Bad Doings and Big Ideas A Bill Willingham Deluxe Edition

Bad Doings and Big Ideas A Bill Willingham Deluxe Edition[PDF] ✓ Bad Doings and Big Ideas A Bill Willingham Deluxe Edition ✪ Bill Willingham – Collecting dark tales of the fantastic by Fables creator Bill WillinghamShe’s one of the Sandman’s former lovers and a woman feared by gods She is Thessaly the fan favorite character from The Sand Collecting dark tales of the fantastic by Fables and Big Kindle Ï creator Bill WillinghamShe’s one of the Sandman’s former lovers and a woman feared by gods She is Thessaly the fan favorite character from The Sandman A Game of You and the last of the deadly Thessalian witches Now Thessaly is on the run from a creature called Fetch who might be composed of different beings killed across the eons by Thessaly herselfThen in Proposition Player a professional Vegas poker player collects vouchers for the souls of a roomful of people as a bar prank not realizing that he’s just Bad Doings eBook á anted up for a game he never imagined Joey is suddenly caught in the middle of a battle between heaven and hell Can he bluff his way out of itThis title also features numerous short stories starring members of The Sandman’s cast as well as dark fantasy tales from House of Mystery and Collecting Flinch Proposition Player The Dreaming The Sandman Presents Merv Pumpkinhead Agent of DREAM The Sandman Presents Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dreams But Were Afraid to Ask The Sandman Presents The Thessaliad The Sandman Presents Thessaly Doings and Big MOBI ï Witch for Hire House of Mystery Halloween Annual . I've been trying to classify Bill Willingham's writings for a little while now and I think this book finally manages to help me make up my mindIt's all Neil Gaiman Lite materialThat's not nececessarily a bad thing to be compared to but it also implies that it is nowhere near the artistry or the originality of the erm originalWhereas Gaiman can come up with an infinite number of ideas or so it appears Willinghtam is able to come up with a few good ideas but lacks the true ability to actually produce something great with them The over all result can still be good but it will never attain great statusWillingham did find a niche with his Fables series but let's face it taking characters from children's fairy books and putting them in a modern setting has been and is being done all the time So yeah good idea but not a great idea Taking another writer's character and telling a story about them is also done it's not like the taking of the concept of a character like say THE SANDMAN and changing everything that had ever been done in the past to come up with something completely original sort of thingThere is a certain pleasure in reading the furthure adventures of Thessally but it pales next to what the original stories wereAh well at least it came in a nice over sized book that'll look good on the shelves while it gathers dust As far as anthologies go I'm always sceptical I hate reading something that changes illustrators every now and then even when these are stories that came out separately at first and were bound together afterwards as it happens here This is a collection of the most important works of Bill Willingham before and between the Fables series It's interesting to read early stuff that were to be implemented in Fables ideas and characters that didn't manage to sell well enough to hold their own series but found a spot in that vast ultra universe Surely some stories are somewhat weak I didn't care much for the dream world and merv Pumpkinhead even tho he has his moments some others i loved the 2 thessaly mini series and the proposition player were really good too bad they didn't sell well to manage a continuation and some i found ok the horror ones although they had strong illustrators to back them clearly aren't Bill's strong card I suppose that's what happens in any collection but in this case we had the same writer and we can at least enjoy a similar writing style To be honest I wasn't all that enthusiastic when i started Bad Doings and Big Ideas it's seer volume had me suspicious on how it can keep me interested 500 pages of unfinished or hastily semi finished work of only one author is interesting when you're a hardcore fan of him and I wasn't I still am not but it won me over I enjoyed it learned a bit about the way of thinking of a comic book creator loved the small introductory notes and came to the conclusion that Willingham has one of the most interesting and vast imaginations in the industry Not exactly my style but fascinating still I hope he continues to provide original ideas or catch up to some old ones for many years to come Bill I'll see you again in Fables Deluxe Vol9 our trip together is not yet over Overall I enjoyed reading this collection Being a huge Fables fan it was fun picking up ideas and stories that Willingham may have reused for Fables Noticed he likes to write about mythology and folklore he has thing for bars and drinking in stories and the use of casino and dinners Kind of Americana in comic booksBesides wanting to read Willingham stuff I also liked the Sandman mythos too Nice to read Merv and Thessaly besides Death they were my other favorites in the Sandman series The endless don't really show up in these books but you get of a sense of the Dreaming worldNothing in this volume however stood out to me as being spectacular but it was just a fun read and nice to see some early stuff This might have remind of Jack of Fables and Cinderella rather then the whole Fables series but like I said before if you've read all Fables you'll pick up on some stuff like I did So this book isn't really a graphic novel or part of a series of comics Instead it's a compilation of Bill Willingham's work from his early days Before Fables that is In it we have a wide variety of tales and a wide variety of artistic talent all of which are prefaced with introductions by Willingham Particular favorites of mine are the stories set in the world of Neil Gaiman's Sandman Merv Pumpkinhead as a spy? Yes please Not