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to provide for these rites an atmosphere of beauty and peace; to do these things at a cost which brings dignified service within the reach of all mourners; that is the funeral director's prime responsibility THE Last Rites | signification dfinition dans le the Last Rites dfinition signification ce u'est the Last Rites a religious ceremony performed by a priest for a person who is dying a religious ceremony En savoir plus Learn About Last Rites and How They're Performed Last Rites refers to the sacrament that Catholics receive at the end of their lives specifically Confession Holy Communion and the Anointing of the Sick and the prayers accompanying each The phrase is less common today that it was in past centuries Last Rites English French Dictionary WordReferencecom Last Rites religion derniers sacrements nmpl nom masculin pluriel s'utilise avec l'article dfini les nmpl nom pluriel au masculin nfpl nom pluriel au fminin extrme onction nf nom fminin s'utilise avec les articles la l' devant une voyelle ou un h muet une Ex fille nf On dira la fille ou une fille Catholic Last Rites Scripture Catholic The Last Rites are a collection of prayers and sacraments that are administered to a person who is in grave danger of dying Jesus gave us the seven sacraments – Baptism Confirmation Eucharist Confession Anointing of the Sick Holy Orders and Matrimony – to help guide us into the light of the Lord A Guide to the Last Rites | Catholic Answers Who can receive the Last Rites? The Code of Canon Law provides that the Last Rites may be given to any Catholic disposed to receive them They may also be given to baptized non Catholics “who cannot approach a minister of their own community and who spontaneously ask for them provided that they demonstrate the Catholic faith in respect of these sacraments and are. Trashy easy to read horror This was a uick read with easy to digest chapters and very fast paced Most of the time I see Shaun Hutson as comfort reading especially when I'm in the mood for a gruesome horror And by comfort reading I mean knowing the author you're reading like slipping on an old pair of slippers I know how Hutson writes I know what to expect and I know that I will be pulled into the story from the get go Last Rites didn't disappoint regarding these aspects In fact the first chapter jumped in with both feet when we are introduced to the main character Peter Mason who is being beaten to near death by a gang of youths It's brutal violent and full of swearing It's not for the faint hearted But I'm used to Hutson and this is the 'norm' and most of the time it doesn't bother me I like Hutson's writing It's not the most beautiful prose you will ever read but it has a realness about it that sucks me into the character's lives they become real They always have a lot of baggage history and depth They are well rounded That's another thing I enjoy about his books he makes his characters totally believableHowever although Last Rites succeeded on many levels unfortunately it also failed In the beginning getting to know the characters and their back story was interesting especially with Peter Mason I enjoyed that with each chapter it focused on a different character Unfortunately this went on for far too long and you didn't actually get to the meat of the story until at least two thirds of the way in Then everything was rushed which made the actions of Mason less believable and before I knew it it was the end of the book VerdictThere were a couple of surprises at the end I didn't see coming which prevented the book from being a 410 But to be honest this wasn't really Hutson's best work so it ended up being a 5 view rating system on my blog I almost DNF'd this yesterday because the animal mutilation was too much but I kept reading and honestly it was a page turner Trashy grotesue featuring far too many foot fetishy gangbangs for my taste and kind of ridiculous but a page turner all the same It's like a Goosebumps book but for adults Finally a really good paperback horror novelJust when I had about given up hope of finding some really good paperback horror Shaun Hutson’s Last Rites comes to my rescue a creepy little surprise with a sharp plot razor like twists and turns a plenty and some pretty wicked bits of dialogue After barely surviving a nasty beating by some of his ne’er do well students English schoolmaster Peter Mason retreats to a new job at an elite boarding school – where his predecessor mysteriously disappeared and a grisly collection of corpses is already starting to pile upThe set up may be a horror trope – and isn’t that what we want when we grab this type of book? – but the real test is how far the author can run with something we’ve seen before turning the trope toward a new and unsettling direction Fortunately Hutson is up to the task and the story has both sense and depth Of course it also has the reuisite level of gore for a genre book but nowhere near the drenching of blood I remember from Hutson’s first book Slugs and uite a bit of graphic sex that – credit where credit due – has a pretty hefty charge of eroticism But the real strength of this book is its plot and style There are a bushel of literal ‘GASP OUT LOUD’ plot twists and the dialogue for example between teacher Mason and his preppy over sexed and obnoxious debutante students is – yikes – sharp as a straight razor and trippy