Strip Down

Strip Down[Reading] ➸ Strip Down By Tess MacKall – What’s a topless dancer to do when a cop tells her to “spread ’em” Cooperate of course Which is exactly what Jazzmyn Monroe does when her big city dreams land her in a world of trouble and the What’s a topless dancer to do when a cop tells her to “spread ’em” Cooperate of course Which is exactly what Jazzmyn Monroe does when her big city dreams land her in a world of trouble and the arms of sexy detective Ryder Muldoon Jazzmyn is no angel but she doesn’t expect the rip roaring passion filled rollercoaster ride one of LA’s finest takes her onAn honest cop with a target painted on his back Ryder is forced to go rogue if he wants to stay alive and the hottest woman he’s ever laid eyes on is the key to his plan It’s supposed to be just business with a side of sex If only it were that simple Jazzmyn’s sinful curves and aptitude for red hot loving ramp up his libido and a whole lot. This book is hot on so many levels Tess Mackall has created a high powered ultra steamy duo of main characters Jazzmyn and Ryder Individually they're dynamite especially the rugged been around the block ex cop Ryder He's virile savvy and good looking Jazzmyn is a stripper and she's as tough as he is But our saucy gal is not tough enough to resist the explosive chemistry between them The prose as always with Ms Mackall's writing is snappy and sexy The action is fast paced never a dull moment to the brain OR the libido The sex is intense and sensual All these factors are just luscious trademarks for Tess Mackall's stories But Strip Down because I love fast moving prose and sexy noir ish style and witty dialogue and interaction is now my favorite of her booksI think I'll read it again settle in for that nice tingle Sigh Reviewed by AubreyBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThis book was hot I loved it Jazzmyn is an exotic dancer with a dangerous boyfriend Her boyfriend has ruined the career of Ryder Muldoon Ryder wants revenge in a way that will set him up for life with no need to work He enlists Jazzmyn to help himJazz is strong character that had a rough childhood Little does she know that she may end up falling in love with Ryder They met in a very unconventional way or so she thinks Right from the very beginning the sex between them is explosive and very hot The first time they have sex she doesn’t even know his name and it is on the roof of his car From their first time they are both hooked on each otherI loved the dialogue that happens between Jazz and Ryder They are both highly intelligent and are able to spar back and forth with ease It made the sex so much explosive for me I love when both the male and female are very smart I highly recommend reading this book I was intrigued by the suspense plot but there are a few things that fell short with me I know this is an erotic romance but I felt in certain places there was sex just for the sake of having sex I find it hard to believe that a cop would have sex with a dancer almost immediately after he meets her and needs her information to take down a villain Because that started out so early on in the story it took away my trust in the hero Jazzmyn's character was believable and likeableThe plot was riveting enough that I continued to read I wanted to know how things would end and what would happen between Jazzmyn and RyderIf you like erotic romantic suspense then you may enjoy Strip Down I saw this new release a few days ago and thought wow that sounds really good but I hadn't read or even heard of any Tess MacKall books and so I was a little wary but I decided to get it yesterday and give it a shot I started it last nite and finished up this morning and I loved it It's an erotic romantic suspense novel with a really hot cop and a sexy stripper The sex is scorching and there's lots of that but I really loved the characters and the story kept me interested throughout I give it 45 stars