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Pop 1280[Reading] ➻ Pop 1280 Author Jim Thompson – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Amerika'da satış rekorları kıran bu roman bir süre sonra Fransa'nın günlük Observateur gazetesinde çıkmaya başlayınca geniş bir ilgi gördü Bunu Gallimard Yayınevi'nin ünlü dizilerind Amerika'da satış rekorları kıran bu roman bir süre sonra Fransa'nın günlük Observateur gazetesinde çıkmaya başlayınca geniş bir ilgi gördü Bunu Gallimard Yayınevi'nin ünlü dizilerinden birinde Kitap olarak yayınlama onuru izlediKoca Tanrının Yumruğu'nda baştan sona çarpıcı bir kara mizahla zengin vir erotizmi değişik bir gerilim ölçüsü içinde bulacaksınızRomanın kahramanı Nick Corey bir Amerikan kasabasında herkesin horlayıp alay ettiği kolay satın alınır güçsüz bir şerifti Gerçekte hinoğlu hin olan Corey karısının nefreti metresinin amansızlığından olduğu kadar biricik sevgilisinin kendisini küçük görmesiyle de sarsılmıştı Bu aşağılık hayat böyle sürüp gidemez deyip çevresinden öç almaya karar verdi sonunda Ve insan kafasından çıkabilecek tuzakların en korkuncu en insafsızı işte böyle kurulduM Duhamel'in deyişiyle Koca Tanrının Yumruğu ancak Henry Miller Celine Jarry Caldwel ve hatta Lautreamont gibi büyük dil ustalarının üstesinden gelebileceği bir anlatım ve konu bütünlüğü içinde yaratılmış başdöndürücü yapıtlardan biridir. hee haw a rambunctious heartwarming delight loveable and sweet tempered Nick Corey Sheriff of Potts County has problems than you can shake a stick at poor guy all he wants to do is kick back and hold on to his dippity doo da job not arresting people that's not too much to ask is it? but things are always getting him down pimps bitches and in laws the works what's an amiable peace loving soul to do? well happily Nick's also a Medici level manipulator stone cold killer and demented psychopath whew close call Inner Maniac saves the day or does he?what i enjoyed most about this grotesue and mordant death farce was how simultaneously likeable and unlikeable Thompson made Nick he IS lazy and petty and a maniac but he's so much smarter than anyone else around him and he does such a good job at fooling everyone into thinking he's a useless lackwit that he becomes bizarrely appealing well shucks since Nick is a hideous representation of the cold blooded reptile mind that exists within us all including each of the characters in this novel i suppose i am simply responding to him on a subhuman level reptile brain to reptile brain right? or not who knows let's just say i was led like a lamb right into uh oh i'm rooting for the bad guy land this is a classic bleak and misanthropic and evilly hilarious Jim Thompson hates humans Humans Off Earth Now Potts County has a small population so small that one law enforcement officer is enough to keep the peace around Keeping the peace is something High Sheriff Nick Corey tries to avoid as much as he can preferring instead to complain about how little time he has for sleeping and for eating The town leaders don't seem unduly disturbed by his laisez faire philosophy and he usually gets re elected on his libertarian platform I'll ask you just one uestion Robert Lee cut in Are you or aren't you going to start enforcing the law?Sure I am I said I sure ain't going to do nothing else butGood I'm relieved to hear itYes sir I said I'm really going to start cracking down Anyone that breaks a law from now on is goin' to have to deal with me Providing o' course that he's either colored or some poor white trash that can't pay his poll tax In the introduction to this dark masterpiece plumbing the abyss of a twisted mind Daniel Woodrell hits the nail of meaning suarely on the head In this novel Thompson attacks just about all of the big ogres of American existence poverty racism labor social hypocrisy in general and the relaxed enforcement of laws for those who have amassed gold the brutal enforcement for those who haven't 1280 'souls' are than enough for Thompson to represent a whole society one built on ineuality and dissimulation on envy and greed Nick Corey might have cared about this society at one time or another but by the time we make his acuaintance he is as disllusioned and cynical as the rest of them Me almost anyone can make a better speech than I can and anyone can come out stronger against or for something Because me I've got no very strong convictions about anything Not any I haven't He is only interested in taking care of his well being a ruthlessness of purpose that he has learned how to hide from the others behind a harmless bufoon persona a down to earth humorous banter and a sly meekness that leaves him henpecked by a predatory wife bullied by the town's two pimps and kicked in the behind by his best friend as a lesson in self assertiveness It is very easy to laugh at the self deprecating manner of speaking and at the crazy situations Nick finds himself entangled in like waiting outside an empty toilet cubicle but there is a chilling undercurrent that will soon tranform the comedy routine into a devil's playground I sort of wish for a movie adaptation with Heath Ledger in the role of the 'joker' Nick Corey If he were still with us Heath looks to me like the spitting image I have of Nick corey Here's an early example of what I'm talking about with Nick trying to wheedle some 'attention' from his wife And just what she said do you think you're doing?I told her I was getting