one but two arcs involving the inscrutable Thessaly a character I always wanted to hear about? Absolutely Top it off with some entertaining vignettes spanning comic genres and you've got one heck of a fun read Bill Willingham is a veteran comic book scripter best known for FABLES a long running series where characters and creatures from fairy tales and folklore do their best to live like normal people in an enclosed community hidden within New York City This big hardcover book collects all his non FABLES work done for DC's Vertigo imprint It's a mixed assortment of stories featuring witches poker players fantasy characters gods and demons all told in Willinghams whimsical and satiric style There are some incredible artists working with Willingham on the various stories including many that would make the list of greats Mark Buckingham Bernie Wrightson Richard Corben Phil Jimenez David Petersen Paul Pope and Before he became super busy as a scripter Willingham also illustrated many of his own stories his art style is like his writing whimsical and very appealing One of the high points is the inclusion of all six issues of the PROPOSITION PLAYER limited series about a poker player who takes souls along with his winnings and then finds himself in a tussle with angels and demons for possession of them The horror stories he wrote for HOUSE OF MYSTERY are suitably creepy with the stand outs including the disturbing The Hollows and the Poe like The Hounds of Titus Roan My favorite tales in the book are the two THESSALY WITH FOR HIRE mini series expanding on the character from Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN universe A real treat for fans of his work Four stars at least for this mammoth undertaking It's not the ephemera I thought for we get several full length pieces most of which work I didn't really dig either Thessaly four parter Mostly we're in Sandman's Dream worlds mostly we're being arch and flippant with it but the opening piece is perhaps the most interesting if not uite the best What looks like a wordy wannabe ribald look at life in a casino lurches into being something much serious and theology based It was still fun mind although I'd rather the ravens would naff off home One other work showed nothing that was wrong about The Sandman and everything that was right about Fables so stands out for me We also get some fun short pieces including a handful from the House of Mystery There was little all told I found disfavour with much of it is wonderful to look at and on the whole this really does tick many boxes completist or not As much as I like most of this guys stuff there is a reason many of these stories didn’t work out This book was a slog It is nice to see how his story telling evolved into something worth reading though Thank goodness I enjoyed revisiting some old friends from the world of the Endless and meeting new ones The first story Proposition Player was very entertaining I look forward to reading Willingham's Fables in the not so distant future bProposition Player An amusing light urban fantasy In some ways it feels like a take off of Sandman’s “Season of Mists” but there are still some interesting original characters here and some unusual dilemmas 610It Takes a Village A shallow short story that’s good only because it’s funny 610Danny Nod Dreaming #55 This one is pretty shallow too but it’s a fun look at the Booklands that clearly shows the future of the Fables born from the setting of the Sandman which is kind of cool 610Merv Pumpkinhead This James Bond Pumpkinhead satire is often funny but also runs a bit long 610Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dreaming And here Willingham finally pays out the humorous Dreaming writing he’s been building up for years This has lots of great bits and also some really fun metastory 810The Thessaliad Willingham shows off a very strong understanding of Thessaly and her life here You can see hints of Proposition Player in the plethora of gods playing with the mortal world but everything else is pure Sandman Willingham does a good job of writing what feels like a real continuation of Thessaly's story helped by the continuity of the attractive Shawn McManus art 710Thessaly Witch for Hire Another fine Thessaly story Willingham could easily have written a regular Thessaly series Here the interaction between Thes and the Fetch is great and there is lots of fun urban mythology The end is once reminiscent of Proposition Player suggesting Willingham was haunted by his early ideas 710House of Mystery Some of these stories feel a bit truncated but they're generally strong and fun to read 710Overall there's some strong non Fables material here that's well worth reading to see how Willingham's urban fantasy horror work has evolved Some of it is thematically repetitive than I'd like but it's still good stuff There should definitely be compilations of this sort published not only because there's so much god material out there to be collected but also because it's hard to find copies of some of the one shot story arcs that get published Most of them don't last long enough to have enough issues to make up a graphic novel due to their lack of selling power but collecting a selection of short runs by a well known author can work from a marketting perspective For someone like me who likes to collect all of the stories by her favourite authors collections like this are a lot handy than trying to find the single issues of the comics often years after the factIt also helps that these storyarcs no matter how short lived are actually uite fantastic reads I particularly liked The Thessaliad and Thessaly Witch for Hire because Thessaly is kind of a bad ass but the shorts about the Dreaming were wonderful and the Danny Nod library adventurer story was so amusing that I'm going to be laughing over that one for years to come

Bad Doings and Big Ideas A Bill Willingham Deluxe Edition
  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Bad Doings and Big Ideas A Bill Willingham Deluxe Edition
  • Bill Willingham
  • English
  • 23 April 2015
  • 9781401232450