The Heart of a Hero

The Heart of a Hero[PDF / Epub] ★ The Heart of a Hero By Barbara Wallace – How to heal a heroHelping people comes naturally to Zoe Hamilton she has the advice column to prove it All she wants this summer though is to lick her postdivorce wounds in peace That's fine by her su How to heal a heroHelping people comes naturally of a eBook ´ to Zoe Hamilton she has the advice column to prove it All she wants this summer though is to lick her postdivorce wounds in peace That's fine by her surly yet handsome neighbor ex army captain Jake Meyers; he just wants to be left aloneJake might believe his emotions are frozen forever but the pain in his glittering emerald eyes tells a different story Zoe can't help but reach out but it will take all her courage to love a The Heart ePUB ô man so determined to keep himself closed off. The Heart of a Hero by Barbara WallaceHow to write a perfect book for Penelope?1 Include an adorable weenie dog nicknamed The Tube Of Terror love it2 Have a hot studly tortured ex soldierhandyman hero tool beltschwing3 Add a newly divorced heroine who writes an advice column bossy girl4 Setting should be a Martha's Vineyard type New England islandold rickety beach house the ocean and small town charm5 Add lots of sexual chemistry an emotional storyline involving the tormented soul of the hero and a sweet satisfying HEA in the epilogueAnother great Harly read I'm on a Harly roll baby Only one problem if they served vegetarian Harly Rolls at a sushi bar they would have carrots cuke and avocado but no wasabi Good God they need wasabi I needed me some spicy lovin' in this book but it's totally G rated AckThe emotional healing at the end of this book was just a tad rushed but it was very sweet I also loved that the heroine smelled like lemons cozwellI love lemons Anyhow this is my third Harly this week I think it might be time for a spanky elf book just to get my euilibrium backGrade A 35 Stars An Unsurprising but Feel Good RomanceDeeply shaken by her divorce and the bad judgement it implied advice columnist and inveterate fixer Zoe Hamilton has taken a step back returning to the small vacation island off the coast of Cape Cod where she'd summered with her parents when she was a little girl She planned to do a little wound licking a little healing and a little home improvement on the cabin she bought from her mother Little being the operative word of courseAn unpleasant confrontation with her handsome but surly neighbor gets the first two plans off to a rough start and the third becomes nothing but wishful thinking when she realizes neither the number nor the severity of the repairs needed on her beach house are anywhere near little Fortunately the island has a handymancontractor who handles all sorts of repairs for the few residents who live thereUnfortunately that handymancontractor is the surly neighbor who hates her dog doesn't hold any higher regard for polite conversation and seems to resent the concept of friendliness on principle That could be a problemJake Meyers still wakes up screaming the scents and sounds and agony of combat seared into his subconscious like a brand of hellish misery The former Army captain lost his entire suad in an ambush half a world away He survived barely but will never be the same Now all he wants is solitude as he battles the night terrors and the flashbacks the pain and the misery He certainly doesn't want his perky and persistent neighbor Zoe butting in and pushing at secrets better left unspoken wounds better left unexposedHe'd fix her damn house because it needed it and he was the only one around who could do it But he had every intention of being as standoffish and unapproachable as he could because one look at the pretty sunny Zoe and Jake knows If he were to let her under his skin he'd never get her out and he might just start thinking his soul deserves the hope of happiness and peace she brings with herJake has no illusions He should have died with his men in a fiery inferno of artillery and warfare half a world away from where he is now Anything else living included just seemsoffensive to the memories of good soldiersWhen Zoe catches a glimpse of the pain that Jake carries as his alleged due her heart already starting to feel for him gets involved with this wounded war veteran She can't imagine letting the man she sees as a hero remain locked in a cycle of pain and regret Even if she risks her future and her heart to free him Wallace's The Heart of a Hero is a sweet uncomplicated romance that doesn't offer anything new to the genre but it does provide a light entertaining read about truly sympathetic and appealing characters The plot followed a no surprises formula I was within a few pages on my estimate of when the ex husband would show up with predictable character conflict and resolution but I wasn't expecting any wild bells or whistles either so I wasn't disappointed It's a solid and classic Harleuin Romance one that is timely and likable I recommend it for fans and followers of the lineIt felt respectful of fallen heroes and mindful of the tragedy war can inflict on its warriors Jake was a tortured victim of his time overseas locked into the memories of loss and guilt but he was a proud good man of integrity and honor as well He was my favorite character in the book and Wallace handled his inner demons nicelyI do wish Zoe hadn't seemed so unaware of the existence and ramifications of PTSD and the effects survivor guilt can have on survivors of tragedies Just about every movie book TV show and magazine has at one time or another covered featured highlighted or championed both psychological conditions in the last decade so some laymen awareness of it would have been appropriate I think I also thought Zoe's persistence to address Jake's issues to help him tread over the line a few times and became overbearingMy tastes in romance lie a bit beyond what this book offered so it wasn't a completely satisfying read for me For the Harleuin Romance line though it didn't disappoint I still would have appreciated a bit meat to the story; it was fairly straightforward and two dimensional For those readers however who prefer romances that focus on emotion and tones downdoesn't include manyany sex scenes beyond those euphemistically or briefly described what I've seen referred as clean romance though I dislike that terminology The Heart of a Hero provides a heart warming and timely romance and a light engaging readDisclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Harleuin via NetGalley This rating review and all included thoughts and comments are my own Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another Zoe Hamilton is the kind of woman who seems to gravitate toward needy people Her recent divorce from a grasping and financially needy golf pro wannabe is a case in point and she just wants to put some distance between her past and her present Her solution is to buy the summer home where she remembers fun times while growing up and where she hopes to recoup the good times in her lives What she doesn't plan on is the state in which she finds the house the lack of maintenance given the property and the need to do some repairs almost immediately in order to even be able