ready to take a trip over to the county where Ken Lacey was sheriff I'd probably be gone until late that night I said and we'd probably get real lonesome for each other so maybe we ought to get together firstHuh she said almost spitting the word at me Do you think I'd want you even if I was of a mind to have relations with a man?Well I said I kind of thought maybe you might I mean I kind of hoped so I mean after all why not?Because I can hardly stand the sight of you that's why Because you're stupidWell I said I ain't sure I can agree with you Myra I mean I ain't saying you're wrong but I ain't saying you're right either Anyways even if I am stupid you can't hardly fault me for it They've lots of stupid people in the world One of my friends in the Pulp Fiction group remarked that Nick Corey is a poster boy for the psychopatic criminal showing all the symptoms associated with this deviant behaviour always putting the blame for his troubles on the others showing no remorse or empathy for the plight of these others paranoia selfishness cunning at covering his thoughts behind an amiable public persona Chillingly his rants made me think of that Swedish guy who went on a rampage on an island believing he will remedy in this way the ills of society Any sympathy I might have had for a tortured mind was uenched when Nick started to hear voices from on high telling him he is on a God given crusade to cleanse to world of sinners He is guilty of picking and chosing from the holy texts only the parts that suit him forgetting the parrable of the stone throwing and forgiveness It's what I'm supposed to do you know to punish the heck out of people for bein' people To coax 'em into revealin' theirselves an' then kick the crap out of'em And it's a god danged hard job Rose honey and I figure that if I can get a little pleasure in the process of trappin' folks I'm mighty well entitled to it Another chilling factor for me was the familiarity of the author with his chosen subject So powerful was the presence of Nick Corey that it got me to wonder what kind of experience did Thompson had in his childhood with a vile tempered father coincidentally a sheriff of a small southern town And what kind of disillusionment crushed the young leftist author's dreams for a better society to turn him into the bitter writer who felt so comfortable writing about deranged killers in hellholes like Potts County For me as a reader the worst part of the novel were not the actual murders but the casual rampant racism no doctor is going to do a post mortem on a Negro Why you can't get a doctor to touch a live Negro let alone a dead one ; the cynicism of double standards in law for the wealthy and for the poor; the degrading atitude towards women the readiness of those 1280 'souls' to believe and spread outrageous rumours about a political candidate competing with Nick for the sheriff post and before long there were plenty of answers; the kind of stinking dirty dirt that people can always create for themselves when there ain't none for real With or without Nick Corey Potts County is not high on the list of places I want to visit and of people I would like to meet I would like to be able to claim Thompson exaggerates uses hyperbole and satire to lay bare what Woodrell calls 'the big ogres of American society' but I only have turn on the TV and scroll through the news channels to find racism and domestic violence vile rumours presented as truth and corrupted justice alive and kicking strong into the third millenium Nick Corey doesn't have the answers to the problems he sees around him and I still believe in my heart that the decent people outnumber the ogres but it saddens me that it is these ogres that make all the noise and get all the notice I figure sometimes that maybe that's why we don't make as much progress as other parts of the nation People lose so much time from their jobs in lynching other people and they spend so much money on rope and kerosene and getting likkered up in advance and other essentials that there ain't an awful lot of money or man hours left for practical purposes Nick Corey made laugh I admit with his folksy Bugs Bunny repartees his pretend dumbness like the evil twin of Forest Gump but the aftertaste of the novel is a bitter pill to swallow a feeling of helplessness that make you reach for the hard liuor to drown your conscience and het ready to sink into a troubled sleep ready to get up in the morning as if nothing was wrong with the world Because my labors were mighty ones ol' Hercules didn't know what hard work was and what is there to do but eat and sleep? And when you're eatin' and sleepin' you don't have to fret about things that you can't do nothing about And what else is there to do but laugh an' joke how else can you bear up under the unbearable? Most readers will probably remember the book for its scaringly realistic lead character I believe what will stay longer with me is the portrait of a small towns beset by poverty and anger by soul crushing pettiness and despair And suddenly the emptiness was filled with sound and sight with all the sad terrible things that the emptiness had brought the people toThere were the helpless little girls cryin' when their own daddies crawled into bed with 'em There were the men beating their wives the women screamin' for mercy There were the kids wettin' in the beds from fear and nervousness and their mothers dosin' 'em with red