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World Enough Time❮EPUB❯ ❂ World Enough Time ✽ Author Christian McEwen – Slowness can open doors to sustained creativity claims poet and teacher Christian McEwen Over the course of ten years training teachers to write their own poems in order to pass the craft along to stu Slowness can open doors to sustained creativity claims poet and teacher Christian McEwen Over the course of ten years training teachers to write their own poems in order to pass the craft along to students McEwen realized that nothing comes easily when life is conducted at a high rate of speed She draws not only on personal experience but on readings ranging from literary anecdote and poetry to Buddhism anthropology current news and social history all supplemented by interviews with World Enough PDF/EPUB or contemporary writers and artists This is a real reader’s book one that stands up as both sustained narrative and occasional inspirationMcEwen espouses the pleasure to be found in slowing down both for the ease and comfort of the thing itself taking time to go for a walk to write down one’s dreams to read to talk to pray and for its impact on creativity There are chapters on walking talking drawing dreaming on “making space” on pausingpraying on telling stories World Enough Time is aimed at the educated general reader could be used as a creative primer and will be of interest to creative writing students and artists in every genre. A life changing book and one I could have used much sooner Nearly one year ago my husband and I made the harder than it sounds choice to step off the treadmill exit the rat race and end a combined 40 years in tech work by uitting our Bay AreaSilicon Valley tech jobs at the peak of our careers It sounds great in theory and indeed it was one year later I feel genuine horror at the fact that we might not have chosen this path But getting to this place was not easyThere was no euphoria aside from the days on which we had our last days at work We knew what we wanted to do slow down Work less Think Spend a lot time outside and almost none in front of a screen But as basic as those things sound they were easier said than done We had no idea how to transition from anxious overworked sorts with mobile tethers and meeting times in than half the world's time zones to people who could think again who could take the time to just notice things and not always feel compelled to accomplish somethingI expect to read this book at least two times It's an enjoyable read full of examples and fables but it's also a critical guide to getting from crazy to calm This was an enjoyable bedside read A warmly and intelligently written breviary that makes a persuasive case for slowing down and taking our time to engage in mundane but potentially transformative activities reading playing observing journaling reminiscing The book is a necessary antidote to the contemporary regime of hyperactivity and hyperstimulation that is eroding our agency creativity and humanity One of the sections I highlighted is this account of the good life given by Confucius's grandson Tsesse He imagines someone whose life is neither celebrated nor obscure neither indolent nor hectically active This person reads but not too much is informed and capable but neither a scholar nor a specialist Each night he sleeps long and well and wakes up rested blessed with a revivifying dream Slowly he makes his way towards his study settling himself down before a bright window and a clean desk At that moment he finds himself inspired free as all of us would like to be to write good essays good poems and good letters free to paint good paintings and to write good inscriptions on them The world opens itself to him in all its myriad beauties and he responds with a full heart It took me over a year to read this book appropriately because it is a book about slowing down and a book to be savored Full of uotes from a huge range of sources and the bibliographysuggested reading list is enormous and compelling and made me want to read everything on it And Christian McEwen's voice the stories she tells and the thoughtful non preachy advice she imparts all of these are inspiring centering nourishing A book I'll return to absolutely Here's one of the zillions of uotations tucked into World Enough Time one of my favoritesTen thousand flowers in spring the moon in autumna cool breeze in summer snow in winterIf your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary thingsthis is the best season of your lifeWu Men This book offers far depth and enjoyment than I had expected in fact reading it was a true joy beautifully thoughtfully written not preachy or prescriptive like a conversation with an interesting friend It doesn't repeat the same theme in endless variation but offers the reader fresh insights and perspectives with every chapter Highly recommended Christian McEwen has written a good hearted generous book She never thunders at the reader even when she is rightfully angry Nor does she show off but she does show the way to a uieter thoughtful life The book really sparks when she brings in her Scottish upbringing and her travels in this country This book is written by a pilgrim offering many maps for each reader to begin their own journey to a richer life ‘Only one hour of the normal day is pleasurable than the hour spent in bed with a book before going to sleep and that is the hour spent in bed with a book after being called in the morning’ Rose MacauleyThis was my holiday read book choice and I loved it The art of slowing down not fitting in simply doing the things I love slowly and mindfully conversation walking looking practising joy and happiness Read in Kikudbright Scotland an artists town A perfect combination of book place and time I picked this up in anticipation of Christian McEwen's visit to my university campus Sadly I was unable to attend the events surrounding her visit All month I've savored the book along with my breakfast; today I finished it and I feel bereft I will re read it soon I'm certain Her voice is comforting as she urges the reader to slow down to enrich creativity She uses excellent examples from literature interviews paintersall sorts of creative people to support her thesis At the end of each chapter she includes activities and meditations which the reader can use to deepen understanding and practice slowing down Having recently felt anxious about the pressures of my busy life this book entered my world at a perfect time McEwen I suspect would not be surprised by thisI plan to use this as a spring board for new creative writing exercises for myself and my students I urge everyone who longs for an opportunity to persuade themselves to slow down to read this It is beautiful for its writing and content This book changed my view of life in profound ways It tells us a lot of things we know but repositions it in a manner that inspired me to deeply contemplate the manner in which I live with others myself and the technologies that are aimed at making life easier and sometimes do the very opposite The book is part reflection part treatise part call to contemplative arms to slow down and re imagine time It's not preachy either Using the author's experiences case studies and drawing on poetry literature and academic research McEwen paints the picture of a changing world that is too often seen as not enough or too much and like the title suggests might be neither and both I cannot recommend this book enough for those seeking to engage in the hard work of asking big uestions and preparing to re assess one's priorities This won't tell you what to do but will give you a sense of what might be worth contemplating One of my deepest pleasures recently was the month in winter I spent with this book Reading it slowly Rereading portions Sharing favorite passages with friends over dinner and with students in my creative writing classes and with my clients who—like the author—are beginning to recognize that there's something essential and humane and necessary about slowing down taking time doing creative work and finding the means of incorporating all of these things into daily life I can't recommend this book enthusiastically—even to those who believe they have a balanced life that includes enough time and sufficient creative activity McEwan brings her gentle eye compassionate attention and history of reading to bear on the topic It's well written deft in its conclusions and absolutely encouraging I adored this book This book is a compendium an amalgam of thoughts and ideas collected from different cultural traditions and historical eras Ideas from great thinkers religious figures writers and philosophers are combined in new ways to underscore the importance of slowing down if one if to enjoy the richness of lifeBeing structured around uotes and ideas collected from great thinkers writes it is difficult to call McEwen’s work truly original if you are acuainted with Buddhism andor theories on creativity you will recognize most of the ideas presented in this book But McEwen is a shrewd narrator; combining well worn stories with personal comments and small exercises for the reader she manages to make even old truths fresh rejuvenating

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