The Stupendous Dodgeball Fiasco

The Stupendous Dodgeball Fiasco[Read] ➪ The Stupendous Dodgeball Fiasco ➲ Janice Repka – Phillip comes from a circus family but all he really wants is to be a regular kid After persuading his parents to let him move in with his aunt and uncle he winds up in Hardingtown where everyone is w Phillip comes from a circus family but all he really wants is to be a regular kid After persuading his parents to let him move in with his aunt and uncle he winds up in Hardingtown where everyone is wild about dodgeball When he gets slammed in the face with a speeding ball in gym class he decides to take the dodgeball bully to court But can a circus boy take on the Unofficial Dodgeball Capital of the World This uproariously funny The Stupendous Kindle - middle grade novel carries an inspiring message about sticking to your beliefs however unpopular they may be. Philip's parents perform in a circus and for he has spent his entire life traveling with them Philip knows that he's not cut out to be a circus performer like his parents so he begs them to send him to live with his aunt and uncle so he can go to a regular school Unfortunately the school he chooses is known for one thing Dodgeball Philip's glasses break while playing this game and he decides to file a lawsuit to pay his aunt back for all the money she has to spend to replace them He doesn't realize that in filing this lawsuit he must defend himself against the entire town who are strong dodgeball supporters I thought this story was going to be very silly and light hearted However this story was so much better The author includes little trivia on circus lingo and history in each chapter as well as information on famous lawsuits There were hilarious moments but it was also a serious story about being bullied by adults and fighting for what you believe in no matter the cost CIP Eleven year old Phillip's dream of running away from the circus comes true when his parents allow him to stay with relatives in Hardington Pennsylvania where dodgeball is practically a religion and life is anything but normalThis hilarious read will be enjoyed by all ages maybe a 3rd 5th reading level Elementary kids with an interest in the circus law and dodgeball will enjoy this Even kids with a dislike of school sports will get something out of it This book gives kids a glimpse into the world of decision making and the legalities of court I did think this book skims over the realities faced by a child never having attended school before whether home schooled or circus life priorReviewed in School Library Journal Dec 2004 and Booklist Dec 15 2004 For the last few years I thought this was a funny book about a boy who leaves his circus life and ends up in a small town obsessed with dodgeball Well he does and it is but it is so much It is a book about finding out who you really are and sticking up for yourself and others in the face of bullies It is about not accepting others' labels for you but being proud of where you come from when you discover who you are It was a uick and interesting read sprinkled with slapstick comedy and some great circus trivia Highly recommended to grades 4 up especially anyone who ever felt like they don't uite fit in anywhere And add another title to the list of books I wrongly judged by their covers This is a great read for any child who has an interest in law circuses or middle school The character development was a strong point No character stayed the same from beginning to end Depth and change were everywhere My favorite character was Sam without a doubt The legal talk was kept in an understandable language and nobility and perserverence were the benchmarks of the protaganist That's always a winning formula It was a real pleasure I liked this book MUCH than I thought I wouldPhillip comes from a circus family and just wants to be a regular kidhe moves to the unofficial dodgeball capital of the worldhe gets pummeled a few times and then fights backagainst the school bulliesthe schooland the dodgeball manufacturing companygreat storythe little guy triumphs OOPSdid I give that away?? I think this is a great easy read for 3 5th graders Phillip leaves the only world he's ever known circus life to become a normal 6th grader in a town obsessed with dodgeball Surrounded by challenges he doesn't always understand he doesn't always make the smart choices How will he survive in this new world? It was okay I can see that some kids would really enjoy it though It was an easy read I didn't like the part when Phillip had to go to court for things that didn't matter Overall I thought it was dumb It has been a long time since I have read it IT IS FUNNY AND KEPT MY INTEREST

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  • The Stupendous Dodgeball Fiasco
  • Janice Repka
  • English
  • 16 November 2016
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