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Visible Learning for Teachers❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Visible Learning for Teachers Author John A.C. Hattie – In November 2008 John Hattie's ground breaking book Visible Learning synthesised the results of than fifteen years research involving millions of students and represented the biggest ever collection o In November John Hattie's ground breaking book Visible Learning synthesised the results of than fifteen years research involving millions of students and represented the biggest ever collection of evidence based research into what actually works in schools to improve learningVisible Learning for Teachers takes the next step and brings those ground breaking concepts to a completely new audience Written for students pre service and in service teachers it explains how to apply the principles of Visible Visible Learning ePUB ô Learning to any classroom anywhere in the world The author offers concise and user friendly summaries of the most successful interventions and offers practical step by step guidance to the successful implementation of visible learning and visible teaching in the classroomThis booklinks the biggest ever research project on teaching strategies to practical classroom implementationchampions both teacher and student perspectives and contains step by step guidance including lesson preparation interpreting learning and feedback during the lesson and post lesson follow upoffers checklists exercises case studies and best practice scenarios to assist in raising achievementincludes whole school checklists and advice for school leaders on facilitating visible learning in their institutionnow includes additional meta analyses bringing the total cited within the research to over comprehensively covers numerous areas of learning activity including pupil motivation curriculum meta cognitive strategies behaviour teaching strategies and classroom managementVisible Learning for Teachers is a must read for any student or teacher who wants an evidence based answer to the uestion; 'how do we maximise achievement in our schools'. This meta analysis of 900 my head hurts studies on what works in education sweet mystery of life is not the sort of thing you read cover to cover in narrative glory I've been reading it in spots for two months but finished it in a burst over the past few days It contains interesting information on what works and what doesn't work For instance the Top Ten Influences on Student AchievementSelf reported gradesstudent expectationsPiagetian programsResponse to interventionTeacher credibilityProviding formative evaluationMicro teachingClassroom discussionComprehensive interventions for learning disabled studentsTeacher clarityFeedbackAnd the Bottom Ten InfluencesEthnic diversity of studentsCollege halls of residenceMulti gradeMulti age classroomsStudent control over learningOpen vs TraditionalSummer vacationWelfare policiesRetentionTelevisionMobilityWhat Hattie hammers home is learning and its preeminence over teaching It's the learning stupid might be a mantra for you especially if you teach and obsess over your teaching Please don't Obsess over their learningAlso when you observe another teacher's classroom focus on and take notes on the kids what they do what they say whether they appear to be learning Ask them what the target goal is in learning Do they even know? Do they know what's next? Do they know WHY they are doing what they're doing its place in the big picture?Similarly if someone observes your classroom ask them to focus on the kids than you There's the rub You can teach like the second coming of Mr Chips but if the kids aren't learning anything what good is any of it spare for your ego?Again this book is about studies and what they bear out for practices but it certainly doesn't go into lesson plans specific activities etc It's the principles you need to be grounded in Take it from there and Godspeed The author of this book is a professor in Australia who directs the Melbourne Education Research Institute In 2008 or so he published this book Visible Learning A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta Analyses Relating to Achievement It is a summary of hundreds of meta analyses A meta analysis is when a researcher combs research databases and analyzes the results of a number of studies Some meta analyses are based on hundreds of studies others on only tens of studies and so on Each meta analysis related to variables that affect or might affect learning such as feedback and ethnicity He and his team I presume calculated an effect size for each variable and expressed it as a decimal for the sake of comparison He determined that an effect size of 04 is “important because it is close to the average effect that we can expect from a year’s schooling” This information is thought provoking and worthwhile because most variables have a positive effect but those with an effect size less than 04 are actually low less than what you’d expect from a year’s schoolingThis book Visible Learning for Teachers Maximizing Impact on Learning helps teachers administrators school systems use the results of Hattie’s meta analyses to improve learning in their classrooms or schools When scientists explain that the earth goes around the sun that mankind originated in Africa that matter is made from smaller particles I have to take it on faith for the most part and I'm not impressed by someone who tries to tell me that climate change is phooey when they obviously know nothing about the science behind it Same here Lot of research involved Are you really going to discount it so that you remain comfortable and safe? Really?The main message is that teachers must know their impact on students We must focus on their learning and we can’t do it alone which means you guys and gals can burn the calories of a lumberjack or rock and roll drummer up there at the interactive white board or whatever and have an extremely entertaining teaching style and not have enough impact Please do that entertain it has an impact teacher student relationships? 072 but there are other practices that must be present too By the end Hattie recommends mind sets such as engaging in dialogue not monologue such as seeing assessment as feedback about your impact on learning Before that are chapters about lessons and how to plan and execute them while being mindful of the effect sizes of various variables on learning Hattie states that “it is important to note that there is nothing new in this book or in Visible Learning” True but don’t discount it How many basic story plots are there? Was Einstein the first to conceptualize the ideas of mass and energy? Visible Learning is new in similar ways perhaps It’s given me uite a few things to think about experiment with and attempt to change While there was some interesting analysis in here of how students learn I eventually became overwhelmed with all the statements about what an effective teacher should do for each and every one of hisher students One passage actually made me feel ueasy at the thought of how far removed his description of an ideal learning environment was from the realities of my classroom With a survey of over 900 meta analyses of educational research the author found a very large number of factors that can have a positive effect