pepper for punishment There were the haggard faces drained white from hookworm and blotched with scurvy There was the near starvation the never bein' full the debts that always outrun the credits There was the how we gonna eat how we gonna sleep how we gonna cover our poor bare asses thinkin' The kind of thinkin' that when you ain't doing nothing else but why you're better off dead Because that's the emptiness thinkin' and you're already dead inside and all you'll do is spread the stink and the terror the weepin' and wailin' the torture the starvation the shame of your deadness Your emptiness edit for spelling Poor Nick Corey He’s got so many problems with his wife and people who actually expect him to do his job as sheriff of a small town that he can hardly eat than a few pork chops at dinner or sleep than 8 or 9 hours a night But Nick has figured out a way to deal with some of his issues and if that means shotgunning a few folks then you can hardly blame the poor manThe obvious comparison here is to Thompson’s other novel about a small town law man with a serious dark side The Killer Inside Me Both Lou Ford and Nick Corey hide their real intelligence and contempt for most people behind a mask of pure good old boy redneck and they take great delight in using their seeming stupidity to tie people into knots However Lou’s insanity was of a personal revenge kind of thing mixed up with his sadism while Nick’s was actually disturbing to me with it’s nihilistic nature hiding under his lazy persona What makes this book extra creepy is that it’s just so damn funny along the way Nick comes across as stupid on a Homer Simpson level at first but as the story progresses you realize just how smart he is at playing people as well as how batshit insane he really isThis is a great example of Thompson’s noir genius Jim Thompson you sneaky summabitch I went looking for something specific You presented yourself like that something I was looking for and then you changed almost immediately into something else entirely But that too was a trick because you sure as Shinola changed on me again A trick within a trick within a trick this novel is a long con in the best wayWhat I was looking for was a noir thriller a uality crime drama centering on murrrrder from the smartypants psychos who commit the crimes to the smartypants detectives who hunt them down I've been in a particularly itchy headspace for this lately due to being recently caught in the clutches of Harrelson and McConaughey's new serial True Detective and if you haven't sat down to watch the three existing episodes of that Next Great Drama first of all color me envy green and second dear god go remedy that right now which is everything I always want cinematic crime thrillers to be often than not finding myself largely disappointed While the handful of uality thrillers I've seen are some of my favorite most infinitely repeatable movie experiences there are simply not enough of them to satisfy my appetite It's pretty annoying really considering the sheer number of murder movies and television procedurals that get made these days For every Silence of the Lambs there are a thousand or pieces of crap like The Bone Collector or Saw CCLXXVIII and as for television well I can't think of many instances save The Killing on occasion and The Fall in its thus far entirety of anyone really getting it right the straightforward procedural elements of Twin Peaks or The X Files being exceptions Of course those weren't even so much gritty crime thrillers as supernatural spookfests that were marginally and only occasionally hinged on events which could actually occur in the physical world And then as if sent by a dark angel there was True Detective Hours and hours and hours of murder thriller procedural perfection? A Seven that goes on and on and on maybe even for several seasons? Sign me the f up Well when I found out that this week's episode would be skipped thanks to the Snoozeperbowl I went fumbling through my fairly meager book collection for something to sate me in the grueling meantime This novel and this novel are what I had to choose from It was as I said not what I was looking for but that didn't even matter in the end I wanted what this book had to offer and I didn't even know itIn the beginning this novel presents itself as grim slapstick the tale of a bumbling 1920's small town Sheriff an incompetent but well meaning fool who is the butt of everyone's jokes Ahh but is he though? I mean he's the narrator and in his snaky way he says as much without actually saying as much With his Gump wisdom and his hayseed pathos he draws you into a distorted version of his world where you think you know your role the wise omniscient who tsk's and sighs from the bleachers all the while wishing you could just smack and cradle this antihero and explain to him just how tragically misinformed he is about the way things are Don't be so sure of yourself though Jim Thompson may have different plans for youIn a nutshell this is a bang bang ultra violent black as pitch farce which follows the trickeries of a narcissistic sociopath redundant? as he plots and schemes and slithers his way through increasingly elaborate methods of getting what he wants power freedom from attachments casual sex exactly zero criticism from anyone and eight suare meals a day to the detriment of anyone in his path You seriously do not want to be this man's enemy and by enemy