A Woman Killed With Kindness

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I read this for my Renaissance tragedy module and I imagine it can either be taken as promoting or satirising the role of women and marriage as commodity Both Anne and Susan are fairly typical passive renaissance women with Anne's husband painted as infinitely kind and generous The play itself moves uite uickly and is short so it wouldn't take long to read or watch and for me at least it's strength lies jn its ambiguous morality are we meant to take it seriously? And the schoolyear has begun This is the first book I read for my renaissance tragedy class cracks knuckles Fall semester here we comeAs far as the book goes I got two words for ya DRAMA UEENS All the characters are drama ueens I guess actors could bring a lot of subtlety and substance to the story but man it looks pretty funny on paper Especially when Sir Francis is like Mwahaha I shall carry off the lady fair and enjoy making her miserable and then catches a glimpse of her face and does a 180 to I burn I pine I perish Tranio if I achieve not this young modest girlHehPoor Susan that's all I'm sayin' Urgh A play about my least favorite plot ever a woman being ritualistically stripped of her dignity and status after an incidence of practically forced infidelity Awesome Not to mention Sir Charles's truly HEINOUS plan to literally sell his sister into a one night stand in order to clear his own fricking debts which he incurred by MURDERING TWO PEOPLE and then being cool with Susan's plan to KILL HERSELF before she could actually sleep with Sir Francis Look pardon my French but this play takes the cake Well that was bloody depressingI tend to rate early modern texts by how easy it is to follow them I'm switching things up here because languageplotwise this was actually uite good I was invested until Anne for some unknown reason cheats on her husband And until Charles tried to sacrifice his sister again for no real reason his debts were already paid off Anne starving herself to death also had no real purpose behind it you've just gotten a free mansion love why bother about your horrible ex?Meh This is a fascinating play which has left me with much to think about I've noticed some reviews criticising the way women are treated in the play but I absolutely see Heywood critiuing the institution of marriage which he explored persistently in his plays and inviting even provoking discussion This is definitely a play that deserves discussionAs a side note this is a lovely edition especially when I've grown accustomed to reading Renaissance plays online One of the plays from this class that I'd not read yet and I really enjoyed itRead for ENGL 4606 Marriage and Adultery in Early Modern England Kind of ridiculous and the two plots did not merge well together but they did compliment one another Overall a great read but filled with some dated ideas on the way marriage and debts work I read A Woman Killed with Kindness by Thomas Heywood in an anthology of plays but what a tremendous work I am definitely a romantic and somewhat of a sucker for works like this but I could not put the play down It is a gorgeous play full of pathos with sublime poetry It reminds me of Shakespeare's best work and of Alcestis by Euripides The subtext with Sir Acton is okay but I don't know that I buy the love at first sight scenario This may be my 21st century bias showing However the main theme of the Frankfords is so lovely and tragic The sheer depth of Mistress Frankford's guilt is astonishing The idea of killing oneself for shame while uaint or zealous is so right in the action of the play This is love in all of its power and glory Not the Hallmark love but the ancient Greek love from Hesiod who wrote about the dark power of Eros The deathbed scene is beautiful I really love this playNaturally I am only responding to the literary aspect of this play as for most of the plays I'll read and review I have not seen them performed I read this play on my trip to New Mexico for a conference I greatly enjoyed it and found it easy to follow because of the characters' uick banter It reads like a soap opera Indeed very little of the play is devoid of some sort of drama But it is very funny on the part of Susan and her brother I especially love how Susan stands up for herself even if her giving in saves her brother from being impoverished Anne on the other hand was very foolish to be so easily swayed by her lover While women at the time were seen as lustful and without power we know not all women were seen that way because of characters like Susan Of course we must account for Susan and Anne's independent marital statuses Overall it was uick and enjoyable even if Anne does end up starving herself to death Sort of the opposite of The Taming of the Shrew instead of being a massive tool to his wife to bully her into submission a guy whose wife cheats on him is so nice to her that she starves herself to death out of guilt So in the end everything still sucks for the women but that's early modern drama for you

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