My Dear President: Letters Between Presidents and Their Wives

My Dear President: Letters Between Presidents and Their Wives❴Epub❵ ❥ My Dear President: Letters Between Presidents and Their Wives Author Gerard W. Gawalt – My Dear President is a historic heartfelt collection of letters between first ladies and presidents including many that have never been published that casts a warm new light on our leaders at their mo My Dear President is a historic heartfelt President: Letters ePUB ´ collection of letters between first ladies and presidents including many that have never been published that casts a warm new light on our leaders at their most open My Dear Kindle - hearted and vulnerable I am very madly in love with you wrote Lyndon Johnson to his future wife Bird Taylor James Madison sent off this plaintive line to his wife Dolley Every thing around and within Dear President: Letters Kindle Ï reminds me that you are absent In this inspiring collection of correspondence between US presidents and their wives are hundreds of unguarded moments of affection strain grief and triumph revealing as never before the private thoughts Dear President: Letters Between Presidents ePUB ô and working partnerships of our most public figures Culled from the holdings of the Library of Congress and various presidential libraries and private collections it is the most comprehensive compilation of its kind ever put together Gerard Gawalt a curator of presidential papers at the Library of Congress for the past thirty years has divided the book thematically into such topics as love war politics travel and sorrow Each letter appears in its entirety with the original spelling and grammar intact and is set in historic context for a full sense of the moment that formed its backdrop In most cases exchanges are included forming an enlightening dialogue between husband and wife Throughout historic photographs and artwork from the Library of Congress's collection enhance the text Like its companion volume First Daughters. I read this in tiny chunks while waiting for things It was a fascinating peek into the lives of our presidents It is a collection of letters from presidents to their wives and from wives to the presidents It spans from George Washington through the Clintons since the Bush's documents haven't been released yet It was put together by a historian for the library of congress is a great collectionThere were some letters that were hard for me to understand because either I was unfamiliar with the events that were happening then or just because of archaic language but most of the letters were great It's broken into several sections love marriage politics foreign travel war sorrow and grieving hello goodbye stuff like that so you don't read all of one couple's letters at one time instead all of the letters are sort of themedWhat struck me was the humanity of it all When I think of FDR or George Washington or Abe Lincoln or even modern presidents LBJ Jimmy Carter I just think of them as figureheads This just made them really human and they had silly little jokes with their wives and it was just cuteIt was amazing too There were letters from say John Adams on July 2nd 1776 or other things like that the president's most personal thoughts written to their wives as they were making history It was amazing to readI got this a while back at an outlet mall for 2 dollars so honestly I'm not sure if it would be easy for you to find or not but if you can get your hands on it I highly recommend it The only thing I would have changed is this I would have loved a little background with each letter There were a lot of parts where I really wanted to know what they were referring to but really there was no way for me to knowOther than that I loved this I learned a lot and also it was just really sweet Makes me want to start exchanging written letters with my husband Not that we're looking to be president but just because it's such a great record that they have of their lives together I have always had a keen interest in things related to the presidents This book is very intriguing Letters between the presidents and their wives appear in their entirety with no change to the grammar or sentence structures It is so neat to read these letters because I felt like I was being transported back in time to the Civil War or World War I The letters appear in different chapters including; politics education foreign travel and health and concern My favorite letters were between Julia and Ulysses Grant and Nancy and Ronald Reagan The love and care in these particular letters shined through very clearly and you can tell just how much these couples respected each other This book is arranged in categories and has letters note that letters has a very different definition in this book just as the author mentioned in the foreword from George Washington to Bill Clinton although not allThere are no revisions done to the letters at all and no footnotes but there is a brief description before each letter which makes it easy for the reader to comprehendI was able to finish this book in almost one sitting partly because I skipped the introductions done on the Presidents and First Ladies who are present are correspondents Nonetheless this book is very easy to read As of yet I have only read the chapter of Sorrow and Consolation I find it interesting and insightful To see the words of love anger hurt expressed between these famous husbands wives is moving Not a book needing to be read cover to cover in one sitting it makes a wonderful pick me up at your leisure reading experience If you are one of us those missing the days of letter writing and the personal touch that went along with it this book is great so far again I have only read one chapter I will try and update this recommendation further along in my reading My mother in law was reading this on her last visit with us and she was enjoying it so on to the list it goes A This was mostly dull I enjoyed some of the letters and could suffer through the shorter boring ones but some just went on and on and on It's interesting to see the various perspectives on married life the presidency A uniue compilation

My Dear President: Letters Between Presidents and Their
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • My Dear President: Letters Between Presidents and Their Wives
  • Gerard W. Gawalt
  • English
  • 08 July 2014
  • 9781579125523