The Sindbad Voyage

The Sindbad Voyage[PDF / Epub] ★ The Sindbad Voyage Author Tim Severin – Perhaps the greatest fictional sailor of them all But could his amazing voyages recounted in the The Book of One Thousand and One Nights be recreated in the modern world Or were they just the stuff of Perhaps the greatest fictional sailor of them all But could his amazing voyages recounted in the The Book of One Thousand and One Nights be recreated in the modern world Or were they just the stuff of legend Tim Severin was determined to find out After three years of research he created a precise replica of an early Arab trading ship Not a single nail The Sindbad MOBI :¿ was used in her construction her planks were held together with miles of coconut cord With a crew of twenty including eight Omani sailors his ship Sohar named after the town said to have been Sindbad’s birthplace completed a mile journey by way of India Sri Lanka and across the Indian Ocean to Sumatra and Singapore and finally through the China Sea to a tumultuous welcome in Canton Along the way the crew had to swim among sharks while repairing the rudder catch rainwater to drink while becalmed in the doldrums and endure the battering of violent seas off the coast of Vietnam 'The Sindbad Voyage' is the remarkable story of that amazing journey An enthralling saga of the ½ month voyage it is one of the most memorable sailing stories of modern times. Tim Severin has a formula for these books of his and it is pretty successful Start the first chapter mid voyage with some exciting event then go back to the start with the why and then the how Build the boat set off complete the journey SimpleNicely written but seemed a bit lighter than the Brendan Voyage Technically he didn't seem to go into the same level of detail as he did in Brendan with the leather boat Regardless a good read Read Sindbad first given the chance i adore tim severin journeys his courage his writing i read this book after my journey to Oman i was intrigued by by the wooden boats i saw still made in the town of Sur Severin manage to capture the magic of these journeys and omani sailors who went from india to africa facinating In this brilliant book the author plans and executes a most amazing voyageWe have all heard of Sinbad the Sailor if only as a children's cartoon in fact as I write this I have the very catchy song from the cartoon of my childhood playing in my head but many people may not realise that these tales originate in the Arabian One Thousand and One Nights stories where 'Sinbad of the Sea' sailed the seven seas between the Arabian Peninsular and China Tim Severin is an amazing explorer while I have enjoyed his fiction novels his recreations of historical travels written in clear delightful prose always captivate me The Sinbad Voyage details how in the 1980's with the enthusiastic assistance of the Omani Sultan he researches the stories of Sinbad travels to Oman and builds a ship to recreate the voyage to China I won't go into the research too much though for anyone who like me is interested in history sailing or the two together it will be fascinating In the end Tim decides to recreate the type of ship that Sinbad would have sailed in The ships of that region at that time were built using no nails; they were 'woven' shipswhere the planks are held together with ropes made from coconut fibers and it is a form of building that had become rare in 1980's and is probably completely vanished by now The story of sourcing the materials the skills and the tradesmenof building the ship on the coast of Oman once known as a seafaring hub this is a fascinating story in and of itselfThen the voyage in Sohar starts; Tim as captain a base of eight experienced Omani sailors with a handful of European sceintists volunteers and associates all together on a tiny ship powered by hand woven sails sailing from Oman to China I found this fascinating awesome inspiring I may run out of superlatives if I am not careful Small details like being stuck in the doldrums the Typhoons as they approach China the barnacle researcher on board all go to making this a magical tale for me The author is experienced and he obviously knows his audience so the shipboard experiences are not overwhelming The story of the voyage is told in a way that makes it accessible for all readers with descriptions of the various characters aboard the learning experiences of sailing a ship without modern conveniences and of source stories of the places they stop on the way I would have loved to have of this section but I can see that might be too much for some readersThe voyage concludes successfully with the Sohar reaching China just ahead of the typhoon season A great yarn told in such style that is was easy to forget this story took place nearly forty years ago Review The Sinbad Voyage Tim Severin0 399 12757 7Started 92713 Fin 930134 star – personal preferenceThis book is an account of a historical ship building and expedition to sail it from Oman in the Arabian Gulf to