The Man of Stone

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First off I didn't read the Nook version listed I got it free from the HPL website NowHPL's collaborations with Hazel Heald spark some disagreements as to exactly what if anything she contributed Some say she supplied a rough plot and HPL ran with it Others say she did the first draft and HPL rewrote it THE MAN OF STONE provides an interesting source of speculation For starters it is totally unlike HPL in that it doesn't contain of the tongue twisting adjectives that make you rush for the dictionary that or simply throw up your hands and skip over them It is written in straight forward English with nothing to trip you up along the way Also the first third contains dialogue than one normally finds in his work But after that we default to the tried and true cliche diary entry which places us suarely in HPL territory as the person slowly and at great length outlines EVERY detail of what transpired And he tosses in the usual R'Lyehian phrases altho this time not so manyI actually enjoyed the first third better than the rest Two guys explore a cave and find statues of a dog and a man only to learn they aren't statues after all but real creatures who have turned to stone How? Was there some vapor in the cave that caused it? It's an interesting premise that should have been put to better use Instead we get the evil descendant of an evil ancestor who passed down an evil book of spells blah blah blahAs many have said second rate HPL is better than first rate fill in the blank But perhaps because this was a collaboration and there are those who say HPL didn't really like Hazel Heald and did it strictly for the money it may be he only put in enough effort to make a passable story that would sellAn okay effort but certainly not a great one But at the same time better than anything another so called King of the genre could come up with 35 by H P Lovecraft and Hazel Heald The Man of Stone is one of those rare stories where a female character is not only in the background Don't get me wrong this is only an observation since I don't give a damn about whether it's a man or a woman if the story is good Jack the narrator and his friend Ben arrive in the small remote village to investigate a story about some life like stone statues They also want to find the sculptor Arthur Wheeler They know the man had disappeared somewhere in that part of the country and they decide to investigateThe villagers warn them not to go to certain places and to keep away from Mad Dan's cabin in the woods It turns out that Arthur Wheeler the missing sculptor was Mad Dan's tenant for a while Nobody has seen Dan nor his wife for a very long time Of course Jack and Ben don't listen They can't stop now especially when they find a statue of a dog in front of a cave and realize that it has to be a real animal somehow turned into stone Then they enter the cave itself and from there the whole horrible mess starts to unravel Not the best of his I felt as if I knew already what was going to happen; though I do have to admit the ending got me a little bit by surprise Enjoyable at last I didn't regret reading it It's not as horror as terrifying as I expected it to be Suspenseful? Maybe somewhat Just; barely good hardly passing the rating of ''nice'' or ''alright'' Wordsworth EditionsLondon 2010One of Lovecraft s western horror amalgamsThe language is powerful and vivid It has high levels of vernacular in it The vernacular in all Lovecraft s opus could be seen as an antimodernist part of the vibe Why? Because it is the vernacular of the countryside folk mostly white and what do liberals and feminist hate than the countryside folk especially white folk The deluded transgender totalitarians hate all people from the hamlets and fields because these people are the strongest force of normality and freedom Leftists hate freedom leftist want control and slavery What is free than a family with plenty toddlers and a strong father figure? What is normal than that? Feminism like all totalitarian ideologies hates family because with strong families how can one become a pious social justice warrior? How can one love the State love Babylon if he loves most his family? How can one uestion his gender if he was loved by his family?That is the main reason to destroy family family is freedom family is rebelliion in today s degenerate sustainable and feminist worldBut let me show you an example of a vernacular in this novellaWheeler? he had finally wheezed Oh yeh that feller as was all the time blastin rocks and cuttin em into statues So yew knowed him hey? Vernacular never has newspeak in it not any gender neutral neologismsLexically the world feller stands as a vernacular form of the standard fellow Morphologically we got her blastin and cuttin as an abstract vernacular phenomenon The most outstanding morphological example is yew an adjective verb amalgam that I as a Croat never before encounteredAnd the content?This novella depicts devilish ueer conditions up there A remote area full of Indian legends and a modern sceptic protagonist who will realise how rationalism is naiveIt has a stronger psychologicalhorrorlike nature about it than you usually find in LovercraftI recommend it You can tell which parts are not Lovecraft because there is a female character who is not a mother and she has feelings and they are actually significant to the plotI wonder if this petrifaction formula is related to the one in The King in Yellow? If so does that mean view spoilerit will eventually wear off? dun nun NUHN seuel hide spoiler A local bad man literally named ‘Mad Dan’ by neighbours discovers through books of black magic left by distant relatives how to turn living things into stoneHe uses this to wreak havoc on his lodger who is a sculptor and his wife who has formed a strong attachment to the new occupant of the houseEnjoyable and original horror This was an interesting one Much of a mystery story than usual with a direct series of events and an unambiguous ending It's also one of the only times Lovecraft wrote a female character who is not only prominent but agent and outwits her male counterpart I like the way the story was delivered too Enjoyable tale that suffers from being framed as an investigative mystery rather than just say alternating between two diaries maybe with an occasional newspaper article Cruel husband gets his just deserts but too late to save his victims A very enjoyable story written by HP Lovecraft with Hazel Heald and published back in 1932 Heald's influence is strong and positive Among other things this is probably the only Lovecraft's story where a woman is one of the central characters and she is given some agency Jack our narrator and his friend Ben Hayden heard from a mutual acuaintance about two strangely lifelike statues near Lake Placid New York at the same location where their friend and realist sculptor Arthur Wheeler disappeared recently Hayden and Jack decide to investigate They arrive in the rustic village of Mountain Top and uiz loafers at the general store None are eager to talk about Wheeler though one garrulous old fellow tells them the sculptor lodged with Mad Dan up in the hills Maybe Dan's young wife and Wheeler got too cozy and Dan sent the city feller packing Dan's no one to interfere with and now he's so moody he and his wife haven't appeared in the village for a while Interesting take on the gorgon story I felt this story was actually very suspenseful