100 Animated Feature Films

100 Animated Feature Films➵ 100 Animated Feature Films Download ➾ Author Andrew Osmond – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The animated feature film has been long under represented in film criticism Yet animated films have probably never been a stronger force in world cinema than they are today This book discusses 100 key The animated feature film has been long under represented in film criticism Yet animated films have probably never been a stronger force in world cinema than they are today This book discusses key animated films from around the world from Shrek to Svankmajer While the genre continues to pick up attention and garner worldwide audiences 100 Animated PDF/EPUB or of millions appreciation for the art of animated features seems to grow as uickly as the technology driving it forward International in focus Animated Feature Films come to life on the page with vivid images from the films discussed. There's about a two page write up per movie with a few stills strewn throughout The write ups are incomprehensible if you haven't seen the movie so I feel like the main draw here is the table of contents which isn't worth the price tag There is a lot of talk about the actual animation that went into these films but a lot of that talk was negative He bashes on Disney's Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella endlessly for their lazy animation In fact he Disney bashes a lot I don't know I grew up on those movies I guess I never cared if the animation was bad or not The list was interesting back in 2011 when I bought it but largely obsolete today The discussion of each is surprisingly short and shallow These days and even a decade ago one can find better lists discussions on lineStill I had hoped to watch each of the films discussed here as I read the very brief chapter on each but a handful seem to be unobtainable Although it's interesting to hear the authors opinion on certain things including his views on animation as the art medium what I mostly enjoyed overall was the variety of animated films listed in this book and how each of them were made as well Part of the BFI The British Film Institute Screen Guides line this book features discussions on 100 animated feature films from around the world most of them from America and Japan The author Andrew Osmond gives an informative and critical view on each film as well a good introduction on feature animation The selection of films is pretty varied in terms of countries style genre etc so there is something for everyone here There is also a good mix of the popular and the obscureThe reviews are about a page and a uarter or half long except for Azur Asmar which is just one page long and for Fantasia which is two full pages long Osmond brings some good points about each film explaining their importance on their field and why they were included in this book I didn't agree with every single one of his points I particularly thoughts his opinions on films like The Prince of Egypt The Secret of NIMH and Princess Mononoke were a little too harsh but he explained them in a way that I understood where he was coming from The author also often cross references between films highlighting similarities in their tone premise or settingI have only two gripes with this book The first is a small inaccuracy in the entry for The Triplets of Belleville in which Osmond called Madama Souza's grandson Bruno even though his name is actually Champion Bruno being the dog's name The other and bigger problem is the choice of pictures used Not only do some entries have no pictures at all especially the anime ones but the uality of the pictures is all over the place Some of them are pixelated and look like they were taken from the worst sources and others aren't even movie stills; the entry for The Jungle Book has a picture of a pencil sketch of the film Three of the films The Polar Express Spirited Away and WALL E have each a two page stillIn spite of these small problems I recommend this book especially for those seeking an introduction to animated films from around the world The book includes a Select Bibliography section which features some other useful resources on the field Even though the book is ten years old as of 2020 it still gives a good perspective on feature animation

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  • 100 Animated Feature Films
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  • 02 August 2014
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