Frankenstein[PDF / Epub] ✅ Frankenstein By Michael Burgan – Popular Ebook, Frankenstein author Michael Burgan There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn 9781434221551 72 pages and has a text language like English Popular Ebook, Frankenstein author Michael Burgan There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn pages and has a text language like English. 1 I listened to a Frankenstein audiobook a couple of years ago and I loved it2 I think I love Frankenstein so much because of the strong themes Don't try to play God be kind to everyone even if they don't look like you and don't seek revenge It's like the monster literally just wanted someone to talk to The story is heartbreaking How many monsters are in our world that would be just fine if someone had loved them when they were growing up?3 I loved the sections in the back Frankenstein Facts Discussion uestions and Writing Prompts The writing prompts in the back Create your own monster Victor Frankenstein chased the monster almost as far as the North Pole What do you think would have happened if he had caught the creature? Write down your ideas At the end of the story Frankenstein's monster says that he will destroy himself Do you believe him? If he doesn't destroy himself what do you think he would do instead? Write a new ending to the story4 I think Frankenstein would have left everyone alone had he gotten his wife 5 It drives me crazy when people call the monster Frankenstein 6 I liked the tidbit of Mary Shelley writing this story because of a ghost story contest she was having with other authors Fun retelling of a classic for your readers or anyone wanting a uick version of Frankenstein I must say I was disappointed I was expecting a true graphic novel not a children's picture book masuerading as one The library website just said graphic novel so I thought I would check it out Basically this is an extremely stripped down version of the story made on a level for 3rd graders I taught this novel to high school seniors some of whom struggled with the themes and concepts in the book This version barely covers what the creature is There is no suspense no layers of meaning lots of things left out I would only recommend this as a storybook for kids in about 3rd grade It would not be suitable as a teaching aide The artwork is ok but not great I did like the Frankenstein Facts and the discussion uestionswriting prompts at the end of the book Not suitable for older kids but it might be fine for young kids25 stars Everyone knows the story of Frankenstein This Graphic Novel reads pretty much like one of the movies Nice Cover I did learn some interesting facts in the back of the bookThere's also some neat writing prompts in the back SPOILERSlol should I really call this a spoiler? Anyway this is the tale where Frankenstein chases the monsterover the ice and ends up dying on a ship after telling his story An enjoyable adaptation of the classic novel Young adult graphic novels bold basic colors Well done encourages younger readers to to learn research and read classic novelsLink to FactHound for information and research The retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by Michael Burgan which attempts to create an accurate and compelling version of the novel merely recalls the vaguest of plot points and relies upon blandly illustrated cartoons and fails to demonstrate any deeper knowledge of the novel Frankenstein which is a powerful and incredibly well crafted novel loses much of its symbolism and deeper meanings making the graphic novel an ultimately useless tool in understanding the meanings behind Shelley’s novelThe illustrations in the graphic novel initially seem to evoke emotion in the reader however with the passing of time the illustrations no longer have that effect The color scheme of the pictures are all of a repetitive unimaginative palette The illustrations also fail to reflect the time period of Shelley’s Frankenstein The clothing seem to reflect 20th century style instead of the 19th century setting the novel is supposed to be placed The graphics are dark yet not creepy enough to illustrate the story of Frankenstein The text used in the novel is just as bland as the illustrations It is extremely basic telling just the skeleton plot summary without including any depth or emotion The rich figurative language of Shelley is lost in this uninspired graphic novel Far too many important details are left unmentioned leaving us with an unsatisfactory flavorless impression when reaching the end Both the illustrations and text are fairly dull and the powerful potential Shelley’s story holds fails to follow through The type of audience this novel would be suitable for would be young middle school students as opposed to advanced readers of literature Students new to the English language who wish to have a taste of classic literature may also find this novel helpful The basicness of Burgan’s novel can work as a helpful introduction to the story before going in depth with Shelley’s novel Also as people freuently have a skewed understanding of the story of Frankenstein a simple graphic novel such as this can help inform people of the basic plot points of the true story OMG This is my review on the graphic novel version of Frankenstein The original book was written by Mary Shelley and the graphic novel is written by Michael Burgan The graphic novel follows the story of Victor Frankenstein who makes a dead person come back to life At first he is pleased about what he had done but that soon changes His creation is in fact a monster After killings in Victor's family he needs to stop the monster before his loneliness is taken out as violenceHummmm I don't know what to say about the characters The main character Victor Frankenstein was really good I don't know how I feel about characters in short graphic novels but in this he proved me wrong I actually liked the character Next we have the monster who was an okay antagonist I didn't really like or hate him to be honest with you but I will say he is a very interesting character Other characters Elizabeth Victor's wife Mr Frankenstein Victor's Dad and Robert Walton These three characters were not great characters These characters were supporting characters but they were hardly developed and I didn't really care about them Victor's death was done well in a way I didn't expect him to die I thought he was going to live The monster kind of died in away but we didn't see the death Finally Elizabeth's death which was done poorly I hated her death and like I said I don't care about her I have to say after my last encounter with Michael Burgan I wasn't keen at getting into grips with one of his works AGAIN But after reading Frankenstein I have a change of heart regarding this author I loved this a lot than DraculaOverall I gave the book 4 stars The reason for this is because some of the characters lacked development and the writing style for me was too easy I have got to say though it was fast pacing all the way through and I was done with it in one sitting Frankenstein is in the catigory of horror Frankenstein is about a very curious scientist that wants to invent a human that would be even smarter than actual human kind The scientist starts to dig up different parts from different bodies in a local graveyard When the creation was finished the scientist was not happy with what he made He litteraly made a huge giant monster with an ugly face The monster went on a big rage of killings and mass destruction After a while the scientist figured out that the monster he created was just lonley and wanted a monster companion Over all this is a fantastic thriller i would recomend this story to thriller fans I think this is a great novel for all people who love graphic novels I would definitely recommend this to everyone I liked how in the book when Frankenstein got resurrected he made a surprise by running away and you have to wonder what happens next I like how later in the book when we see Frankenstein again he tells us the backstory I honestly can't come up with much bad to say about this book except for that it was too short I hope everyone who likes graphic novels would read this book

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