The Mind Reader

The Mind Reader[Reading] ➵ The Mind Reader ➼ R.L. Stine – A bony hand beckons from a shallow graveBut only Ellie Anderson can see the skeletal hand Ellie has visions—visions of past secrets and future horror Her visions have led her to the body of a girl w A bony hand beckons from a shallow graveBut only Ellie Anderson can see the skeletal hand Ellie has visions—visions of past secrets and future horror Her visions The Mind Epub / have led her to the body of a girl who was killed two years before Now her power may help her find the murdererunless he finds her first. this was a re readI remember liking this one a lot It was good but Ellie's vision bothered me I guess they were triggered by stuff but I would've liked it better if she had them before things were said I was relieved that FINALLY a girl in a YA book was going to listen to her gut instincts and stay away from the creepy guy that just popped up from nowhere but NO Ellie freaking goes to FEAR ISLAND with dude Ugh Ellie you don't know this guy Look what happened to everyone in The Overnight when they went there p i liked the ending for this one it wasn't who i thought it would be Personal Response I thought that The Mind Reader was a great book because it was full of mysteries that I could not wait to figure out The book was full of action and never had a dull moment The book also had great details and was put together nicely This was a very unpredictable book because it was never what you expectedPlot Summary The Mind Reader is about Ellie Anderson and her special power Ellie has visions visions that tell her things Sometimes her visions are a good thing and other times not so much Ellie meets Brian Tanner at this time Ellie does not know Brian also has visions One day while Ellie was walking her dog Chaz they find something in the woods As Ellie gets closer she realizes it is a body Ellie takes this information to the police and the police discovery that the body belonged to Lieutenant Wilkins daughter Melinda Ellie starts hanging around Brian and starts having visions about a silver handled knife Whenever he is around she has these visions On a picnic Brian takes out the same knife in all of Ellie´s visions Ellie goes to the the police and she begins working with them to solve the murder Everyone is after Brian because they find out information from the past and think he murdered Melinda Brian´s visions led him to Ellie As Brian tries to explain everything Lieutenant Wilkins show up with a gun He tackles Brian and throws the gun to Sarah his other daughter That is when everything is revealed Lieutenant Wilkins killed his own daughter while Brian was innocent and framed Sarah shoots her dad in the back and calls cops Brian and Ellie discussed their visions and figured out all the clues were there they just had to work togetherRecommendation I recommend this book to kids who are looking for an easy book but full of action and mysteries I recommend being at least 12 years old because some parts might be difficult to understand for younger readers It is another one of RL Stine´s great books BOOKTUBEATHON DAY 3 2017 Finish a book in 1 dayWHY OH WHY? Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookEllie is just minding her own business taking her dog on a walk when all of a sudden she stumbles upon a dead body in the woods Luckily for this dead body Ellie has visions of the past and the future which for the record I thought was awesome so naturally the body wants justice for their death via Ellie That's right poor Ellie starts having these horrible visions after discovering the body and there’s nothing left for her to do but find out who killed this personSo this killer I suspected everyone but the actual killer It just never crossed my mind because it is so awful to think about Whatever happened between these two people that murder was just messed up And of course I know what happened but I’m trying to avoid spoilers lol Always a guilty pleasure reading the Fear Street series This one was really good I love mind reading and paranormal storylines Fun but uite predictable The last chapter ruined the ending a bit in my opinion What can I say? The story is superb although a bit predictable at this age if you compare how it was written before back in it's time to the ones we have up to this day this one can definitely win a fightMaybe I got used to how Point Thriller Authors and RL Stine himself write their stuff that it helps me construct the whole story and possible twists while reading but I can't help it when one stands outThis will be one of my top RL Stine novelsI enjoyed that it has action it has drama and it has the goods a teen would want to read in a story Usually I give mystery novels a lower rating if I predicted who the killer is but even if I already kinda knew who's the killer in this one I still enjoyed how it all turned outEspecially the end part the great reveal about the two of them It's mushy yet sentimental in a cool way One thing not to overlook is the titleIt's not fit to name their skill 'Mindreader' It's beyond that It's of a Clairvoyance kind of thing but I'm thinking maybe the author wasn't sure at the time what to call it himself Scariest book I've read in this last year You'll never know when you are going to find out the true killer Are Elli's vision's only playing a trick on her When her visions gives her clues about who the true killer really is When one of her visions show's her that her boyfriend might be the killer She has to decide if to believe the police or her boyfriend I recommend this book to people who like to read about mistery and suspension Another fun Fear Street re readThe title annoys me though uh Ellie can't read minds She has visions so if anything she is a psychic not a mind reader I loved the fear street books when I was younger I hope a whole new generation falls in love with them now

The Mind Reader MOBI Ý The Mind  Epub /
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • The Mind Reader
  • R.L. Stine
  • English
  • 18 November 2016
  • 9780785752400