Witch (Bullied, #3)

Witch (Bullied, #3)✻ [EPUB] ✰ Witch (Bullied, #3) By Christopher Smith ❅ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk STEPHEN KING PUT ME DOWN AS AN ENTHUSIASTIC CHRISTOPHER SMITH FAN SMITH IS A CULTURAL GENIUSNOTE This is a 32000 word NOVELLA that is part of a larger seriesThe final book in the series WAR is now ava STEPHEN KING PUT ME DOWN AS AN ENTHUSIASTIC CHRISTOPHER SMITH FAN SMITH IS A CULTURAL GENIUSNOTE This is a word NOVELLA that is part of a larger seriesThe final book in the series WAR is now available Just search for War Bullied and you'll find itIn the first book of the Bulied Series BULLIED the relentlessly bullied year old Seth Moore is gifted an amulet that ignites within him a wealth of supernatural powersIf Seth uses the amulet properly it will protect him from those determined to crush him at school But after so many years of being beaten down and humiliated the uestion is whether Seth can resist creating a firestorm of horror when the bullies around him create one fatal awful act that begs for revenge It’s how Seth cleverly crushes some of his bullies that fuels the harrowing second book in the series REVENGENow in WITCH Seth fully understands the power of the amulet as other amulets surface and he lays claim to them Immediately his power grows Soon a beautiful yet cunning witch named Anna appears to snatch the amulets away from Seth so her master can increase his own powers With Seth and Anna essentially eual in power Seth must face his greatest enemy to date She is ruthless She will kill him to get what she wants And she comes in triplets Can he stop her More pressing does he have the courage to rise up against her and save himself as well as his friends who also are in danger In this book nothing is certain And worse for Seth some things when not watched can be taken away foreverWITCH is an intense thriller that moves at a break neck pace It has words and it’s the third book in the BULLIED series The final book WAR is now availableCHRISTOPHER SMITH is the international Top best selling author of Fifth Avenue” “Running of the Bulls” From Manhattan with Love “Bullied “Revenge Witch and War. In this third installment from the Bullied Series Seth continues his plight to seek revenge against the school bullies who have tormented him throughout his life This time around he makes sure that his two close friends know what is going on His friends are definitely doubtful both of the existence of the power and the way that Seth is inflicting his revenge but they eventually stand behind himA new element to this book obvious from the title is the introduction of a Witch to the story – actually three witches Seth finds out uickly that the witch Anna and her sisters will stop at nothing to gain the amulet and the powers held within They intend to use the amulets for evil purposes although we don’t know exactly what yet This means that Seth must fully understand the power of the amulet in order to protect himself from their ruthless attacks He also has to worry about the safety of Jim and his friendsIn order to defeat the witches Seth has to gain an understanding of their magic and their capabilities so he can learn how to defend himself against it He makes a lot of mistakes along the way but he eventually begins to comprehend what he is really up against These witches are bullies just like his enemies at school He has no intention of letting them have the amuletsTo be honest I’m enjoying this series less and less with each book The first book Bullied was fantastic It was such an original idea and interesting storyline The second book Revenge took a negative turn for me I didn’t like that Seth was using his mind control capabilities to force the bullies to do further damage to the world instead of forcing them to do good I think that was a misuse of such a phenomenal power Now in the third book the story is so far off from where it started that it doesn’t really seem like the same story any Seth’s battles are now with the paranormal world rather than the bullies Frankly I don’t see how any of this book sends a good anti bullying message Personally I wish this series had taken the approach of having Seth save one bullied kid or group of kids at a time Let him use his powers for saving others in his situation rather than just punishing people I feel like he is completely missing the point of having such fantastic power He is being very small mindedAgain this is a uick read I read the first three books in the series all in one afternoon I highly recommend reading Bullied but I don’t have the same high praise for the seuels Awesome StoryI have to say that this series has enticed me MORE than a Stephen King novel I've read the first two books of this series hurrying through them with intense interest In Witch Seth and Jim grow closer together as Jim tries to help Seth manage and control his powers Seth has promised himself he would not seek revenge through murder but was this murder when two witches are beheaded by the two of them? They realize they are witches when after their heads are cut off they fall to the ground in ashes And why have the witches appeared out of nowhere? What do they want? The strong witch Anna is beautiful not ugly as one thinks witches to be Seth finally must share his truth to his friends Alex and Jennifer Will they still be his friends or will they believe he is turning into a bully himself? Again this is an episode that will grab you Author Christopher Smith writes an emotional story one that will stay with you forever But now on to the next and last episode War Hopefully Seth will become a warrior and will slay evil wherever it exists It's getting a bit silly While the first book was really great with a storyline in which the underdog gains powers to stand up to his bullies in book 2 and especially this book it's now escalating to battles with witches apparitions and some demon lord and hasn't much to do with bullying any While I love a fullout fantasy novel I wasn't expecting this series to go there There are some plotholes a car with alarm is being smashed in the middle of the school parking lot and nobody hears or notices anything and the deus ex machina powers Seth's amulets provide him with are kinda boring Also creepy Jim knows really much about what's going on?? I will read book 4 anyway since the books are so short Wow Finished the book the same day I started it The books are very short but there is a ton of content slammed into the short book I found the entire series on for free so I picked it up so I could read the last two books of the series Enjoyed this book as much as I did books 1 2 Just finished and cannot wait to see how this story will finally end Great writing and excellent use of characterization makes this an excellent choice for me to suggest students to read in my English classes I was a bit afraid of the apparition of a witch in the storyline but I uickly made my peace with it The inner struggle would have to be postponed a bit as Seth has to fight for his and his friends' lives As with the rest of the series this book was really unputdownable Seth is getting in deeper but at least he has friends I think Christopher Smith is an excellent storyteller and I can't wait to read Brilliant Interesting following the story of what the amulets can do but the violence is over the top and often feels like filler