Natural Eating: Nutritional Anthropology - Eating in Harmony with our Genetic Progamming

Natural Eating: Nutritional Anthropology - Eating in Harmony with our Genetic Progamming[Read] ➱ Natural Eating: Nutritional Anthropology - Eating in Harmony with our Genetic Progamming ➹ Geoff Bond – Geoff Bond's book Natural Eating surprises us by uestioning many fondly held beliefs Human beings have forgotten how they should be feeding themselves Instead we are misled by the nutritional establis Geoff Bond's book Natural Eating surprises Nutritional Anthropology PDF/EPUB ¼ us by uestioning many fondly held beliefs Human beings have forgotten how they should be feeding themselves Instead we are misled by the nutritional establishment which is blinkered by poor science cultural conditioning and by commercial vested interests The book cuts through the hype misinformation and confusion to teach the basic simple truth about how humans should be feeding themselves It is neither just a uick fix nor a Natural Eating: Epub / new diet; it is much it is a way of life It will change the practitioner's life around It will optimize his life chances for health vitality and longevity It avoids the health destroying distortions of fad diets Many people want to eat right but are confused by the conflicting messages Natural Eating gives us the tools to see the truth clearly It all becomes simple when we make our decisions based on the knowledge of Eating: Nutritional Anthropology Kindle Ö what it means to be a human being We now know the origins of the human species its ideal feeding pattern and how we can emulate this in today's world There are many surprises Many foods that both the public and conventional nutritionists consider a normal even essential part of the diet are making us sick We need to sharply reduce them even ban them completely We need to give emphasis to others Eating: Nutritional Anthropology - Eating MOBI :¿ As Geoff Bond Eating: Nutritional Anthropology - Eating MOBI :¿ says our Pleistocene ancestors KNEW they were living in a dangerous place Today we are like lambs to the slaughter The average supermarket is just as dangerous a place to find food as the savannahs of East Africa We need to be just as skilful as our ancestors in making wise choices Natural Eating is already highly popular in Europe and is being published in several languages. NATURAL EATING by Geoff Bond Nutritional Anthropology—Eating in Harmony with our Genetic Programming2nd Edition Fully Revised and Updated“This book is about defining and practicing the feeding patterns appropriate to our species” This uote from the Preface to the first edition and included in the second edition seems uite straightforward and clear yet Bond claims on page 13 that there is a huge gap in human knowledge about what “exactly is food how our bodies absorb food and the uses our body makes of it” Bond’s interest in how early humans lived led him to a search for a “common nutritional theme” traveling world wide and searching and researching as far back as the initial Homo sapiens our Pleistocene ancestors left the African Savannah 50000 years ago gathering and hunting as they searched for plants and game doing gathering than huntingInterestingly enough what the author found in the studies he researched and found in 15 pages of the bibliographic sources was that these very early people who had higher levels of eating fruits and vegetables approximately 75% were also those who lived the healthiest as well as the longest Once humans “discovered” farming about 10000 years ago planting and eating what we consider common foods — cereals grains potatoes and sugars—actual stressed the body in terms of blood sugar levels and resulted in serious illnessesBond’s book therefore explains how we can pedal back to our ancestral nutritional roots and reclaim our good health free of all the moderns ailmentsdisease such as heart disease diabetes high blood pressure etc so common today Each chapter takes us deeper and deeper into an understanding of for example What and How We Eat Chapter Five The Golden Rules for Natural Eating Chapter Six and a look at basic foods and supplements in our modern diets Chapter Seven To get the full “Bond Effect” we need to read The FoodDisease Connection followed by his step by step guide to how we actually change our eating habits to resemble of the patterns established back on the African Savannah as well as exercises to keep our bodies physically as well as nutritionally fit Near the end we sample some of the recipes by the “Bond girl” Nicole Geoff Bond’s wife Her book Paleo Harvest minus the meat dishes is now my cooking Bible We learn how to structure our day food wise helped by the Appendix which divides foods into Good Foods to be eaten without restrictions as well as in restricted portions and BadBorderline and favorable carbohydratesThus Natural Eating is both a 247 page “course” in how to eat healthfully and as close to our African ancestral roots as possible within modern boundaries as well as a practical guide in how to accomplish this course in order to regain the health our ancestors enjoyed free of heart disease diabetes high blood pressure and poor digestion This book is a great blueprint for a healthier way of living that I have begun to follow with positive results which started with my reading Paleo in a Nutshell and Deadly Harvest his earlier book There is also a monthly Bond Briefing online that includes health updates on Natural Eating However the author does point out that his book is not meant to replace medical advice or act as a substitute for a physician Also eating healthfully and exercising regularly are not cure alls for every ailment but a healthful diet and an exercise regimen are important steps in the right direction to good health into old age However you may want to share the “Bond effect” with your physician as I haveThe second edition of Natural Eating 1st edition published by Griffin is published by Bond Effect Publications ISBN 13 978 0992751210 and is available from the usual bookshops and online sources The sticker price is 2000 for a soft cover book with 247 pages and it is also available on Kindle for 595 This is a diet bookI was expecting ethnography and dry anthropology but this is actually a diet book The diet is not too far from Joel Fuhrman's Eat To Live In some ways it is strict reuiring adherence to food combining rules and in some ways less strict acknowledging social stigma and food availability As far as diets go Bond has provided a ten step easing in that would probably be easy to implement Some of the of the rules are based on debunked food combining myths however it doesn't seem like following would be harmful I find it confusing that in many parts of the text he presents conflicting advice He rails against grains legumes and dairy but also recommends eating them I guess this is part of acknowledging real modern world food availability but I found it to be uite confused mixed messaging Again despite the drawbacks the diet would likely be helpful than harmful Once you read this book you will never look at food the same again I highly recommend this book for better eating Your health will thank you for it

Natural Eating: Nutritional Anthropology - Eating in
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  • Natural Eating: Nutritional Anthropology - Eating in Harmony with our Genetic Progamming
  • Geoff Bond
  • 26 December 2014
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