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Добрый ангел смерти❴KINDLE❵ ✽ Добрый ангел смерти Author Andrey Kurkov – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Le héros Nikolaï ui retrouve un chef d'oeuvre de la littérature ukrainienne étrangement annoté L'auteur de ces annotations Il gît au fond d'un cercueil la carte d'un trésor à ses côtés Le tr Le héros Nikolaï ui retrouve un chef d'oeuvre de la littérature ukrainienne étrangement annoté L'auteur de ces annotations Il gît au fond d'un cercueil la carte d'un trésor à ses côtés Le trésor Il se trouverait dans un fort du désert kazakh où un caméléon a pris ses uartiers Le ressort de l'histoire Les nationalismes encore et toujours La morale de l'histoire au delà du plaisir des lecteurs Fi des nationalismes hommes et caméléons Добрый ангел PDF/EPUB ² de tous les pays unissez vous. a good book with some bizarre twists the earler books are better in my opinion like death and the penguini really like kurkovs style of writing melancholy cynical at times and gently funny and at times laugh out loud funny Kurkov's works have now transcended the borders of the old USSR to such an extent that he must be a candidate for an upcoming Nobel Prize for Literature This novel is less well known than his Death and the Penguin but is every bit as good constituting a picaresue journey from his home town Kiev to Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Azerbaijan and the Russian republics of the Caucasus Dodgy dealings are very much to the fore as are magic realist fashioningsThe author's lineage is clearly identifiable with Gogol and Bulgakov especially major influences but Kurkov's tale provides a modern twist it was particularly enjoyable to read the book having just returned from a short holiday in Ukraine and the delicate political relationship between that country and its former overlords is teasingly dealt with The result is a call for national traditions to be respected but for us all to get along nonetheless A man finds an old manuscript and is inspired by its writers interest in deeper uestions of life Together with some strange events at his job in baby food factory this inspiration leads him to an adventure all the way to Kazakhstan It's full of mysterious people and surprising situations I loved Kurkov's Death and Penguin and liked The President's Last love This one was not that much for me It was funny only occasionally and I found its attitude towards women a bit problematic The philosophical start should have developed and given depth to the story What I did like about the book was how it dealt with the Soviet history and the national feelings of ex Soviet nationalities The Kazakhstan of this book was not the Kazakhstan I know but it made me miss the countries and friends who live there I have no idea how to review this rather bizarre novel my first venture into Kurkov' s writing but I enjoyed it immensely and will read of the authors work starting with the famous Death and the Penguin A picaresue tale of adventure and travel musings on nationalism and identify espionage and drug running truly a story with something for every taste even romance? Obviously reading the novel in translation knowing very little about its undercurrents regarding Russia and Ukraine I am well aware I missed nuances and references I was grateful to be reading on my Kindle with easy access to looking up places and names unfamiliar to me in Kazakhstan and various republics around the Caspian sea Reading world literature exposes just how limited are our horizons if we don't seek to explore beyond our cosy comfort zones I am grateful to translators who work hard to bring such books to the English speaking readershipAbove all this book is funny uirky and puzzling but in a good way with droll dry humour I like the writing style light and chatty even when it goes into philosophical and spiritual realms Everything makes sense in the end I liked the characters and their relationships I loved it While it has flashes of the blackly bleak Eastern bloc comedy of Kurkov's other works it lacks the charm of the penguin novels As a result it was a little hard going and baggy at times and I struggled to muster the energy reuired to keep up with the intricacies of the plot and its many named characters I got the sense at times that it was presenting a grander allegory of the Ukrainian experience through that of Kolya the main character However I lack the reuisite understanding of the country's recent past to say this for certain or to appreciate this if it was Overall a decent read but far from Kurkov's best Kurkov's novel is a small scale epic of Ukrainian identity While it was uite abstract in places and it reuires an understanding of a certain type of dry dark humour and of the geo political relations of Eastern Europe it was very enjoyable and uite unlike anything I have read before It leans heavily into the absurdity of national spirit and how something so immaterial and arbitrary can create havoc across borders and it also makes a passive fool of the hero Kolya a Russian immigrant in Ukraine a stranger searching for his place his home in the world My favourite character is Gulya his unexpected wife who competently solves most probems they encounter also shifting the power balance by simply noting that though her father sent her with him Kolya himself is the 'present' the one 'given away' as he was saved by their she camel and given to her This balance is uite subtle and maybe not as subverstive as it could have been but it makes for a clever read The ending of the epic is purposefully underwhelming in that the great search for identity and national spirit amounts to nothing and Kolya's idealism is twisted and used by criminals and state representatives like the Colonel who is both to reach their own ends as often happens with the ideals of patriots By the end the main characters do get a 'happily ever after' leaving all matters of state and nation behind them The book is not super memorable or special but i was happy to read it I like kurkovs style of writing melancholy cynical at times and gently funny and at times laugh out loud funny For sure it was different too Not much about the blurb on the back prepares us for the wonder of the book between the covers – a