The Seeker (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, #1-2)

The Seeker (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, #1-2)❰Reading❯ ➷ The Seeker (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, #1-2) Author Isobelle Carmody – New from acclaimed fantasy author Isobelle Carmody comes The Seeker an omnibus edition of the first two books in the dystopian fantasy the Obernewtyn Chronicles— Obernewtyn and The FarseekersDiscove New from acclaimed fantasy author Isobelle Carmody comes The Seeker an omnibus edition of the first two books in the dystopian fantasy the Obernewtyn Chronicles— Obernewtyn and The FarseekersDiscover the adventure Elspeth Gordie has a secret she's a Misfit born with mental powers that would mean her death if discovered But she's not alone and her exile to the mysterious compound known as Obernewtyn is just the beginning From the Trade Paperback edition. Obernewtyn 35 stars The Farseekers 45 stars This is an omnibus from the old SFBC book club which really doesn't exist any The site now is overpriced and has retail sized hardcovers Makes BN look cheap I do miss the size of SFBC and other book clubs I was members of They were smaller and fit shelves easier Nevermind easier to handle There isn't much to say on this book I left reviews for the other 2 I loved the first one But the second one is a great follow up for someone writing a book while in High School I got hooked on book one of a 7 book series in High School and many of my handles screenames are based on it PatrynXX well look up The Death Gate Cycle If you happen on this set It's a keeper But you miss the first 2 covers which are helpfulBut I like this cover better I love the story so far and I really wanted to read if there's a seuel of it Great readUniue plot with lots of twists and turns I loved the characters and look forward to reading the other books in the series Such an amazing series loved every minute of reading these books Obernewtyn reviewbook by Jsovelle CarmodyReview by Jennifer Talty The book was very masterfully written not only for its many different events but also for the human emotions that can be easily seen and felt while immersing yourself into the story Unlike some novels obernewtyn is very adventurous and keeps the reader on their toes as they continue on through the story what with its mysteries hidden secrets and many intense moments this book is a good read for those who wish to be immersed into the story itself this book was great loved it couldn't put it down its got everything in it II was completely swept up in it there's 7 books altogether it looks like I'm waiting on the 3 rd book now I've been trying a lot of different types of book lately and now I've seen I've been missing a lot by only reading my regular genre I loved that the animals were talking in it to I am hoping for some romance with her and the guy who loves her in the coming books can't wait to readI'd definitely recommend this book and this book has book one and 2 in it Because I must sleep soon I will only give a shortened version of my thoughts at the moment with promise of to come and they are as follows1This is such a compelling read it's like Harry Potter with the world building and the prophecies but so different at the same time Though technically a children's book I reccommend all people 4th grade and up read this2I found my new OTP And it is adorable The first book was a little slow to start but then the pace picked up as the characters and their place in a post apocalyptic world where many have discovered latent psychic abilities are developed Some factions are striving to recover the beforetime technology to gain power and others realize that it would have the potential to finish destroying their world and the last of humanityOver all I enjoyed both of the first two books and I am looking forward to finishing the series book by Jsovelle CarmodyReview by JI found this book to be very interesting along with suspenseful due to the mysteries and also the plot line Each character had their own personality which is a nice change to just bland characters who just show up and leave randomly within a novel I would recommend this book to anyone in want of adventure and suspense

The Seeker Kindle ¿ Ebook
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  • 544 pages
  • The Seeker (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, #1-2)
  • Isobelle Carmody
  • English
  • 09 October 2014
  • 9780307974341