I mean minor inconvenience And oh man it is hilarious Thompson is so good at gallows humor that he could make you laugh at your own execution party I don't want to say much beyond that because this is a book recommendation I will stand by for those of us out there with strong stomachs and cynical hearts So no this wasn't what I was looking for but finding it was a happy accident I am still open to suggestions for character driven noir with strong prose though since hunting for gems in the mountains of mass market soccer mom thrillers out there is just something I don't have the time or motivation for me being most likely about halfway through my conscious earthly existence I will on the other hand be reading Jim Thompson and I feel pretty confident that it will be time well spent gleefully flailing about in the gutters of humanityBring it on Nick Corey is the High Sheriff of Potts County and kind of a simpleton He doesn't arrest anyone and mostly stays out of trouble other than affair he's having with another man's wife Or is his genial nature a cover for something sinister ?Yes Yes it is It's a front for the fact that he's a manipulative cold blooded killer He kills two pimps and tricks another sheriff into taking the blame He launches a smear campaign against another man running for sheriff He does a handful of other despicable deeds and is so slick you almost forget what a scumbag he is Jim Thompson is an undiscovered gem light years ahead of the other pulp writers of his day Pop 1280 is told in the first person and to say Nick is an unreliable narrator is putting it lightly Even though he's clearly a psychopath the book has uite a few blackly comic moments Even though he's a scumbag watching the master manipulator in action is something to behold It's definitely a page turner after the first couple of pagesJim Thompson is the real deal I can't recommend this enough to fans of crime fiction Don't be mislead by my rating this was a really strong book that I enjoyed a lot it just kind of collapsed disappointingly at the end Definitely worth reading for the prose I'll be checking out Thompson “a heck of a lot of things are bound to go wrong in a world as big as this one And if there's an answer to why it's that way and there ain't always why it's probably not just one answer by itself but thousands of answers” ― Jim Thompson Pop 1280Small towns can be a drag Especially when you are the High Sheriff Especially when you are also a psychopath who is just a tad smarter than you let on You've got these liberal and soft feelings toward minorities and social ills You want to find a nice woman and settle down but with all these women you are sleeping with and all these clowns in town things just can't get right with either you or the Lord until a couple of these buggers are dead I mean don't feel bad about it Dead isn't that much better than life in a town in Texas or was it Oklahoma? with a population hovering around 1280 and some of those 1280 aren't rich or white People in town might want you to do stuff No not really They keep electing you because that is exactly what they don't want you to do stuff And if they knew the stuff you did the certainly wouldn't want you to keep on doing it Thompson seems to grab the humanity by the nuts and just sueezes the truth out of it Like Jim had a whole town on the rack and after a bit of pulling the town's ugliness just seems to spill out Don't think your big towns are any better and don't think your suburban sprawl doesn't contain the rats the hypocrites the dark motives and strange bedfellows that seem to exist in the front room of Jim Thompson's brain Your town is the same just so And if so think of how many 'high sheriff's' your town has protecting youAnd if you have any lingering uestions just go check out The Making of a Murderer on Netflix About a year and a half ago ages ago it now seems there was a flurry of activity around this title among some GR friends and those I whose reviews I stalk so I bought it—probably the title in a purchase that entitled me to free shipping It sat here and sat here garnering little attention working its way down the list of those I was anxious to read and then it happened the event that would send this to the top of my priority listI started reading Gravity’s Rainbow and all of the sudden anything else would do in this case large print was a plus suggestions that it was humorous appealed to the I need that right now part of my brain and besides I’ll acuire a better sense of the noir that others seem fond of and which I’ve only experienced in reviews shameful my neglect of Hammett Chandler et al with an additional perk—the possibility of using chiaroscuro in a review sounding brighter than I am or aspire to be—win winIn I plunged ready and willing only to learn the novel is written in Rube Speak Not the dialect of some Southern state or region Not accents Not regionalism Not even the horrific drawl of Haley Barbour which a responsible parent would have rectified through intensive speech therapy in his youth No sir or ma’am Rube Speak Things were looking bleak I continued reading reluctantly ready to abandon another book others liked And then it happenedthe clod Sherriff who narrates the novel sets up and accomplishes an amazing feat of treachery entrapping a blow hard rival and murdering two annoyances in the process Oh boy The entirely unlikable and unreliable narrator continues his