The Delilah Complex Butterfield Institute #2

The Delilah Complex Butterfield Institute #2❦ [KINDLE] ❁ The Delilah Complex Butterfield Institute #2 By M.J. Rose ➡ – Twelve sexually adventurous women form a secret club that becomes the center of investigation when several men they've recruited to dominate are murdered Turning to sex therapist Dr Morgan Snow for gr Twelve sexually adventurous women Complex Butterfield PDF/EPUB Á form a secret club that becomes the center of investigation when several men they've recruited to dominate are murdered Turning to sex therapist Dr Morgan Snow for grief counseling the group may be harboring a murderer. This brilliant thriller has a wonderful surprise ending It's amazing Excellent book by M J Rose I loved this book and it was even better that it was free on for Kindle It's the second in the series and I bought the first though I thought for a second it was freeuntil I clicked and realized I'd just paid 299 Oh well I think it'll be worth itAnyway Rose is an excellent author who weaves together the mind of a psychopath and the complex mind of a successful therapist From Twelve sexually adventurous women form a secret club that becomes the center of investigation when several men they've recruited to dominate are murdered Turning to sex therapist Dr Morgan Snow for grief counseling the group may be harboring a murderer What I love1 Morgan Snow's POV is obviously different than the narrator's The POV occasionally goes to that of the killer as well as that of the cop Noah Jordain but Morgan's voice is intelligent She uses larger words but it fits her personality Her thoughts are complex as she delves into every angle of everything probably digging deeper than most people would but it fits because of her vocation2 Though there are no sex scenes per se the love scenes are perfect hot and heavy and uite a turn on without feeling goofy and silly3 The intricasies of the relationships are real The reader understands them because they've experienced them also Morgan and her daughter Morgan and Noah Morgan and her work partnermother figure and even Morgan and her patients Morgan is REAL despite her job and tendancy to get stuck in the middle solving violent crimes4 The best thing? That there's really nothing for me to say I DON'T like I thoroughly enjoyed this one It's a suspense thriller and though it's got a psycho killer baddie just tired of that old plot line I consider it a good read If Law and Order SVU's BD Wong character is played by a woman the heroine and her love interest would be Hartigay's character only a man the hero cop you would have this book It's told mostly in first person from the heroine's pov but when the psycho is on the scene it's third person I liked this one because Morgan Snow the heroine is a consulertherepistpsychologist specializing in the sexual arena I love getting into the nitty gritty of why people do things the way they do which is why I didn't mind the info dumping Next time Show don't tell M JThere's also an entire send up on high powered women involved in a secret club that caters to their dominance desires Not out right SM but women who treat men like men have been treating women through the ages in other words women as the dominate gender especially where sex is involved Difficult to explain but i'm totally digging the author delving into this area of the human psyche The pyscho killer part comes in when the male members of their club the men who enjoy being dominated are being killed off The scenes from the club were highly erotic though not necessarily plentiful or explicit I also enjoyed the romance between Morgan and her cop although it certainly took a back seat to everything else going onThis is a follow up to The Halo Effect but you can read it as a stand alone just fine I really enjoyed MJ Rose's writing style This is a great series so far and I think that this book was a great installment of this trilogy and I think that the author has a great knack of making you second guess yourself and wonder who is the murderer This book kind of picks off where the last one ends You have Morgan Snow a sex therapist and her daughter Dulcie You also see Noah the detective whom Morgan had a very short lived fling with in the last book I really love Noah He's a great guy a great cook and so much I think he's the perfect guy to be honest I love a man who can cook and treat a woman rightAnyway this story had a little romance very little So if you're looking for a romantic suspense this isn't it This is of a mysterysuspense story about a serial murderer I will say the ending was not what I was expecting at all Can I also just say the group that was dominant throughout wow at their extracurricular activities Definitely a great read Another free Kindle read from The Delilah Complex is a good simple read with lots of interesting twists This is the first book that I've read of M J Rose's and I enjoyed it enough that I would certainly read the other books in this series Morgan Snow is a sex therapist at the prestigious Butterfield Institute in New York City When the first of a series of gruesome murders starts happening Snow is approached by a group of twelve women in need of grief counseling The women belong to a secret sex club called the Scarlet Society and the male members of this club are being murdered by a psychopath The women reveal information that Morgan knows that she should take to the police but she's bound by doctorpatient confidentiality To add to the confusion Snow has feelings for Detective Noah Jordain the lead detective on the Scarlet Society CaseAll in all a great book with a terrific opening that keeps you glued to the very last page Book 2 in the Butterfield Institution series a group of women belonging to a secret society appeals to Dr Morgan Snow for therapy sessions when one of their members is apparently killed But can she help them when there appears to be dissension within the group itself and where the members only share first names with each other? At the same time someone appears to be kidnapping some of the members of this society and mailing photographs of their dead bodies to a reporter at a newspaper But without the bodies actually being found the police are stumped for clues as the body count risesWhat makes this novel than passably interesting is the amount of psychological analysis and process that is described It's a pretty sexually graphic book but the sex is not gratuitous The author does a wonderful job of keeping the suspense taut throughout I got this book on Audiblescom my first audible book I was very interested in the story line and the narrators were pretty good I didn't know that this was the second book in the series until after I started listening to it I was still able to follow along with the characters not knowing all about there past connections All and all this was a good entertaining read I would recommend this as an audible book as I listened to it in less then a day It had me hooked as I wanted to find out who was taking the men in the society The ending was also a nice surprise Once you start with the Butterfield Institute books you become addicted to Rose's seductive voice thrilling plots and fascinating peek into the darker side of sex SPOILERS BELOW This book fell very short for me With the narrator being a sex therapist I expected there to be psychological insight to sexual behaviors and intrests but for the most part the story just read like a soft core without any real psychological study Most of Dr Snow's observations as well as personal thoughts were pretty basic and didn't reflect the education of someone with a PhD Additionally most of the characters made unrealistic observations about other characters which wound up causing inconsistencies in their personalities I felt this was especially true for LizBetsy who could tell her young coworker was in awe of her yet she knew none of the men in the society wanted her There were other inconsistencies in character as wellI gave it 2 stars because it was good enough for me to actually finish I am a sucker for crime novels and this did have me wanting to know who did it However I did find the ending improbable and disappointing for several reasons One why would someone continue into someone's house when they see gruesome paintings through the windows? Why would she keep walking into a dungeon without calling the police? Why would she keep standing there watching this couple go at it instead of fighting her way out of the basement? Further how could a man be so enticed by sexual activity that he ignores 4 naked men screaming and moaning around him a sex therapist begging for help and the pair of scissors in his wife's other hand?

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  • The Delilah Complex Butterfield Institute #2
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  • 12 February 2016
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