Canton China in 1980I think that the book is significant for at least 2 reasons 1 It attempts to recreate the shipbuilding process for an Arabian Boom as authentically as possible in contemporary times and sail it on a historical route in a fashion similar to what might have been experienced in 600 AD2 The second reason for the book's significance is that I don't think that the experience of procuring materials expertise and labor with specialized skills could be duplicated today 35 years laterThe expedition as designed was proposed to officials of Oman who lent 100% support In 1980 dollars this was a very expensive undertaking The historical research which represented the foundation bases for performing the expedition were explained as the book progressed Basically the objective was to recreate a trading voyage from Oman to Canton China The ship was to be an authentic type in use in 600 AD which reuired a stitched hull using grooves built hull first framed secondly with overlapping frame members A Boom type vessel was selected as Tim Severin was able to find people who claimed that they had the knowledge to build the boat in the original manner complete with proper stitching of choir coconut rope with coconut rope “caulking” The timbers were selected from a standing forest in India of a type of teak and in such an immense size that trees of that size form an old growth forest might not exist there today A narrative of the expedition to choose the timber which provided the material for both the hull and spars was included along with problems in the negotiations such as the bureaucratic red tape bribery as a way of business and substitution of material sizes amounts and uality as a standard of doing business in India at that timeDetails of the shipbuilding were provided which included the methods tools work area and time frame for completion The specs of the ship were detailed in its finished form including hull spar sizes and sail fabric and sail inventory The hull protective “paint” was a type of lard that was measured against raw wood for its resistance to the teredo worms common to most warm oceansThe shipbuilding techniue was the most interesting aspect of the book for my purposes Historically we may know that that type ship existed and was used extensively for trade but details of the economy reuired to supply those ships is less certain Commerce between shipping route points occurred can be proven but how difficult the actual route was with a load and what it cost in manpower and resources is often harder to guess I was sad to finish this book I savoured every page from start to finish and have already started recommending it to friends who I think would like it I had only read two Tim Severin books up to this stage Robinson Crusoe and Marco Polo and although I had enjoyed them both this surpasses them I have now started downloading other Tim Severin books to by Kindle and as I am going on holidays for a couple weeks will probably be in trouble for wanting to read rather than shop or go to the beach although I could read and sun bake I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a fascinating account of a voyage from the past Really great book that chronicles Tim Severin's retracing Sindbad voyage Found it interesting to read about the actual problems encountered during the voyage Comparing the events in the arabian nights book to actual places was intriguing Read it after you read the seven voyages of Sindbad and be sure to learn about different parts of a ship before you read this as I had to google a lot of words including Poop deck Recounting the tales of the legendary voyages of Sinbad from Arabian Nights 1001 nights Author and sailor Tim Severin oversees the construction of an authentic Arabian ship from the period that's sewn together and sails the ship retracing some of Sinbad's routes A consummate storyteller Tim Severin weaves a fascinating tale of travel adventure and some of the trials challenges and mishaps during the voyage A real page turner Great BookMind boggling considering the logistics needed to obtain material labor and location to build this ship This was a daunting feet to build a ship of this design I think this could have been proclaimed a success by just the successful construction Now assemble a crew and successfully sail to China Amazing Wood canvas and men become as one The story of sailors throughout history until present day How much fact is there in the Thousand And One Nights? Did Arab sailors sail to China before the Western Europeans manage to circumnavigate around the South coast of Africa? In The Sindbad Voyage Tim Severin and a relatively small crew set out from Muscat Oman in a Boom wooden sailing ship in which the planks are stitched together with coconut fibreYes not a single nail was used So is it just an old folks tale? I enjoyed finding out who knows so might you Ripping and evocative I could almost feel the boat beneath my feet as I read

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