connivery and mayhem by wit and good luck At times predictable freuently funny one for when you’re reluctant to pick up something else demanding Some might say that Sheriff Nick Corey does not play well with othersThey would be wrongSheriff Nick Corey plays VERY WELL with others No one can deny that his shit kickin' good ole boy down home hick act endears him to the townsfolk he is sworn to protect More's the pity there is no one to protect them from him Corey schemes and manipulates himself out of any crisis and he'll do whatever is reuired to keep his cushy job But now he's facing his toughest challenge yet the upcoming election At first this book seems light years away from Thompson's The Killer Inside Me Here the author seems to be going for laughs Corey's lazy lawman routine is good for plenty of chuckles which makes it all the disturbing when bullets start flying and the bodies start piling up Turns out Corey has uite a bit in common with Killer's protagonist Lou Ford They are both charismatic psychopaths who use their badges and positions of power to prey on those unfortunate enough to encounter them Another good tale from a master storyteller EDIT Another great novel selected as part of the HRF Keating Crime and Mystery The 100 Best Books list and therefore part of my challenge to read the entire 100 Keating mentions that the novels of Thompson are without good taste and this one has the least taste of all thanks to a hero who kills somebody and kicks the dead body because he'd always wanted to indepth discussions of bodily functions But he also praises Thompson for the serious purpose and darker vision of life that lies behind the vulgarity He uses the term bleak four times in his review That should tell you than enough about the content and the way it was received in its own timeJim Thompson sure does have a way with words In his protagonist Nick Corey he has a perfect vessel for displaying his talents “I ain't saying you're a liar because that wouldn't be polite But I'll tell you this ma'am If I loved liars I'd hug you to death” Easygoing Sheriff of Potts County Corey is one lazy man or that's what he would have you believe You might also be mistaken in thinking that he is a first class moron able to be pushed around by his betters because when you get to know Nick Corey the first thing you realise is that you've been manipulated from the first moment he laid eyes on youThis tale of small town America is littered with pimps whores crooked lawmen private detectives women no better than they ought to be incestuous men wife beaters murderers corrupt politicians vindictive women peeping toms mentally challenged cuckolds religious zealots and plenty of sex Of course on top of that there's Sheriff Nick Corey a noir protagonist the likes of which you may never have seen Well sir I should have been sitting pretty just about as pretty as a man could sitI had it made and it looked like I could go on having it made as long as I minded my own business and didn't arrest no one unless I couldn't get out of it and they didn't amount to nothin' Narrating in the first person he portrays himself as a buffoon a bumbling idiot who talks in circles unwilling to directly criticise or disagree with any voting citizen but through careful slips in his facade Thompson provides you with a look at the workings of a manipulative cold blooded killer intent on living the good life as he sees it no matter the cost to othersOf course nobody in this story is innocent that would go against the mood of the piece Corey thinks everyone has sinned in some way or other and so they are painted as the kind of filth that might populate the New York landscape of Travis Bickle or Matt ScudderAnd yet you don't think about that until it's all over Thompson gets you inside the mind of Corey with such great skill that you don't uestion what you're told until it's too late In Corey he has created a truly memorable literary creation complete with accurate speech patterns ticks and mannerisms It's not only Corey it is every character however minor that gets the full fleshed out treatment making for a rich world for the story to take place inThompson seems to have influenced a whole lot of American authors both in the noir genre and others of a literary persuasion recently I've enjoyed great modern authors such as Cormac McCarthy Donald Ray Pollock Daniel Woodrell and Tom Franklin all of whom owe a lot to the work of this man for examplePop 1280 was adapted in to a movie by French director Bertrand Tavernier in 1982 pre dating the Hollywood fascination with the rediscovered works of Thompson by 8 years Tavernier moved the story from small town redneck USA to French colonial Africa under the title Coup de Torchon using the subject matter to highlight some of the ineuality of colonial rule The biggest change however is the lack of subtlety in the character of Corey renamed Cordier who is played as a complete buffoon that reacts or by some miracle gets lucky rather than plotting his evil It's an enjoyable film all the same and well worth investigating for fans of the book the author or the genre Interestingly Tavernier later directed the adaptation of another American noir this time set in America In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead starring Tommy Lee Jones as Dave Robicheaux which again is a crime film well worth checking out

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