to live in the house When inuiring at the local hardware store only one in miles in a community that is uite small when the summer vacationers are missing and she finds out that her unfriendly hermit like neighbor is the only person who has the skills to do home repairs So whether Zoe wants it or not she is thrown together with her neighbor Jake a veteran of the Middle East conflict and one who has not intention of even carrying on a conversation with her much less allowing her to penetrate his walls of silenceJake on the other hand is a deeply troubled veteran who has become convinced that he has lost his chance for happiness With the failure to bring his soldiers home safely Jake believes he doesn't deserve to be happy and has enclosed himself in a prison of silence He resents Zoe's attempt to break through and works very diligently to drive her away He needs the money he earns as a handyman but he doesn't appreciate her efforts to get friendly He is dreading the coming of the summer residents they just make noise and steal his silence from him He also rejects any efforts by the local veterans' organization to involve him in any activities He is indeed the uintessential leave me alone guyThis is a wonderful novel that highlights the damage that war does to good men and women and the wreckage of their inner spirits that they must live with when they return to their civilian lives Obviously it is worse for some than for others but for those in a command position seem to bear an even greater burden of sorrow over those under their care and whose lives were lost The whole issue of survivor's guilt is only in the past several decades being understood as the powerful force which has defeated so many good people So Jake had a considerable load of trouble on his heart and spirit and Zoe's efforts to break into his prison of silence only seemed to him to be another invasion he had to fight I found it interesting that she approached the difficulty as one who just extended caring and friendship While it appeared that Jake was successfully rejecting her efforts and her the reader is aware that Jake's castle of silence was slowly coming apart not very fast to be sure but it was buckling under the assault of Zoe's sweet spirit and openness to him however he projected himselfThis is a romance novel pure and simple But the themes of deep neediness Zoe's wounds and her disappointment with herself her anger over being used by her ex and her hope that Jake could become a settled person permeate the narrative Jake's recalcitrant nature his growling and closed off demeanor stand in sharp contrast to Zoe's open and giving spirit She is even willing to brave his deepest displeasure if she could involve some of the other veterans in Jake's life knowing that they have had to battle the same demons and have found a way out of the shadows Ms Wallace is a new writer for me but I found that she did a masterful job in telling Jake and Zoe's story and in making the reader not only a part of their tender love story as well as making all of aware of the wounds that soldiers carry around long after the shooting is pastThis is a Harleuin romance that is uite good and one that is in touch with our times and the people who must live in our world Readers who love a good love story will like this book a lot A good story interesting characters themes that are contemporary and which relate to the world's current situations and a writing style that is readable and which flows seamlessly from chapter to chapter and scene to scene Don't miss this one; you will be glad you didn'tI give it a rating of 425 out of 5This review was originally posted by Judith on Book Binge Its a Reminder about all the hero's out thier who risk thier lives for are freedom and pay a high costZoe buys a beach house from her mother who has let it go Zoe moves to the island for the summer to help her get over her divorce Zoe ex needed her money not herNext door neighbor wants to be left alone too He has scars on his face and a limp He is also the only handiman on the island She wants to get her chimney swept so she can have a fire to warm the nightsWhy Jake is fixing that he notices some tiles need to be replaced and bats are getting almost into her houseZoe can't help trying to help people she is even a help advise in the papers She can see that Jake has issues and she reaches out to him Brings him a picnic on the roof bottles of watertries to get him to talkJake has nightmares flashbacks and feels he let his men down because he lived and they did not He does not feel worthy to have anyone in his life but Zoe worms her way inthe story kept me going and not wanting to stop reading till it finshes I liked it very much I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review My grade B This series romance about a vet suffering from PTSD and a newly divorced woman was handled well The characters and their motivations all rang true resulting in a believable story My only small criticism was the predictability I knew exactly what was coming every step of the way I never uite figured out why Zoe was so bright energetic and full of life either At the beginning she was supposed to be depressed and had moved to the island to get away from her life for a while and lick her wounds Yet she was playful and positive trying again and again to get through to Jake when he repeatedly rebuffed her Her attitude wasn't really explained and I just assumed she was one of those rare sunny people Kudos to the author's handling of Jake's PTSD His nightmares and rationalizations seemed uite realistic It is a story of Jake who cant move on due to his inability to forgive himself for his failure to save his commanders during an open fire before meet Zoe who recently move in next door Zoe ever the problem's solver was fascinated with Jake's demure determine to help Jake but Jake doesnt seem to give in to Zoe's interest without both realising that they are falling in love with each otherThis is a story that i felt calm reading it It doesnt have the high intensity which normally has in a romance story and neither does it has the conflict between characters It is a relaxing read for me This book was perfect for what I was in the mood to read I loved watching the relationship develop between Jake and Zoe It wasn't rushed and it also didn't seem manufactured The relationship was realistic as was what Jake had to deal with from his past The author did not magically make his problems go away but dealt with them in a realistic manner Overall this was an extremely satisfying read An easy romance read Zoe Hamilton has checked out of her regular life for a minute to recoup and recover from her golf pro husband's betrayal he was having an affair while she was financially supporting him Her neighbor Jake Meyers is an ex navy captain who was the lone survivor of an explosion while on patrol They both have issues but do get their HEA All in all this was an enjoyable read I would have given it a 4 if not for the annoying heroine Her importunate desire to help Jake really got on my nerves Other than that it's well worth reading if you like short yet emotionally charged stories A sweet romantic read

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