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death terrible teachers detailed description of a cut on arm racism slavery murder forced separation from family physical abuse death of children sexual harassment by a teacher descriptions of war PTSD terminal illness cancer mentions of rape I don’t know how anyone could read this and not have their heart broken for the black fellas or Aborigines and those who’ve fought in wars In many ways it was uite a tragedy and as the story continued I had a lump in my throat because it actually happened Just read it – that’s all I can say You won’t be sorry when you do Thank you Sally for opening my eyes a little wider My Place by Sally Morgan is now an Australian Classic but it wasn’t when I first read it back in 1988 Australia’s bicentennial year Like many Australians I was shocked to read this deeply moving memoir which revealed without bitterness or rancour a chastening story of endemic racism in our country I had thought I was an educated person and this book made me realise to my dismay that I knew nothing about the Aboriginal heritage that underpins Australian identity When I saw My Place as an audio book I wanted to revisit this memoir to test its power in the 21st century when Morgan’s voice is now one of many Aboriginal Australians telling their disconcerting stories Let me assure you it has lost nothing of its impact Born in Perth Western Australia Sally Morgan is a year older than I am She and her siblings were brought up to answer uestions about their colour by saying that they were of Indian origin a strategy her mother and grandmother hoped would shield them from the racism of the schoolyard They believed that they were protecting the children by denying their Aboriginal descent from the PalkuBaligu people of the Pilbara and keeping the children in ignorance of it But Sally’s adolescence brought rebellion and stubborn uestioning and she embarked on a relentless uest to find out who she really was To read the rest of my review please visit 35 Stars I honestly have to say that I probably never would have picked up this book if it wasn't sent to me by a friend Mostly because I never knew it existed but that's beside the point hehe I'm not really a memoir reader but I am trying to read non fiction this year so this blended perfectly with this goal My Place tells the story of how Sally Morgan discovered who she is In a way it was a very touching story and I'm glad that I read it I've never really given much thought to my own family history when it comes to race but then race has never been something that I think about I register different skin tones yes but I can't say that I label or judge people because of them It's just not how I think Which is why racism makes me so angry I just don't understand the way that certain people feel that they are better than others because of the color of their skin Sally's story is a uest to find out about her racial origins To make a long story short she discovers that she is Aboriginal and then sets about learning the stories of her family members to find out why this is such a shameful secret that must be hidden at all costs even to the point of blatantly lying To be perfectly honest I know next to nothing about Australian history and still less about Aboriginal Australian history This book has definitely piued my interest so I think that I'll be reading other books about this so that I can get a fuller picture Morgan describes a sort of bonded slavery as being the main interaction between whitefellas and blackfellas Aboriginals White people essentially forced Aboriginal people into servitude took away their children if they were of mixed blood half caste and looked white and generally made their lives exceptionally difficult according to how dark their skin is I say that this is a sort of bonded slavery because even though it is technically slavery with laws prohibiting Aboriginals travelling without a permit etc it's like indentured servitude as there were wages involved even though they weren't paid most of the time Not to mention that Aboriginals could be let go and hired into service elsewhere They were owned in a way but in terms of lack of options than actual slave ownership Not that this makes it any better Slavery and racism and bigotry and ignorance are slavery and racism and bigotry and ignorance The forms that they take matter not one bit Aboriginal people were taken from their homes and forced to work for nothing or next to nothing for white people who held everything over their heads at unattainable heights It was an accomplishment just to survive And this still going on in the early parts of the 20th century It's shameful It's also shameful that people should be made to feel so ashamed of their heritage and history that they would deny it It's understandable that people would want to deny what they are to avoid prejudice and hatred but it's incredibly sad that the very things that define us are the things that we wish to be rid of in order to be accepted I feel like it is an important book and that it brings awareness to something that people outside of Australia are probably completely oblivious to and people inside Australia would likely wish to forget Just as people in the US would like to forget that we were slave owners once too I don't understand this seemingly universal drive for a group of people to wish to have dominance over other groups of people I refuse to believe that this is an ingrained traitAnyway I wish that I could actually give this book a higher rating I do feel like it is important but