Rewind Replay Repeat A Memoir of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Rewind Replay Repeat A Memoir of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Rewind Replay Repeat A Memoir of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Author Jeff Bell – The revealing story of one man's struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder OCD and his hard won recoveryRewind Replay Repeat is the revealing story of Jeff Bell's struggle with obsessive compulsive The revealing story of one man's struggle with Repeat A PDF/EPUB ¿ obsessive compulsive disorder OCD and Rewind Replay Kindle - his hard won recoveryRewind Replay Repeat is the revealing story of Jeff Bell's struggle Replay Repeat A MOBI ☆ with obsessive compulsive disorder OCD and his hard won recovery Nagging doubt It's a Replay Repeat A Memoir of PDF or part of everyday life Who hasn't doubled back to check on a door or appliance But what if one check wasn't enough Nor two or three And what if nagging doubt grew so intense that physical senses became all but useless Such was the case for Bell a husband father and highly successful radio news anchor and one of the millions of Americans living with obsessive compulsive disorder OCD His fascinating memoir recounts the depths to which this debilitating anxiety disorder reduced him to driving his car in continuous circles scouring his hands in scalding water and endlessly rewinding replaying and repeating in his head even the most mundane daily experiences Readers will learn what OCD feels like from the inside and how healing from such a devastating condition is possible through therapy determination and the support of loved ones. As a fellow sufferer of OCD I can definitely feel the anguish Jeff Bell was going through during the severe bouts of anxiety he suffered and most likely still suffers This is something that OCs will probably be the ones to understand or the ones to really appreciate this book I think I know I did Certain passages really grabbed my attention and spoke to me One day I boast of being on top of the world the next I use the most dire language possible to describe the depths of my hell One day I list three items on my episodes cards; the next day twelve Up and down and up and down again Week after weekI know what Bell's talking about here that agony of being right of being well for so long and then to find it crashing down around you The depression and feeling of failure that sinks in afterwardsIt's a case of managing the illness of learning strategies of ways of dealing with it That way one can combat OCD to shove it back and learn to live instead of hiding behind the obsessions and compulsions As a sufferer of clinical OCD since childhood I haven't had the courage to read a book on the subject until now I once tried to watch a TV special on it and ended up vomiting all night That being said I can attest that Jeff Bell's accounts of his OCD is accurate and relatable to anyone with the same disorder I am a checker myself both a mental checker AND a physical checker I'm also a repeater and a reassurance seeker to a fault I'm now medicated and I see a therapist every other week to keep my compulsions and rituals under control but I can tell you that this book was very wonderful to read It was fantastic reading about Jeff's triumphs over this doubting disease and it gives others hope that things CAN come to a state of normalcy and an occasional slip up is normal and not life threatening Thanks for writing such a candid and frank memoir and sharing it with the world This is a heart wrenching look into what it's like to live with severe OCD And believe me it seems severe and devastating The writing is not what's tedious about this book what really makes you suirm is the repetition that makes little sense to non OCD brained people And it's a good kind of suirm because sometimes it's necessary to know others' pain as part of growing upBell's memoir was a uick read that I could hardly put down It's easy to get absorbed in and easier still to just keep reading Chapters are short and the language is straightforward If I ever teach a class on mental illness this is hands down one of the books I would assign This is a lot readable than the last book on OCD I read a few months ago probably because the author has worked in communications for years He's a radio announcerreporter in CA who was and still is happily married successful etc when for no particular reason no trauma in his life his anxiety and guilt about safety mostly other people's safety shot through the roofHe writes about his attempts to get help in the 90's different strategies and therapy coping with OCD hiding it from his kids friends and co workers he couldn't hide it from his wife for long or as his kids got older and the toll that took It really is fascinating and though his life was less tortured and dysfunctional than Edward Zine's the author of Life in Rewind isn't it interesting how they both use rewind in their titles? it's an OCD thing it still was bad And since Bell's life was so mundane so normal seeming before OCD it somehow makes his story realistic approachable and less voyeuristic to