Challenge for the Chalet School

Challenge for the Chalet School❰KINDLE❯ ❆ Challenge for the Chalet School Author Elinor M. Brent Dyer – When the headmistress of the Chalet School announces she will be away the whole term both staff and pupils are thrown into confusion The girls rally round but the collapse of Miss Ferrars and the anti the Chalet eBook ✓ When the headmistress of the Chalet School announces she will be away the whole term both staff and pupils are thrown into confusion The girls rally round but the collapse of Miss Ferrars and the antics of two new students causes everyone to wonder whether they can survive the term. The last of the white spined Armada paperbacks so a bit of a milestone in my re read And at least the girls on the cover are in blue The first time I read it the previous book was unavailable so the apparent disappearance of Claire from the Freudesheim nursery went unnoticed; but even this time I'm left wondering when exactly Phil became so ill with polio Challenge is a actually uite a complicated Chalet as there are several plots going on simultaneously and each of those splits up into further inter crossing plots It's probably best illustrated by Venn diagrams or something but my html isn't up to that so here's the descriptionStaffroom changes plot Miss Annersley is away for the term so Miss Wilmot takes over as head So we have the 'inexperienced head' thing going on as Miss Wilmot learns how to do her new job Miss Ferrars is then taken ill so Dr Benson comes in to teach 'new teacher' 'difficult junior' 'difficult senior' all intersect here and the prefects are given the job of producing the nativity play 'difficult junior' and 'difficult senior' intersect here and not just at the end when as you'd expect they are struck by the message of the story and turn into new peopleDifficult senior plot Evelyn whose mother is being treated at the Sanatorium is mighty miffed to find herself at school This results in an 'all hate the new girl' plot intersects with 'inexperienced head' a 'new best friend' plot sadly discarded before it gets going in the paperback at lest 'Margot's temper' and 'ill mother' intersects with the 'Freudesheim' plotDifficult junior plot Jocelyn is a pain in the neck 'new teacher' gets into trouble over the nativity play 'staffroom changes' it would never have happened if Miss F had been there and then runs away and has to be rescued from the snow 'Freudesheim'Freudesheim plot Phil is being treated for polio so Joey isn't as in and out the school as usual and the triplets now all senior prefects are worrying about her Phil that is not Joey Mary Lou turns up 'difficult junior' 'difficult senior' 'ill mother' 'staffroom changes' for a fortnightIt's as if EBD jotted down lots of ideas onto a pack of cards picked 24 at random and then tried to work out how she could join them all up into a story Sometimes it works I do like the cobbler's wax trick and its aftermath and it's good to see Mary Lou losing her temper for once even if she only does it for a sentence And as Chalet School books go it's not a dull one But there is so much going on that what it's supposed to be about the Chalet School coping with the absence of Miss Annersley gets a bit lost and doesn't seem to be nearly as much of a challenge as the title suggests It's such a shame EBD didn't write this book 20 years earlier than she did The concept of longstanding superb headmistress goes away for a term and leaves younger less experienced colleague in charge is actually a really really good one and EBD in her prime would have handled it superbly Unfortunately she wrote this in her declining years and the book actually focusses far on a couple of difficult new girls and an old girl coming back to teach than on the trials and tribulations of Nancy Wilmot trying to step into Miss Annersley's shoes We already know that EBD wrote brilliantly from a teacher's point of view see New Mistress for evidence and this had the potential to be even better but unfortunately falls uickly into the somewhat formulaic pattern of the last few books The long holiday weekend beckons and I'm off to boarding school We have a menu of traditional school dinners lined up The weather forecast is not much cop perfect for some juvenile adventures If the Swiss boarding school fails to inspire I've got Malory Towers as a backup I wonder if Matron will let me spend three days in the sick bay to get on with my reading Beef tea anyone?Well I really wanted to like this book feeling instinctively that it's better written than the Blyton boarding school stories but it just did not move me in the way that it should have To begin with it's not so much about boarding school life as the other events playing out in Austria in the late 1930s So I didn't finish it Another enjoyable late Chalet book This one is a little weird in splitting the book's focus The first half focuses on one girl Evelyn and the second half on Jocelyn I would have preferred two books to deal properly with them both but realize that Elinor was probably aware she was coming to the end A re feature of Mary Lou and of Stacie Benson great to see these two characters again Loved learning how Stacie has changed This is 55 in the original series 59 in the Armada version which I have and which along with a few others has not been cut in any way It starts with Miss Annersley explaining that she's going to be away for a term but that thread isn't really explored Instead the book focuses on two rather different new girls neither of whom want to be at the school I loved 'Summer Term' which immediately precedes this but thought this one was rather run of the mill with far too much detail about day to day Chalet School life It's not a book I'd recommend as a starting point to the series; in fact I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone other than fans who are reading through all the books Nevertheless it's a chapter in the lives of people I find myself caring about; Elinor M Brent Dyer had a tremendous gift of characterisation The MaynardBettanyRussell families and the Chalet School staff and older pupils have felt like friends for most of my life and the books even the less interesting ones make great comfort readingAppropriate for anyone over the age of about nine or ten although it's likely to appeal to girls than to boys Not as 'thin' as some of the later books but mainly because of the way EBD shoved plot point after plot point in there a shame because the narrative could have done some really interesting things if given room to breatheAn OK instalment #trope tastic

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