I wish that it was a little accessible It feels like it was written with native Australians in mind people who would already know what a goanna is and what a didgeridoo is etc Things are mentioned but not explained so there's a lot that has to be looked up in order to get the full story It feels like it was written for people who already have an academic knowledge of Australia's Aboriginal history but now just need a few details to really understand In a way this book gives them that but not with the depth that it could haveIt is written in very simple and straightforward language which to me depersonalizes the story a bit too much Granted this should be a story in which you could fit yourself in there and think This could have happened to anyone this could have happened to ME and MY family but really it is a personal story about Sally's family and the way it was written was too detached to really allow the reader in The story told us what happened And then I was beaten with a whip but in a very clinical fashion which makes it hard to feel for someone who doesn't seem to be upset themselves After telling her mother's story Sally mentions that she felt close to her mother but that was all there was Just that mention Sally mentions later that there are depths to the story that she knows that she will never plumb Which is true but telling us that there are depths isn't the same as communicating them I would have liked to feel like I was being told the story directly not a fact based reproduction of it I know that this story is a memoir and that the information in it relies on the information that the contributors are willing or able to share But it just seems to me that there was a lack of personalization that would have really brought the story together and made it something amazing Also there were uite a few typos and errors in the text which was distracting One in particular really threw me for a loop Sally's mother is relaying the story of her father's death and how she was concerned about his afterlife whereabouts so she asked Gold to show her where he was I racked my brains for about a minute trying to think of who Gold was when it dawned on me that it was supposed to be God And that brings me to my next point which is that there is a spiritual realism aspect to parts of the book Several of the family members are stated to have seen visions both of the future and of God and angels and to have seen signs and omens and the like I feel like this part of the story wasn't very believable It was relayed as fact as was everything else but I'm a natural skeptic so I found it hard to believe in visions of angels and the like I'm not saying that they didn't happen I don't know what they saw or didn't see I just would have liked for there to have been a little explanation as to the spiritual nature of Aboriginal people Parts struck me as being almost voodooish in nature and this is NOT meant in the EVIL BLACK MAGIC way but as the spiritual religious way but also mixed in with Christianity in a way that just I don't know It didn't feel right for some reason Like it was tacked on to show how they just knew things would work out but the history for these feelings wasn't prsented to make it believeable to me Again I'm not saying that it didn't happen because I can't know that People's faith and spiritualism takes all different shapes and forms and that's perfectly fine by me I just wish that there was a basis a tradition that explained that Aboriginal people are in tune with this part of life than other people This is barely hinted at but not in the way that I'd like to be able to appreciate these sections Overall I did enjoy the book It was a uick read and has started an interest in Australian history that I wouldn't have had before I will definitely look into books in the future to see if I can get a fuller understanding of the way life was there and how it is now I appreciate having read this book at having my horizons widened Thanks for sharing this book with me Jon Finish date 17 November 2017Genre memoirRating BReview This is one one of the first books written from the Aboriginal point of view No one knows what it was like for us” pg 208 Sally Morgan’s family shame was so strong that she had not been told she was indigenous She was well into her teens when her mother admitted the truth pg 170 71 Sally Morgan’s book My Place was written 30 years ago But is is still a very relevant She is an excellent storytellerand her family history will touch a heart stringIt touched mineLast thoughts I started this book My Place yesterday in the train I never looked out the window to look at the landscape speedingbhy because this story was too engrossing The book really picks up steam in chapter ‘Owning up’ pg 165 Pages 7 164 deal with Morgan’s childhood Basic infobut not overly interesting So you must decide if ‘skimming’ the beginningof the book is a good idea Despite the slow start the book engaged and entertained meThat is what good books do Review I haven't finished this book but I give a full five stars It is written in an honest uncompromising Australian vernacular without seeming to be a caricature of Australians or the way some speak I read this and Sally Morgan has made me crack up and weep and wish I knew way about our indigenous history and languages I am only 31 but I do not remember being taught anything remotely like what I have learnt from this book My history department was too busy teaching us about the glorified Captain Cook snore I recommend this for every Australian and I can't wait to read of her work I found