read like this could be you or your BIL or your fatherAs Bell got a measure of control over Director Doubt his externalization of his OCD a therapy strategy through exposureresponse prevention and cognitive behavioral therapy and a weird spirituality he decided he needed to tell his story It really is funny in parts and uite illuminating in parts There is a section of the book where his first grader comes home with head lice that is hilarious and sad and worth the price of the book itselfHere's his blog for Psychology Today if you want to get a feel for his writing realized I heard Bell on NPR a few years ago when I was reading the book a couple of the episodes sounded so familiar so here's the story from that I love anything to do with psychology so I figured I'd enjoy this book The first bit was somewhat interesting but as it went along I found it a bit boring and hard to focus on so I stopped after a few chapters Maybe others would enjoy it though Probably the most detailed look into an OC's brain that I've ever read or seen His OCD makes my childhood PANDAS OCD look like a trip to Hawaii and I had it all scrupulosity harm checking repeating washing illness even sexual Jeff's illness although limited in scope seemed to consume him from the inside out It's amazing that he suffered for so long yet was able to pull himself out of it What a brave determined person This book was painful to read it always makes me really uncomfortable to read about the episodes that other OCDers suffer However it also makes me feel less weird and alone about it and occasionally I find something useful in terms of behavioral ways to combat my compulsions The author's relatively spiritual methods for living with his OCD will not work well for me I'm afraid This book was too long and drawn out I usually read a book in less than a week and this took me nearly a month because it was difficult to stay involved with I love reading memoirs about funky brains whether about brain disorders uirky personalities mental illnesses or really anything that gets to what makes us tick the way we do And I have a bit of an obsession with OCD and mental health that in recent years people are talking about and So OCD I am an orderer For the most part my OCD is obsessive compulsive personality but not so much in disorder But I GET IT And once you have beaten it it's really fun to read about it at least i think so So this is a memoir about a checker And he has it bad Really bad He suffers from thinking that his actions will cause harm to others and he gets stuck checking and rechecking that he has not harmed others So when his boat bumps another boat doing no damage and the other boat owners says no problem forget about it he can't and instead it turns into a lifelong obsession with stalking the boat and replaying the scene of the accident and replaying it and replaying it to the point of serious dysfunction If you don't get it you'd think that he is nuts I get it and yet it still seems kinda nuts But move my scissors away from their respective home and nothing can happen untill they are found and put in order Like I said I get it And since this is a very different kind of OCD than I have I learned a lot about being a checker It is tragic though that only in recent years has this become an understood and easily treated condition This poor guy had to fight through it the hardway and pave the road so to speak So yeah this is a great read and one that will stay with me as I continue to rewind and replay it in my head Really liked this book Makes me realize that I take for granted a life with a somewhat normal functioning brain especially since I sometimes struggle with anxiety and racingobsessive thoughts I could relate to a lot of his issues although not even close to what he suffers The amount of compassion I feel for him is unending He inspires me for doing the HARD work it takes to move forward one day at a time as with an addiction Also his wife Samantha is a saint and I'd love to read a book from her perspective I can't imagine all that she's gone through having an absentee husband basically because of this disorder Does she feel she enabled him some of the time? Or was it necessary? I also can't help but think of Doubt as another name for the Devil himself who causes confusion and chaos Jeff discovered a good amount of spirituality though in my opinion a lot of it is kinda new agey mumbo jumbo but it helps him overcome so that's good It's still relying too much on your own ability and I think healing could come from full surrender to God in Jesus BUT of course that's not what this book was about and he has his own journey haha Anyway this book was SO interesting Written really well I just appreciate the honesty and the bluntness in his storytelling It's not overly emotional or sentimental which I think makes it all the powerful

Rewind Replay Repeat A Memoir of Obsessive Compulsive
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  • Rewind Replay Repeat A Memoir of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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  • 07 May 2016
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