Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters

Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters By H. Addington Bruce ➥ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Excerpt from Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters The following pages represent in the main a discussion of certain celebrated mysteries as viewed in the light of the discoveries set forth in the writer' Excerpt from Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters and Ghost ePUB ✓ The following pages represent in the main a discussion of certain celebrated mysteries as viewed in the light of the discoveries set forth in the writer's earlier work The Riddle of Personality That dealt it may briefly be recalled with the achievements of those scientists whose special endeavor it is to illumine the nature of human personality On the one hand it reviewed the work of the psychopathologists or investigators of abnormal mental Historic Ghosts PDF \ life; and on the other hand the labors of the psychical researchers those enthusiastic and patient explorers of the seemingly supernormal in human experience Emphasis was laid on the fact that the two lines of inuiry are closely interrelated than is commonly supposed and that the discoveries made in each aid in the solution of problems apparently belonging exclusively in the other To this phase of the subject the writer now returns. Don't know where I got this book but it's the original 1908 edition that's been sitting around for years The author Henry Addington Bruce was a journalist and early populizer of psychology and in the case of this book a ghost skeptic The book consists of true ghost stories mainly from the 17 19th centuries followed by Bruce's analysis of them; that is what was really going and ends with two chapters on ghost hunters Dr Dee and late 19th early 20th century scientific and academic researchers into psychic phenomena Bruce debunks several well known hauntings such as the devils of Loudon and the visitations to Samuel Wesley father of John and Charles and others as being caused by ill behaved children and teenagers in the family girls seem prone to those things mental illness what today would be called multiple personality disorder or something along those lines the subliminal selfsecond personality and telepathy the ladder which he promotes and I think pushes a bit too hard Without knowing details in cases such as Frederica Haugge The Seeress of Prevorst and Lurancy Vennum too much was going on to dismiss them into those categories BTW I am sure the Lurancy Vennum case was dramatized in the old TV series One Step Beyond I can't remember what I did yesterday but I can remember old TV shows One case I found really interesting which was no doubt fraudulent was that is the Cock Lane Ghost which drew the skeptical attention of the Duke of York Hogarth David Garrick and even Oliver Goldsmith who wrote a pamphlet about it Finally Bruce brings up how the study of psychic phenomena has furthered the study of psychology religion and medicine It's a fun read with a popular but serious intent Interesting exploration of supernatural stuff This turn of the century book attempts to explain historical examples of ghostly phenomena with an early 20th century understanding of science and psychical research Heavy on the belief in mesmerism and telepathy Interesting from a scholarly standpoint than a spooktacular one Exciting and well written this book which recounts chilling real life hauntings and then offers rational explanations for them is in the public domain with a free electronic copy available here Ugh The only interesting story was the one which included John Wesley but even that one wasn't very interesting When I found myself turning pages desperately trying to get to the next chapter or the end of the book I knew I was done I didn't care for it I really hated it read 16% of it on my reader and I dont even remember the purpose behind any of it This is a great book and luckily I bought a first edition from the States with the book dating back to 1908 Various owners signatures inside