strangely annotated copy of a notebook hidden inside a copy of War and Peace left behind when Kolya buys an apartment from an old couple who are emigrating leads to a mysterious robbery threatening phone calls and the promise of national treasure However Kolya lives in Kiev and the treasure is buried near a no longer existing one time Russian fort in Kazakhstan Threatened by who knows whom followed in the street watched by the unidentified late night phone callers or maybe by someone else Kolya a Russian heads off in search the Ukrainian national treasure in the Kazakh sands It is all slightly mysterious than a little absurd and with a strange feeling of The 39 Steps meets On the Road with a hint of Robert Louis Stevenson – but this is Andrey Kurkov and none of these is anywhere near what we have in our hands There is danger in not taking satire seriously especially when it comes from such a potent tradition as Ukrainian satire yes that I have labelled this 'Russian fiction' may be problematic except that it was written in Russian not Ukrainian – this is after all the home of Gogol whose short stories in particular make fun of power and in doing so make it public and weaker This is Kurkov’s 6th novel translated into English and although it is not his most absurd or humorous or pointed it is I think perhaps his sharpest Whereas Death and the Penguin and Penguin Lost and to an extent The Case of the General’s Thumb verge on the surreal The President’s Last Love is obvious in its political contempt – as if satire is not enough for bad times and the brilliant A Matter of Life and Death poignant in its absurdity and desperation this novel returns to harsh sharp uncompromising attacks of General’s Thumb but with a nuanced sense of the dangers of the new nationalism In his uest for the national treasure Kolya finds himself in league with the Ukrainian state with rabid nationalists with corrupt officials married left wandering in the desert to be saved by a camel smuggling dirt and countless other slightly through to utterly ridiculous situations all the while fleeing the threats made during his job a watchman in the baby food warehouse As with other Kurkov novels characters mutate and few are who or what they seem to be allegiances and alliances shift and we are left with a form of resolution in this case a tight one but sure of neither what it means nor uite how it came about Where I adore Kurkov in this sense of tight ending is that amid all the absurdity there is no sense of deus ex machina – the ending is right it fits and yet it hammers home the central point of the satire of the state and its politicsKurkov’s style is superb – he is spare sparse and droll but draws us into a rich and complex tale with fascinating characters that for all his sparseness are rounded and sophisticated He is a writer very much in the tradition of Gogol of Jann Kross the great Estonian of Dostoyevsky – writers whose tightly crafted multi layered fiction carries satire that flays its social and political targets but about which they can do little In this case the targets are both the corrupt Ukrainian state and the ultra and puritanical nationalism that emerged as its principle opponent the book was first published in 2000 – as Ukraine struggled with its post Soviet existence and lurched towards its own colour revolution the orange clad nationalist lite overthrow of Victor Yanukovich in 20045And even without all the knowledge we need to get its barbs I am sure I get only a few of them it is a funny engaging and slightly ridiculous story about a guy travelling from Kiev the Kazakhstan and back – it is after all rich and sophisticated in its multi layering And as always he gives us really good women characters in this case most especially Gulya – uite brilliant Description When Kolya moves into a new flat in Kiev he finds a book hidden within a volume of 'War and Peace' His investigations take him to a graveyard and specifically to the coffin of a Ukrainian nationalist who died in mysterious circumstances and was buried with a sealed letter and a manuscriptArmed only with three cases of baby milk which have unexpected hallucinogenic properties he sets off on what turns out to be a very bizarre journey meeting a host of unlikely characters along the way including a spirit like companion in the form of a chameleonPaperback discarded from Inverclyde LibrariesTranslated from the Russian by Andrew BromfieldOpening Early in the spring of 1997 I sold my two room flat on the edge of town and bought myself a single room flat right in the centre of Kiev beside St Sophia's Cathedral St SophiaAs Fionnuala piuantly puts it No cure for Kurkov love only Kurkov Ukraine Diaries Dispatches from Kiev review – an invaluable guide to the present crisis17 Aug 2014 Andrey Kurkov the author of Death and the Penguin is ideally placed to guide us through the Ukrainian revolution as it unfolds writes Oliver Bullough author of35 Death and the Penguin4 Penguin Lost35 A Matter of Life and Death35 The Case Of The General's ThumbTR The Good Angel of DeathWL Ukraine Diaries Ugh Another book I'd give 35 stars to if possible This time because I did like it but don't actually think it is that good Insofar as it is a relatively uniue book on the experience of being a post Soviet Man ie the Soviet Man see eg hm actually that is not a very useful link but whatever it was interesting The translation is okay but not awesome you know you're reading a translated book But it's about an ethnic Russian in Ukraine and the search for a Ukrainian soul so that is somewhat interesting if you're into that sort of thing So in short if you're into thinking about identity in the former Soviet Union andor you like Shteyngart and Pelevin both you might like this It's not funny like Shteyngart and it's not religious like Pelevin but is a bit of a combination of them FAVOURITE UOTE It was my city but while I'd been away it seemed to have become independent it had gone running on ahead and I would have to catch up with it come to terms with it again become a little part of it dissolve into its air I was already familiar from the past with this sensation of temporary rejection After a few days everything would be the way it used to be

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