this book incredibly sad to read The information was nothing new I am all too familiar with the issues and treatment of Indigenous Australians Nan was right don't ever trust doctors the Government or wealthy peoplevery wiseWe like to feel Australia has made huge leaps in the treatment and handling of Indigenous people but it's not true It's what we say to ourselves so we don't feel too bad about the blackfellas rotting away in the middle of outback Australia out of sight out of mindunless of course there is a large mineral supply on their land then it's pack up and move along They have disgustingly high mortality rates for a first world country they still suffer and die from illnesses and diseases that have been easily treatable in this country for 50 years But the 1980's and 1990's are over and it's not too hip to care about Abo's any The rights and well being of illegal Asylum seekers and the starving in the developing world are important to the PC thugs now so unfortunately for Eddie Mabo out there your time in the sun is over I'm sure you'll be fine you've got the Government and public servants to look out for youpoor bastardsMorgan is very kind and gentle with her opinions of white people in this book most of the appalling things white people have done are only hinted at and she is very careful to never come off as overly angryjust a little hurt To the people leaving reviews saying this book was proved wrong BY WHOM??? What evidence do you have that these things were not factual? Because the bigoted slave owner Drake Brockman family denied those ugly details of rape and incest? Ok well if the people who perpetrated the crime say its not true then it mustn't be truewow think of the money the state would save in criminal trials if all the evidence you needed to return a verdict of not guilty was for the accused to take the stand and say 'well it's not true i didn't do it' Use logic peopleBut i guess the attitudes of old run very deep in the Australian psycheif it's a blackfellas word against a white person's word we all know who's word should be trustedThen there are the allegations that Morgan and her publisher constructed the book and I have read all the webpages and from what I read people have taken it out of context The editor helped her construct the structure of her story and how she was going to put her family's story into something white people would want to read and not be too put off by in order to highlight Aboriginal issues and suffering ie don't be too hard on the whites because white Australia is still a little touchy when it comes to admitting the awful things they did'I am by no means one of those inner city PC thug bleeding hearts that feels we are all special and one of God's creatures or a champagne socialistno; I'm just an empathetic person who uses logic And it is still obvious to me that White Australian still holds so much hostility and resentment towards Aboriginal people and I just can't relate to it This book is an important part of Australian history whether white people like it or not because it is about dealing with the fact that these blackfellas and their treatment are an important part of the Australian identity and we all need to accept their existence and their treatment and get over it They were and still are treated appallingly their land WAS stolen they were used as SLAVES their women were RAPED by white men and their children were STOLEN from them Deal with it accept it This book really touched me I first became aware of the situation of the Aboriginal peoples in Australia when I was working for Blackwell North America during the early 1980s We provided books to several Australian academic libraries and they seemed to order everything on North American Indians One of the other Blackwellians who had visited Australia several times on business told me how bleak life was for the Aboriginals and that many Australians were trying to figure out how to improve the situationNow years later I met a young lady from Australia at the gym I go to and we got to chatting about publishing and books She lent me her copy of My Place I didn't think I would enjoy it but once I opened it I put it on top of my reading stack and read it straight throughIn some ways My Place reminded me of other books that explore the difficulties of uncovering family history when the elders of the family are doing their best to hide it That is basically what the book is about but it is well written completely true and includes a lot of fascinating details uniue to Australian I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in Australia Aboriginal life civil rights women's issues family history and most of all with an interest in the process of finding out who one really is This wasn’t part of my school’s curriculum when I was going through and I believe that nowadays it is often one of the reuired reads for students I think this is a great idea it opens communication about a range of issues but particularly what it was like to grow up as an indigenous Australian in the 1920s and 1930s and also what it is like to grow up not knowing your family historySally tells this as her story but also incorporates her great uncle’s grandmother’s and mother's stories I knew next to nothing about aboriginal history before reading this for my postcolonial module and now I want to read all I can on the topic This is an incredibly moving memoir and it made me laugh as many times as it made me cry It's not the most perfectly written book but it's beautiful nonetheless

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