A Narrative of Ethan Allen

A Narrative of Ethan Allen The title really does say it all Colonel Ethan Allen, leader of the ragtag ruffians The Green Mountain Boys, got himself captured by the Brits in Canada after his surprise victory at Ticonderoga.When they discover just who they have in hand, there are varying degrees of enemy gallantry and assholery in store for Allen, who gets shipped off to England to be hanged Spared from that fate at the last minute, he is returned to the colonies as a prisoner of war.We get a rather keen overview of his journey in enemy hands and how prisoners of different ranks were treated in various circumstances He doesn t use the phrase war crimes but his lengthy interlude at a POW camp of sorts and the skeletal appearance of a few of the inmates is a grim look as the brutality of the British brass towards the rabbley rebels Since Allen has no qualms about giving praise to the enemy where it s due, I have no reason to feel that he grossly exaggerated their faults.Allen was a colorful figure with the lives of a cat, and he seems to relish the two year ordeal he went through, sticking it to the Brits and tories the entire time He
Vaguely interesting account of Allen s misadventures during the Revolution