A Splash of Red

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Aghhh bad bad bad A very generous dollop of slut shaming and an absolute torrent of victim blaming Jemima decides astonishingly uickly that because her friend Chloe has lied to her a couple of times she's a massive liar and deserves all she gets Apparently it was her own fault that her abusive ex turned abuser; she drove him to drink and not only triggered his violence but actually enjoyed it view spoilerThe only person who comes out of this whole situation well is the Lionnel fellow who actually shock believed Chloe when she told him how horrible it was for her in that relationship and he is punished for this by death Classy hide spoiler Bleeeach I read this straight after her Tartan Tragedy and I am soooo tired of reading this pre AIDS period stuff Young readers be aware that in the 60s 70s and beginning of the 80s it was perfectly acceptable to write of men who would be behaving discourteously if upon first meeting a woman they do not fondle her thigh and a woman would be impolite if she didn't go to bed with him Generally they would both then have a cigaretteJemima Shore behaves very coolly like this in both books However this is a review of the Splash of Red the first intruder who bursts upon her is drunk and beats her up then apologises Because he is drunk she says and does nothing about the beating; he also plant kisses upon her The second intruder is not drunk so he twists her nipple hard and rests his hand on her thigh They then sleep together Another lover of her just dead friend rests his hand on hers during lunch he doesn't really want her he's just being polite though she does toy with the idea of sleeping with him Yet another lover of the friend as were also those two intruders mentioned earlier the friend got about She also incidentally had had 2 abortions mentioned as a throwaway and was said to not only enjoy the violence inflicted on her by her lovers but to encourage and invite it had made threatening and offensive phone calls to Jemima and later confessed to spying on her and her friend in the friend's bedroom through a peephole that he had made through the wall and a painting What's a little voyeurism among friends? was her responseAck I'm not at all a prude but it is interesting how attitudes have changed over the last 25 years or so I don't object to reading such things as a historical record of the tempora and s but the Jemima Shore trilogy I have just read was republished just a couple of years ago I love Fraser's biographies but these books were just tedious Popular historian Antonia Fraser brings her sharp sense of culture to fiction Jemima Shore is an admired tv personality and consorts with writers and artists A SPLASH OF RED is her 3rd mystery I haven't read the first two but that didn't damage my enjoyment The culture is the 1981 London of the creatigensiaJemima is an involving detective with a wry eye Her observations of her acuaintances especially her wayward writer friend Chloe Fontaine and Chhloe's lovers makes a lively very visual story with a surprising ending My third DNF for February 2018 so have listed it as 2016 so that it does not count in my book challenge I went into this expecting a cosy mystery with a reasonable pace and nice characters Unfortunately this is not what I gotI found the dialogue very difficult to read which disrupted my enjoyment of the book which was a shame as the characters seemed to be well thought out and established However this was just the beginning of my discomfort with the book I found the break ins to her flat to be uncomfortable and not adding anything to the story especially the second one I also didn't like that the view of a strong independent woman was depicted alongside a woman who would sleep with a man despite saying that she felt uncomfortable beforehand especially since he had broken into her flat This annoyed me than I care to mention and it was shortly after this that I stopped reading so I cannot comment on the rest of the bookI would like to say that the publisher definitely knew how to market this book despite that what is written on the blurb may not be what you are expecting It is a shame and I had hoped to get some enjoyment out of this book I probably wont be reading any of this series What a shame I enjoyed this book on two levels First it's a very good whodunit finely written with interesting characters and an engaging story But it's also verging on the historical It was written in 1981 and you can tell times have changed A man punches a woman and the woman doesn't even comment doesn't think of going to the police doesn't think it's anything out of the ordinary The characters are mostly upper class London art types and talk as if they're from the 1930's The casual sexism is rife throughout the book and the victim is blamed for being 'wayward' and sexually adventurous It's amazing to think that only 40 years ago all this was acceptable I'd highly recommend this book as it works beautifully as a culturally historical document and as a whodunit with a great female detective lead Don't read if seeing how women in the past were treated upsets you or do I'll definitely read Jemima Shore books Remember seeing a series on PBS called uiet As A Nun by Antonia Fraser Really enjoyed the mystery so decades letter saw this paperback by her and thought it would be a really good mystery Really disappointed The book was a little hard to follow at times and the ending was a bit implausible to me Structurally this was much better than the first two; Fraser has found her ground in the genre here writing an actual mystery in which her detective investigates set in a London social milieu that she can write both comfortably and believably It had a taste of the guilty pleasure her combinations of creative artists and those who live by promoting and publicising them and she lays on the details of material culture spending much time on clothing decor furniture and all perhaps some short hand I cannot read if one is British or from the early 80s or bothSo structurally better in the genre confidently written But there are some very problematic gender portrayals here and I found the way in which Shore eventually loses sympathy for her female friend and begins judging her harshly very distasteful Much in character for the time but it did not feel as though it was written with vision; I do not think Fraser knew that Shore was being so harsh but rather failed to see the nuance herself view spoiler And of course any book which argues sincerely that a woman deserves a violent death that she brought it on herself by being impossibly provoking leaves a bad taste in the mouth Chloe is portrayed as being excited by danger even by violence but where Fraser goes with this seems to be the idea that murder is only to be expected in such a case and that really Chloe deserved what she got It is strange a story of disillusionment in a way; Shore begins believing that Chloe has a messy private life but an amazing mind that produces excellent work and then the book deconstructs that so that by the end Shore is disdainful of the whole woman her mind and all and the work is forgotten Was Fraser trying to enact that in the novel? If so I do not do her enough credit but instinct says no hide spoiler Everyone loved Chloe Fontaine Tiny and exuisitely pretty her fragile looks hid a considerable talent as a novelist Yes everyone loved Chloe or had loved her; there had been a series of admirers lovers and husbands ever since her arrival in literary London Her friends sometimes remarked on the odd contrast of her disorderly private life and the careful formality of her work but it hardly seemed to matter when even the critics adored her the third Jemima Shore mystery centers around the strange and sudden disappearance of Chloe Fontaine which leaves Jemima Shore in charge of Chloe's new London flat a sinister story of what happened in a modern penthouse in Bloomsbury one hot summerback coverAnother convoluted plot littered with odd fairly improbable characters from London's artistic and literary scene There's a lot of scaffold climbing as well as the obligatory? gratituous sex this time with various partners The ending is somewhat unbelievable imho Opening 'At least you'll be very uiet up here' said ChloeProduct Description How well do we ever know our friends? When Jemima offers to flat sit for her friend the last thing she is expecting is threatening anonymous phone calls on her very first night A vicious assault by Chloe's ex lover the next morning forces Jemima to accept that she actually knows little about her friend's life Fuming she is determined to confront her But then she discovers that Chloe never reached her destination I think Jemima Shore Investigator is possibly the most irritating detective I've ever come across Smug snobbish fond of beige condescendingly giving the benefit of her 'feminine intuition' to the nice paternal policeman acuiescently accepting violence from men as long as they're a bit sexy Urgh

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