Invisible Lissa

Invisible Lissa[Download] ➾ Invisible Lissa By Natalie Honeycutt – It was around Valentine's Day that Lissa started feeling invisibleThat's when she sent out 31 Valentines and only got 8 back Lissa didn't have much trouble figuring out who was behind it all Debra Dob It was around Valentine's Day that Lissa started feeling invisibleThat's when she sent out Valentines and only got back Lissa didn't have much trouble figuring out who was behind it all Debra Dobbins Although Lissa couldn't stand her she had to admit Debra had the whole class in her powerThings started getting worse when Debra started a cheerleader's suad and Lissa didn't get in But the last straw was the FUNCHY Club Debra's exclusive lunch group that Lissa's best friend Katie had the nerve to join That's when Lissa decided she was tired of being invisibleand that it was time to show Debra that her days of being ueen of the fifth grade were definitely numbered. Original post at One More PageI remember spotting this book in one of those small Book Sale branches how many years ago probably during freshman year in high school? I read a lot of middle grade fiction then but I know I was reading of Animorphs back then I can't really remember why I got this except maybe because it was cheap And I'm glad I got it I think the main reason why I liked this book so much was because I could relate to Lissa Like her I used to give everyone in my class gifts during our yearly Christmas party Well okay not everyone but all girls in my class since they're easier to give gifts to Like Lissa too I never got as many gifts as the ones I give out It never bothered me really because I wasn't spending for my gifts anyway It extended outside of the gifts too I remember writing a retreat letter to everyone in my class That was tiring It's a good thing everyone else felt the need to return a retreat letter if you wrote them oneInvisible Lissa is a very smart middle grade or is this kid? fiction that deals with serious issues that kids experience in school and at home There's the normal school work family issues and most importantly bullying I think the great cast of characters really helped that too Lissa is a flawed but easy to relate to protagonist and she's hardly angsty so I know she wasn't exaggerating any of her emotions Debra Dobbins is the classic female bully one who gets people to do the dirty job for her The other characters were also a delight from Joel Lissa's guy best friend to Jason Lissa's younger brother to Bernice the class drip and finally to my favorite character Zack who seemed like he liked Lissa but it was never really revealedI don't know how fifth grade is in the US but I feel that this painted a pretty accurate picture I liked how Lissa's problems were resolved because it didn't involve any shouting match does that ever happen in real life? nor was it very clean cut that everything went in Lissa's favor Sure it did work out for her but there's much to say at what could happen nextI have yet to read this again to see if my opinions of its greatness has changed seeing as I think I already outgrew middle grade fiction but as of now this still remains to be one of my favorite books I picked up this book as a kid because I was hoping for some kind of science fiction about an invisible kid Haha But I read the back and I knew this wasn't in the SF genre; still I thought it sounded like an interesting premise since in elementary school I did a lot of feeling invisible myselfLissa starts feeling like the popular girl in her class Debra has a vendetta against her This girl does everything she can to make sure Lissa doesn't feel included which is really awful the whole way through because she just goes out of her way to exclude her and seems to gain power socially with everyone by basically threatening to excommunicate them too That kind of power balance with kids is terrible because nobody likes that kind of child but everyone wants to be liked by herI loved this book partially because when Lissa finally gets an invitation to join the lunch club that's been excluding her and finds out what the club is really like she decides the whole thing disgusts her and kind of takes down the whole thing by criticizing it It made me feel better as a kid about not being one of the popular kids ; Diary like account of 5th grade girls shunning another of their number until the underdog comes from behindStrengths Interesting writing style Strong writing and realistic language and actionsWeaknesses Very anti adult and a bit dated Great middle grade book that was painfully accurate in what it's like to deal with a manipulative bully Read it in 5th grade and it's just as good now Lissa has ended up on the wrong side of the popular girl and the punishment is worse than death if you're an elementary school kid EXCLUSION Throughout her days in the classroom poor Lissa is targeted by the popular Debra who goes out of her way to make her seem uncool and uses her social connections to make everyone else exclude her too But when Lissa gets the inside story on Debra's lunch club she wonders why she ever wanted to be liked by such petty people in the first placeMost kids can relate to feeling left out but this is an especially good book for children who have been bullied or chosen as a popular child's target The author actually does a very good job capturing girl cliue experiences the cute little tokens they give the in group for instance reminded me very much of what it was like in elementary school if you had someone to wear the other half of your BFF necklace and unlike most books written by adults about childhood it didn't really fall flat or trivialize what they go through The ending though it includes a payoff we all wish we could deliver to the mean girl of our school didn't strike me as realistic though; it probably would have been inspiring to see a child staying true to themselves without such a solid defeat of the popular girl so to speak Read this book about middle school bullying and ostracizing when I was in elementary school I kept on thinking about it and remembering it so I had to re read it It holds up pretty well although it's not as shocking as I remember it being when I was youngerAlso if it was re printed for modern audiences they'd have to remove the word Indian and the word retarded I owned this book and read it often as a kid I'm pretty sure this is the book that taught me to eat celery sticks with cream cheese we only ate it with peanut butter The ending is super when Lissa finally finally gets invited to the lunch club she sees what a loser club it is and has this totally cool reaction Eek I hated this book I read it a year ago and it had like no plot Plus it was disappointing because I thought she'd actually turn invisible or something Hated this book Practically the only book I've ever read that I didn't like P Lissa was a great character She's so young yet so invisible She's become an outcast a nobody because of the lunch club that the meanest girl in class made up Great read It comes with good lessons for kids who try to make friends This is a middle school book That makes it a uick read but a very good reminder of what happens in middle school and also to all of us that things in life change What seems awful at the moment can turn into something much better

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