The Feel Good Book

The Feel Good Book[PDF / Epub] ☂ The Feel Good Book By Todd Parr – The Barnes Noble ReviewTodd Parr the author of such hits as The Mommy Book and Do's and Don'ts brings us another splashy treat about all the special things that make us feel goodWith his signature bol The Barnes Noble ReviewTodd Parr the author of such hits as The Mommy Book and Do's and Don'ts brings us another splashy treat about all the special things that make us feel goodWith his signature bold colors and positive message Parr shows us that happy feelings come many The Feel ePUB ô different ways big and small Giving a great big hug feels good and so does taking a bubble bath but would you stop to think that eating carrots with a bunny feels good or watching your grandma and grandpa dance How about crying when you're sad or brushing your teeth with strawberry toothpaste Whatever the way Parr's observations give the warm fuzzies It feels good to think about all the things that make you feel good The Feel Good Book gives so many reasons to enjoy life Adults will love sharing this book with children who will recognize that a smile can be anywhere you look Perfect for kids who need a little pick me up or a reason to make their own feel good list Parr's inspiring words and pictures are jubilant medicine for the spirit Matt Warner. Although I was hoping to avoid talking to the children they are only 3 6 years old about the bombings in Boston a couple of them brought up this tragedy in class and we ended up having an intense class discussion Although we experienced many feelings during this conversation we ended the discussion with two points 1 how can we help? and 2 how can we feel better even though this makes us so sad? So we read this book thank goodness for Todd ParrI love Todd Parr and the children do too His ability to create simple images that convey a meaning and stand out along with simple messages that convey a deeper meaning is beyond comparison We talk about emotions constantly but it is an abstract concept This book greatly aided our discussion and understanding of feeling good helping us create a peaceful classroom Further we have read enough Todd Parr books at this point that the children are able to identify his books This greatly increases their ability to view themselves as authors as they are able to distinguish between real life authors and illustrators Great book about what feels good thangs that you do to feel good that good feeling you get when you do somthing nice for someone or being comfortable and that kind of feel goodThis book could be used in a math lesson Children can collect data on the things that make people feel good in class and then they can report their datd to the groupa nd make a graph of any type to reprsent their data Bushing my hair with a lion makes me feel good? I dunno I've never tried it Goodreads Pt 2SummaryThe Feel Good Book is about Todd telling the readers everything that makes him feel good He gives us many reasons on how we can feel not only good but also enjoy life and all that comes with it Todd also tells us the many activities he does that make him appreciate life and be happy In the end he leaves us with a message on how good it makes us feel to think about what makes us feel good Although it might sound redundant it leaves us thinking on what actually makes us feel good about ourselvesMajor ThemesI consider the theme of this book to be on focusing on things that make us happy and feel good Also I consider it has hidden “messages” to the readers about sharing and caring for othersPersonal ResponseI enjoyed so much reading this book I loved the bright colors Todd used Also it was interesting to me how with only a few words it kept me thinking on what makes me feel good despite if it outside my comfort zone or not My RecommendationI would recommend this book to 4 to 6 year old’s because it is very straight forward language I would read this to my little cousins to show them that even though what makes them feel good is not necessarily “normal” under our society’s rules it is okay to still do them as long as it is appropriate and not dangerous and such I consider this being a good book to also prove people that there are no limits in doing what makes us feel good In this book it shows you how to feel good again Every suggestion is fun and wacky for everyone to enjoy This is such a great book children because it will make them laugh and also teach them different ways to feel good again Each suggestion is great because they are all different and creative With this creativity the child can create their own way or ways to feel good At the end of the book the author asks if you have a way you feel good Its an open ended uestion which helps to much to start a group discussion In the group discussion you can help them create new and different ways to feel bettergood SummaryThis book is all about all the different things that can make a person feel good Each page says something different Some examples of things that would make someone feel good would be giving a big hug taking a bubble bath laughing out loud catching snowflakes on your tongue being brave and much Then at the end of the book it asks the readers what they do that makes them feel good Possible Topics1 Repetition All about things that make a person feel good2 Think about what things make them feel good 3 Experiment and do some of the things the book says see if its true This book is about how anything you do can feel good It talks about meeting people feels good showing the kid around feels good etc It is all full of positive aspects of life with a child The major theme for the book is that we can feel good when we are doing a lot of stuff It is just full of positive energy The text in this book is a bit repetitive and it can become boring to other children I would recommend this book to children who are always sad The Feel Good Book makes you just feel good with the positive message it gives Teachers and parents alike would enjoy reading this book to young children from pre school on up It encourages early literacy enhances emotional development and vocabulary It also displays bold vibrant colors and fun yet simplistic illustrations This is a great book to read when talking about the differences in families and how each family is special no matter what it looks like I was not huge fan of the illustrations but I know that it's just the illustrator's style of illustrating It's great to think about the things that make us feel goodIn this book the author shares some of the things that make him feel good and then invites the reader to make their own list There are some funny ideas that might make kids laugh and the colourful pictures are sure to attract them

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