The Ancient Roman World

The Ancient Roman World✸ [PDF] ✈ The Ancient Roman World By Ronald Mellor ✴ – Beginning with the founding of Rome each chapter features important figures including Julius Caesar Augustus and Hadrian to discuss the evolution of the republic Greek influences and rise of Christian Beginning with the founding of Rome each chapter features important figures including Julius Caesar Augustus and Hadrian to discuss the evolution of the republic Greek influences and rise of Christianity Chapters on gladiatorial games business and class conflict balance out sections covering emperors wars and conuests Numerous illustrations and full color photographs of site artifacts and period artwork The Ancient PDF/EPUB or bring the time period to life for readers The engaging and accessible writing combined with sourced uotations make it a useful resource for research and discovery. Check out all my reviews on My BlogCovering from the legends regarding the founding of Rome to the fall of the Roman Empire There were some famous people like Archimedes that didn't get mentioned so won't be heard of at all in this entire series which I find to be a shame time to pull out some other books and rectify that but on the whole a good installment for this series and for middle school history in general It is very difficult reading this one while at the same time reading the a g approved high school Glencoe as it makes Glencoe look absolutely horrid for all the glaring omissions This series is just so much richer and goes so much deeper than what is given to our high school kids Just continues to go to my point that we should stop worrying about uantity and worry about uality because what they are being taught in high school really isn't worth anything when it's so shallow the bottom of your shoe barely gets wet if you step in that puddle Here's my review from a few years ago Part of The World in Ancient Times history series for middle school by Oxford I learned a lot with this one starting from the beginning as they had than one version of the founding of Rome Weird since all I had ever heard about previously was the story of Romulus and Remus There was also a fair amount on the emperors that came after Augustus how they were chosen how they ruled etc There was a chapter on the Jews and their history as well as a chapter on how Christianity started and spread In all I felt it was a good well rounded history book that presented a lot than just what seems to be typically known and explained the findings that told us these things I never thought I'd find myself reading a history textbook for fun but that is just what I did This book is easy to understand and draws connections to our modern day It has pictures of famous artwork and artifacts It tells the origins of many of our words and sayings as sidebars to the textMy husband who teaches Latin did find one minor error It was talking about the Ides of the month and said the most common day to be the Ides is the 15th The most famous ides is the Ides of March which is the 15th of March However 8 out of 12 months have the Ides on the 13th of the month Other than this minor errorthe book gave a good account of the history of Rome The authors cover a lot of territory in a few pages The pictures and illustations accompanying the text illustrate everything from the she wolf feeding Romulus and Remus to cetain Roman superstars and even religious cults I was particularly impressed to see Cicero's magnificent mosaic of musicians from his villa in Pompeii used as the frontispiece Other pictures however are not always as well identified This survey provides a wonderful overview of Roman history and includes a wide cast of characters isn't my favorite ancient civilization so a book about it will never got four stars from me but my boys liked this one a lot This was a fairly concise but good recounting of Ancient Rome It wasn't too long or too short for what I was looking for and seemed to be accurate Augustus Caesar's World is supposed to be very good but was not carried at my library Got this as audiobook from the library and listened to it with 14 year old Excellent For some reason I have been reading about Roman history recently This book is a wonderful overview and very engaging I give 4 stars because I think that it is helpfully brief and engaging

The Ancient Roman World PDF À The Ancient  PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • The Ancient Roman World
  • Ronald Mellor
  • English
  • 28 May 2016
  • 9780195153804