The Scuba Snobs Guide To Diving Etiuette

The Scuba Snobs Guide To Diving Etiuette[Reading] ➿ The Scuba Snobs Guide To Diving Etiuette Author Debbie Jacobson – The Scuba Snobs' Guide to Diving Etiuette is filled with humorous to hilarious stories illustrating the need for rules of etiuette for scuba divers above and below the water The tips for divers are sp The Scuba Snobs' Guide to Snobs Guide PDF/EPUB Ã Diving Etiuette is filled with humorous to hilarious stories illustrating the need for rules of etiuette for scuba divers above and below the water The tips for divers The Scuba PDF or are spot on the stories entertaining and the net result is a delightful little read that anyone not only divers can enjoy From packing to puking swim wear to story telling boats to buoyancy Scuba Snobs Guide PDF/EPUB ¼ the authors' stories and rules illuminate every facet of diving and dive travel This book is fresh insightful entertaining and not too long And it is in fact Seriously Funny and Mostly True just Scuba Snobs Guide To Diving MOBI :¿ like the cover says. This book is both true and at times very funny We had never struck divers who had no idea about etiuette until a recent trip but now their behaviour lives long in our collective memory and dive lore Seriously other people can ruin a dive and the author Debbie and her dive buddyhusband have seen it all and are prepared to expand on the topic even at their own expense Worth a read for any diver new or experienced just to make sure that you aren't one of the culprits A fun uick read I picked this up from a thrift store for my daughter who dives but I read it first I also am certified to dive but have done far less than she has I did enjoy the humor and the tips on how to be a good scuba diver both under and above water This was a very short only 50 pages ebook The humor was light although in some places the authors seemed to be trying too hard at the comedysarcasm and instead just came across as whiny or annoying And while my husband and I certainly act just like Scuba Snobs we technically don’t ualify yet simply because we don’t have 50 dives That I thought was too harsh since while we are new to diving we are very serious about it and thus dedicated enough to already have ALL our own gear and be very careful when we dive It’s a big passion of ours so I think that along with us practicing everything in the book already should count us as official Scuba SnobsThere were grammatical errors which makes me think this was self published but they are few enough that a non book snob probably wouldn’t notice anyway The anecdotal stories were a nice addition and made the authors seem personableThe Scuba Snob uiz at the end was particularly cute although I disagree that uestion #2 was answer ‘d’ based on info they provided from chapter 6It was funny with lots of sarcasm and things that 1 I already knew and practiced and 2 wholeheartedly agreed with as a diver The grammatical edits did bug me but if it had been edited better I would have allowed for another star since it was funny and enjoyable I would enjoy diving with them thoughRating 35 Gives new divers some tips they might not otherwise understand about the skills they need to hone in order to be a team player in a dive settingThis would be especially good for new divers and divers who got their certification long ago and have since become rusty It will remind them what they may want to practice or brush up on in order to keep themselves safe and not be a burden on the rest of the groupIt is written tongue in cheek so it's amusing But I agree with nearly everything they mention as being good etiuette And upon a second reading I realized they had a totally legitimate rule that I was violating Whoops This is a light read that give some good advise not on how to improve your diving skill but how to improve your overall approach about diving buddies in boat general rules etcMost of if is kind of common sense but as we have all found out this is the less common of the senses so is a good book to have in your shelf if you are a diver The authors lost my respect when they said some people should have been drowned at birth due to physical contact with others on a day boat They claim to be a nice friendly pair to dive withsounds like walking on egg shells A hypocritical rant about a couples diving experience The message and lessons although well meant is put in such an obnoxious manner that it took willpower to finish this book

The Scuba Snobs Guide To Diving Etiuette PDF/EPUB ↠
  • Paperback
  • 72 pages
  • The Scuba Snobs Guide To Diving Etiuette
  • Debbie Jacobson
  • English
  • 13 January 2016
  • 9781463403478