Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow

Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow[Download] ➵ Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow Author Tessa Radley – Long presumed dead antiuities dealer Brand Noble has finally clawed his way back to New York City Only to find his wife Clea pregnantand engaged to another man She hadn't wasted any time in moving on Long presumed dead antiuities dealer Brand Noble has finally clawed his way back to New York City Only to find his wife Clea pregnantand engaged to another man She hadn't wasted any time in moving on It will not do Brand will have her back—no matter whatClea had held out to the bitter end before tearfully having Brand declared dead Now he's jumped to conclusions about her condition and his unwillingness to believe her explanation is unbearableShe will not be reclaimed—or Reclaiming His PDF/EPUB ² so she tells herself Even as her resistance melts under his scorching caresses. I honestly don't know what to say about this one It was like having 100 cc of mastodon tranuilizer injected right into my brainThe hero and heroine had no chemistry The entire setup heroine has to masuerade as the hero's sister during some business conference because she lit out to be with her bf was lame and pointless Why couldn't the hero just say Sis had to run off to be with a school pal in an emergency So here's a good friend to take her place for the next few days? Why the elaborate scheme and constant epic fails at pulling it off?Stupid dull and boring to such a degree that it boggles the friggin' mind The book totally let the title down When I see shaft in a title it better deliver in some capacity I went into this book with a lot of expectation after all the premise was good a back from the dead story with the hero Brand finding his wife Clea pregnant but sadly it lacked something in emotion and execution and to be honest I had a hard time believing these two were adultsTheir meeting after so long should have been a joyous occasion but Brand acts like a jerk refusing to tell Clea where he has been while Clea too takes out her frustration on his refusal to listen by not telling him that her pregnancy is hisI was like seriously and then Clea further acted like a fool lying about being engaged and not bothering to step away from her engagements to talkI was uite disappointed Good book The back from the dead theme hasn't been used too much lately so I enjoyed it I understood Brand's shock when he found Clea pregnant but giving her a chance to talk would have been nice Of course it would have made for a shorter book I liked the mystery of why Brand was kidnapped and who could have been behind it Not as intense as an Intrigue or Romantic Suspense but still good I was bored through the suspense parti skipped it completely but i liked Brand Cleathey loved each other deeply and liked the way they cleared the misunderstandings and were there for each other the issue which was shown which caused Brand Clea's seperation was not good enoughit kind off made the story drag and dulli am rating it 35 star only for Brand CleaOverall okay read This book pissed me off because I just didn't buy the whole thing from practially beginning to end y'all Personally I would have passed out cold if my presumably dead husband shows up at my gallery thingy Oh and who the HE7L just shows up like that some four years later???Whatever Not buying it Buncha freaking idiots the lot of them I don't want to read this but I needed to mark it as to read for the ridiculousness that is the title That is all It was pretty good and a fast read I found a few mistakes but overall it was good One star less for the cheesy titlebut the book was excellentMuch much different from the regular tropes with a solid storyline and the correct mix of emotions Why are all category books about rich people? Okay okay I know I'm generalizing and it depends on the line and blah di blah but it feels like every Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice nominee I have read in the 'series' categories have been about rich people Tentative relationship happens between a commoner and a rich person or two rich people some horrible miscommunication occurs and then they have to find their way back to each other I know this is a case of brand identity and that I shouldn't be surprised by all this but it just reinforces my opinion that I am not the target audience for these books I always want to know about the interesting stuff and less about the whining Like the antiuities thing in Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow was intriguing and still mildly relevant to today's time I wanted to learn how Brand got his start in the field not read about his complete total freak out over the possibility Clea might have moved on It's been FOUR years you ass Why wouldn't you go to an American Embassy? If you'd died of cancer would you have expected her to sit around and grieve over you forever? Given Clea's sensitivity over her mother's perceived 'desertion' isn't it possible she's going to be a tad kerflumpt about you striding back into her life after FOUR years of no contact? Clea on the other hand has a fascinating job as a museum curator one she gained after she worked her way up Do we learn about this or what a 'museum mile' event is? Noooo Instead the reader deduces that Clea has never seen an episode of Gossip Girl as she proceeds to drag out the 'fake fiancee' bit with the companion 'I'm furious but I'll sleep with you anyway' cliche One would have thought Clea would be on a roller coaster of emotions considering the fact that she's pregnant and her dead husband just crashed her workplace gala after FOUR years Instead she kinda whiffles between indignation fury lust and depression She needed a therapist and a carton of ice cream Despite my own whining I don't think the book is poorly written Radley does her best within the limits of the structure of a category romance I think what I really want is to find an author who can take the category formula and me forget that it is a formula A reunion you say Of course I would want to read it The story of Clea and her MIA husband Brand is a good one With lots of complications like a father who never wanted her to marry Brand and Harry a long time family friend pursuing And the most interesting complication of all A pregnancyLots of great components here with links to Ira antiuities smugglers and some mystery Brand was a great hero and Clea was a feisty heroine I do admit I nearly put the book down in the first half For someone with a PhD Clea did some really really stupid stuff And yes I was yelling at her in my head Please don't go down that extremely obvious and cliched to the point of annoyance pathBut once we got halfway through things picked up and I really began to enjoy it The ending had lots of drama though I didn't feel the emotional stuff in my gutAltogether a nice read for a Sunday afternoon and I'm curious enough to look at other books by the author

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  • Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow
  • Tessa Radley
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  • 20 October 2016
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