friend Not a bunch of bullies at a rich private school who tease him No Joes wants a friend And the only way he decides to get one is to go to public school and hide that he is a billionaire David Walliams displays the ideas of true friendship and loyalty and it is a very entertaining and humorous book I would recommend this book to a ages 8 13 b people who are looking for a good laugh Also this book has a great moral as it teaches us that family and friends are important than money and the book also has a plot twist at the end which makes it great The only thing I would have liked is if it were longer We absolutely adored this book our first David Williams one with the relationship between Joe Spud and Bob and we are introduced to the ineffable hilarious Raj A story of friendship and the value of money vs family as well as a hilarious plot this was an absolutely delightful read for any kid over 6 or 7 I think these books are genius hilariously penned for whatever age you may be I got my copy via a Halloween book swap on Facebook 🎃

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