on student learn during lesson planning during lesson delivery in classroom culture in student and teacher mindsets etc While I marked some strategies that I thought I could implement early in the book by the end I didn't know what to do with all the recommendations and I just wanted it to be over While the author kept claiming that good teachers should know where all the students are in their current thinking and should provide effective engaging pathways to get each and every one of them to the learning objective this book failed in both aspects It only laid out an idealized learning environment without acknowledging existing classroom challenges and providing no effective description about how to transition from what is to what should be It was WAY too far outside my own zone of proximal development as a teacher and I felt what any learner can feel when the learning objective seems hopelessly out of reach frustration anxiety and resentment I apologize to every teacher friend who is going to have to deal with me prattling on about Hattie's research It's a shift in focus I wish I would have gone through while still in the classroomThe major takeaway is that my role as an educator is not to teach content but to measure the impact of my choices If I am constantly measuring my impact I will improve my instructionsKnow thy impact is the elevator pitch This is a tattoo worthy reminder while teaching But I don't get tattoos so I will have to add it to my personal pedagogyBe demanding fair and caring Know thy impact Sounds about right This book expertly explains what schools need to do to help all children learn with statistics and research to back it up I especially appreciate Hattie's explanations when the evidence goes against common sense as on class size he points out that smaller classes haven't made a difference because evidently teachers continue to teach the same way whether they have 35 or 18 students So the answer on class size is Not yet but maybe it would make a difference if teaching strategies took advantage of the smaller size However the how's are missing Huge factors such as feedback relationships student self efficacy etc are huge strategiesabilities to master Each one needs a book of its own almost There's also a huge need for deep leadership development to properly support teachers And time for teachers to learn and collaborate What a disappointment I was hoping that this book would provide insight into explicitness in teaching and learning Instead I read each page waiting for the book to start Unusually for me I only took two pages of notes from the bookThis book offers arguments that are self evident and obvious Teachers need to maintain standards of achievement Teacher's interventions matter to student learning It is important that teachers communicate with each otherObvious stuffI rarely regret buying a book because I gain enough insight to provide a foundation for further research In the case of Visible Learning for Teachers I cannot work out why I bought it I will not consult it for future projects Students need to know what's going on in the class success criteria and how to get there should be clear to everyone where you are now in reference to the desired level and what's your next step to get closer to the desired level All this is going on in a feedback loop scaffolded by an empathizing teacher who constantly uses formative assessment to plan the most efficient action plan to implement in the next several lessons ALL teachers need to read this A compilation of evidence of what has been proven effective or ineffective for students based on EVIDENCE We have been doing so many things wrong because we just think they are working without really knowing This book eliminates the wondering teachers often do and explicitly maps out what they should be doing if they want to be effective in having their students reach success I wish I would have read this years ago lots of great research insights not as it turns out a thrilling narrative Visible teaching and learning occurs when learning is the explicit and transparent goal when it is appropriately challenging and when the teacher and student both in their various ways seek to ascertain whether and to what degree the challenging goal is attained p 17 18Powerful passionate accomplished teachers are those who focus on students' cognitive engagement with the content of what it is that is being taught focus on developing a way of thinking and reasoning that emphasizes problem solving and teaching strategies relating to the content that they wish students to learn focus on imparting new knowledge and understanding and then monitor how students gain fluence and appreciation in the new knowledge focus on providing feedback in an appropriate and timely manner to help students to attain the worthwhile goals of the lesson seek feedback about their effect on the progress and proficiency of all of their students have deep understanding about how we learn focus on seeing learning through the eyes of the students appreciating their fits and starts in learning and their often non linear progressions to the goal supporting their deliberate practice providing feedback about their errors and misdirection and caring that the students get to the goals and that the students share the teacher's passion for the material being learnt p 23For effective feedback to be received and have a positive effect we need transparent and challenging goals an understanding of current status relative to these goals transparent and understood criteria of success and commitment and skills by both teachers and students in investing and implementing strategies and understandings relative to these goals and success criteria p 151Observation suggestion don't observe the teacher teaching observe the students learningVisible learning checklist for end of lesson1 Teachers provide evidence that all students feel as though they have been invited into their class to learn effectively This invitation involves feelings of respect trust optimism and intention to learn2 Teachers collect evidence of the student experience in their classes about their success as change agents about their levels of inspiration and about sharing their passion with students3 Together teachers critiue the learning intentions and success criteria and have evidence thatA students can articulate the learning intentions and success criteria in a way that shows that they understand themb students attain the success criteriac students see the success criteria as appropriately challengingd teachers use this information when planning their next set of lessonslearning4 Teachers create opportunities for both formative and summative interpretations of student learning and use these interpretations to inform future decisions about their teachingp 155 162The major message in this book is that enhancing teacher uality is one of the keys and the way in which to achieve this is through ensuring that every teacher in school has the mind frame that leads to the greatest positive effect on student learning and achievement It is going to happen through enacting deliberate policies to support schools with the resources to know about their impact and esteem them when they the schools demonstrate their impact on all students p 191

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