Finally✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Finally By Wendy Mass ✸ – Get a cell phone Stay home alone Go to the mall with best friend and No Parents Wear makeup Get contact lenses Attend a boy girl party Rory Swenson has been waiting her whole life to turn twelve And s Get a cell phone Stay home alone Go to the mall with best friend and No Parents Wear makeup Get contact lenses Attend a boy girl party Rory Swenson has been waiting her whole life to turn twelve And she's got a list to prove it Whenever Rory asks her parents for something they always say When you're twelve Well in exactly hours minutes and seconds it will Finally happen Rory's life will officially begin. My husband smiles as he hears the ruckus coming from my daughter’s room She and I are lying on her bed howling with laughter tears running down our faces And so it was every night as I read Finally by Wendy Mass to my 8 year old daughter Needless to say we have become instant fans of this new to us authorThe story is about Rory Swenson who upon turning twelve has a wish list of things she is now allowed to do and has wanted to do for so long such as getting a cell phone drinking coffee staying home alone getting her ears pierced and shaving her legs Even as I write this I cannot help giggling as I remember each incident that happens as she asserts and tests her newly acuired independenceRory is a sweet down to earth girl and my daughter and I liked her immediately I also liked the “strict” parents who were understanding loving and had a sense a humour We easily related to Rory and her family And the book’s message is a good one Maturity doesn’t necessarily come when one hits a certain age twelve in this case Rory is told by a mysterious older woman at the beginning of the story that “You won’t get what you want until you see what you need” The meaning of this becomes clear at the end of the story I won’t say only that it’s a great book that uses humour to deal with the issues that all young tweens and parents struggle with—autonomy growing up and embracing those developmental milestones This is an excellent motherdaughter book to read together or for a book club We both didn’t want this book to end relishing the bedtime reading we knew would bring pleasure and laughter My daughter is hoping for a seuel I think I will just go out and get her another Wendy Mass book and give it to her as a gift Okay I was really disappointed with this one I liked 11 Birthdays and loved Every Soul a Star so I expected to like this one too Not so much First of all I didn't really think that the items on Rory's list were especially ambitious I am an overprotective parent Her parents were whack jobs Okay whatever They set their parameters and they stuck to them I can accept that However You don't go from helicopter parent to totally cutting your kid loose overnight just because she turns 12 Pick your own cell phone Ask us to limit your calls on your own Even though we are than likely being charged for every incoming wrong number call which you as a child have no idea about Learn to shave your legs even if you cut yourself with dangerous sharp object so badly you scar yourself for life on your own They set her up for failure at every turn Which brings me to the running joke of the book BIG SPOILER HERE I can accept if some of the things on her wish list went wrong That would have been only natural She had built up some pretty big expectations That's what happens when adults assign a magical age to behaviors instead of talking things out HOWEVER the fact that EVERYTHING went badly was absurd and cheapened the message of not trying to grow up too soon It turned what could have been a meaningful book into slapstick I didn't expect to enjoy this book so much Better than 11 Birthdays It had me laughing with tears in my eyes growing up was just like this And what a great thread running behind the story not forced or preachy but so wiseThere are a few wincing moments Rory is always managing to injure herself and you really feel her pain so it's not for a sueamish young reader And while Rory has a beautiful simplicity and is courageously independent at least by the end of the book the behaviour of her classmates and even her nice friends at a party leaves a bit to be desired But even this is a good talking point with readers who can be encouraged like Rory to think for themselvesIt is a great contemporary story for girls between 9 and 12 who show signs of wanting to grow up too fast As Ghandi said 'There's to life than increasing its speed' I'm a fan of Wendy Mass but unfortunately her talents seem to have gone to waste here The whole book was an uncomfortably heavy handed lesson about how selfish teenagers can be and how they need to learn to appreciate life's core values The main character Rory got reward after reward for her twelfth birthday and every single one was ruined in the most contrived way possible Never once was it stated why wanting these things was so bad Sure her wishes were materialistic but since she didn't let them override the necessities it certainly didn't warrant the endless line of punishments she received It's nothing you haven't already seen in countless after school specials Summary Rory is turning twelve and in her eleven years she made a list of things her parents promised her she could do when she turned twelve On her birthday she gave a presentation to her parents about each thing on the list and how important it was to her At Rory's school her best friend Annabelle told her that the famous teenage movie star was going to star in a movie that was shooting at their school Annabelle and Rory tried out for extras and made it The whole week Rory's mom decided to help her with her list of things she wanted to do For example Rory tried to shave her legs by her self for the first time with no one knowing or helping her she cut her self pretty bad and her legs were bright red Then she tried to get a make over at the mall and had a reaction to it and her face was swollen And last but not least her mom took her to get her ears pierced and it turns out she is allergic to gold then they tried to get her contacts and she poked her eye when she tried to get it out and after they found out what happened she had to wear an eye patch Rory also helped lots of people and soon she figured out that they are all related to each other Main characters The main characters are Rory the narrator figures out that everything she wants didn't turn out like she thought it would her mom who helps her with her list of things she wanted to do dad helped her with her confidence brother who is a trouble maker Annabelle Rory's best friend and is always there for her and Kyle R was Rory's bunny for a little whileSetting The setting takes place at Rory's schoolConflict Everything on Rory's list didn't go as she expected it to go Everything back fired and especially since she was an extra for the movieResolution of conflict The directors understood her problem and didn't cut her from the extras group for the movie they just placed her in the back of all of the scenes Recommendations My opinion of this book it is very interesting and I would recommend this book to teens and preteens because they could probably relate to the book because the narrator is speaking like she is twelve and we can relate with trying new things THESE BOOKS ARE ADDICTING I had loved 11 Birthdays and so was especially disappointed with this pseudo seuel really pretty much a completely independent story Much of it takes place in a mall following the main character who has finally turned 12 and will now get to do a whole list of things her family said she had to wait until she was 12 to do like get a pet get her ears pierced etc all activities that are accomplished by going to the mall pretty much Her list is lame her parents are lame and there are a whole bunch of weird side plots that seem like they are going somewhere but never do And then all of a sudden after you get used to the fact that you will be reading this dumb book for the rest of your life it is really long it wraps up with a slapped on author's message not really played out in the plot Ms Patterson Finally is a part of the Willow Falls series but the character from the first book 11 Birthdays are background characters you don't interact with too much until the end Rory is having a bit of a hard time and just when her school is being a part of a teenage film she ends up cast as an extra but all sorts of things start going wrong she has an allergic reaction to gold earrings natural make up and her new pet bunny is trying to kill her I really love the message of these books and the little pinch of magic seemingly involved I loved Rory's friendships and the way she ends up helping people who she doesn't even know I write middle grade novels and conseuently my editor recommended this to me She said she thought there werr similarities At first I didn't agree but as the book progressed there were and parts that reminded me of my bookI feel encouraged as I seek representation because I feel certain that the same kids that enjoy Finally will also enjoy True Colors finally finished it