with uncomfortable electricity Those scenes alone are well worth the price of admissionAdmittedly the book does start out a little slow it takes a long time for Mason to make it to his prep school but ultimately the payoff is worth the set up so stick with it More importantly the increasing fervor of the plot is like a runaway train picking up speed and the last third of the novel kept me up to the wee hours turning pages to a pretty frightful finale Perhaps the only real mar is a few dangling plot threads but hardly enough to spoil this one As a horror fan Dark Rites is a damn good scare I am reviewing the novel Last Rites by Shaun Hutson which is an excellent horror story that I bought from a car boot sale This story kicks off with a headmaster being savagely attacked by 5 lads 2 of whom he thinks he put on detention but can't identify them positively He's lucky to be alive and has horrendous injuries and is in a coma for 6 days The school he worked at was a typical inner city one in London He starts having panic attacks as a result of the attack and can't face going back Somehow he gets a job as a teacher at a private school in Buckinghamshire His ex wife is supportive but their relationship broke up soon after the death of his daughter I think his wife felt he didn't understand her grief Anyway at the school he finds he gets on rather well perhaps too well with the sexy PE teacher He has gone from the frying pan into the fire A sect of monks in times past are meant to have discovered the secret of alchemy and had to make human sacrifices to satisfy their master There is rumoured to be buried treasure and the monks were killed by the local people in revenge for what they had done There is a problem lad in one of his classes who has a kind of cliue of friends around him they seem to know too much about this teacher Also a girl has been drugged and gang raped and the video has been posted on several porn sites She has subseuently committed suicide and her father is after retribution The problem lad is expelled but the father wants some answers from him There is a shock ending which is uite common in Hutson stories and horror novels This book would make a great film and keeps you guessing until the end I really enjoyed this book I very much enjoyed this book for the most part but I have to say I was a little dissapointed by the ending Although it did keep me gripped right the way through therefore well worth a read Not the best idea for a weak stomached person as it's uite gruesome and graphic in parts This reminded me of an adult goosebumps book The chapters are very short with cliffhangers which isn't always necessary as sometimes it would have just needed a new paragraphI agree with other reviews that it's pretty up and down as to what is going on and then the end just seems far too rushed I also felt the ending twist was completely implausible were they involved in Mason's injuries at the start? Does the daughter appear at the same age as when she has died or have years passed and she had to give birth again? Is she a new body or the original that had to be dug up and was amazingly healed? It's just ridiculous I was willing to suspend my disbelief regarding the monster you never see but apparently stinks and sounds like an asthmatic old man BUT do not make me read the whole book to then throw a cheap twist in that doesn't make senseMy boyfriend enjoyed skim reading the sex scenes which is why it gets two stars not one this is a very macarbe creepy read but one which will keep you hooked i like the way there are small chapters each seemingly unconnected but each ending on a cliffhanger which keeps you waiting until he gets back to telling you the rest of the tale about this incident the main character in the story peter mason has been brutally assaulted at the school he taught in london and by taking a post in a country school far away he thinks he can start a new life and be safer but can he? i find this book hooked me in and was very haunting there were aspects that turned my stomach but i kept on reading it took me a while to decide the ending and there are still one or two uestions about it if anyone has read it and would answer my uestions please get in touch I have been reading Mr Hutson's work since I was a teenager and most of his works are very good He is a master in this genreLast Rites falls in between its not a bad book its not a good book its just well okIt ticks all the right boxes creepy gore Violence moody the story is ok all the characters are well fleshed out and the writing is of a high standardIt even finishes that if Hutson wanted to return to this story he has left it open for a seuel which would be an interesting read The ending left me a little cold and felt a little rushed the ride was good but just let it self down in the endWorth your time and money Just I was enjoying this as I've enjoyed lots of Shaun Hutson novels but then I got to the end and spoiler the hero Mason didn't survive The bad guys won The thing the guardian was never fully explained or shown and though that can work wonderfully in a horror novel allowing the reader to fill in the blanks I was disappointed Almost as if the author got bored and suddenly decided to end the story Latham was disposed of too easily tooI would have given it five stars except for the ending that really let me down

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