So Few of Me

So Few of Me➞ So Few of Me free download ➣ Author Peter H. Reynolds – Just the message overscheduled families need in today's frantic world delivered with humor and terrific artwork John de Graaf national coordinator Take Back Your Time Leo's list of things to do keeps Just the message overscheduled families need in today's frantic world delivered with humor and terrific artwork John de Graaf national coordinator Take Back Your Time Leo's list of things to do keeps growing until one day he wishes If only there were two of me Just as the words are out of his mouth poof Another Leo appears Two Leos become three three become four and four become but Leo can't help but notice that he has even to do than before As So Few PDF/EPUB or he struggles to deal with his overcomplicated life Leo realizes that there may be a simpler solution to his overscheduling woes Peter H Reynolds the award winning author illustrator of The Dot and Ish returns with an important message for readers of all ages stop and take a little time to dream. So many books to read so little time Such imagination Time to gang up with another versions of you to complete the long to do list Cute and humorous I love this author illustrator and I loved this bookIt works on so many levels It’s a philosophy book a counting book and a really funny storyI love that on the inside back cover the author talks about how he took a time management seminar and how it helped him get scheduled overly scheduled and organized so that he had no “downtime – and that’s where some of the best of life comes from”I love how on the end papers it shows Leo lying on the ground daydreaming and on the front end papers it has a very very long to do listThe story is so funny and whimsical as Leo find he needs and selves to get everything done and how it helps and then doesn’t helpThe illustrations are fabulous I love them so much Note There is an orange cat But all the pictures of everybody and everything are wonderful I really appreciated the details and expressiveness in each drawing I love this illustrator’s workThis book was a huge winner for meIt would make a great gift for anyone of any age who is overly scheduled andor organized; it’s a great reminded to pause and take time “to dream” and relax Highly recommended for those who enjoy humorous books It’s a really interesting 1 10 counting book for those who would get something from that It would make a great baby or child gift for anyone named Leo Anyone who’s enjoyed Ish andor The Dot I gave both 5 stars by Peter H Reynolds is likely to also enjoy this book I’ll definitely be on the look out for books by Reynolds I guess the only demographic I can see this wouldn’t be for according to their adults would be teens and older children who aren’t fulfilling their responsibilities and already do too much daydreaming once again according to their adults but I think it’s even for those kids SO FEW OF ME is a picture book written for adults which is one thing Peter Reynolds is SO good at Through the character of Leo it becomes very clear that no matter how hard we try we will always have a list of things to do that never seem to get done The solution? Slow down and take time to dream In other words Stop and smell the roses Leo wondered “What if I did less —but did my BEST?” why ever do people have so many things to do? Leo has too much to do so is relieved when some duplicates of himself show up This one was for me—I think adults will appreciate this than kids although my four year old was amused by the nine duplicates of Leo and enjoyed counting OK What would really happen if you duplicated yourself to get all your tasks done? Hmmm Food for thought What if I did less but did my best? I really like it as an adult When I forgot to do less but better I read it again Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like there is far too much to do and not enough hours in the day? Leo is busy His to do list see the end papers is jam packed with all kinds of tasks some chores some self help oriented some repeated and all building up to a huge weight on his shoulders until he wishes there were of himself His wish comes true but instead of getting done it seems that of himself makes for work Warning The following is my brainstorm of possible activities with this book it is in no particular order and in theory I will come back and revisit this after trying some of the ideas out Make copies of Leo's list and have groups sort them into categories of their own choosing Come together and discuss what broad categories Leo's list includes and how it might be better organized General discussion about feeling overwhelmed when faced with a difficult task and using this story as a diving board to brainstorming ways to cope Tie in with growth mindset

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • So Few of Me
  • Peter H. Reynolds
  • English
  • 14 July 2014
  • 9780763626235