Showoff (Swindle, #4)

Showoff (Swindle, #4)❂ [EPUB] ✺ Showoff (Swindle, #4) By Gordon Korman ➛ – The fourth SWINDLE book centering around a dog show that goes horribly awryThe heroes of SWINDLE ZOOBREAK and FRAMED are back and this time things have gone to the dogs When Luthor goes berserk at a m The fourth SWINDLE book centering around a dog show that goes horribly awryThe heroes of SWINDLE ZOOBREAK and FRAMED are back and this time things have gone to the dogs When Luthor goes berserk at a mall dog show he's accused of ruining the career of the three time best in show beagle Griffin always knew that Luthor's viciousness was simmering just below the surface so why does he feel bad enough to spring him from the poundGriffin and his team have a new plan This one involves New York City a sinister saboteur a reclusive dog trainer who's uit the business an international dog show and a whole lot of red dye But if they pull it off no one will even notice their sting operationright. I was so excited that the book finally came out I just really wanted read it knowing that this book HAD to goodI loved this book so much I was speechless after I finished the bookWas that the last one of the series?????? I really want to find out Griffin's inventor father and his mother are off on a tour of Europe to try to sell his inventions Griffin is staying with Ben's family for six weeks in the summer and given all of the boys former exploits Ben's parents are a little concerned When the boys end up at the mall with their friend Savannah and her enormous Doberman Luther things go badly awry Luther is responsible for the tail injury of Electra a beagle who is a shoe in to win top prize in the Global Kennel Competition Slapped with a law suit the only way Savannah's family can see to get out of it is to take Luther to the pound Knowing how much the dog means to their friend Ben and Griffin spring Luther from the pound hide him and hunt down famed yet elusive dog trainer Dmitri Trebezhov to get Luther in shape to win the Global competition so Savannah's family has money to pay the lawsuit Oddly Dmitri agrees to train the dog Luther complies and even though someone is trying to sabotage Luther's chances the boys not surprisingly manage to thwart complete and utter ruinStrengths Would someone in publishing please pay attention? This is a perfect middle grade book and that perfection starts with two very simple things Appealing cover and LARGE FONT Cannot tell you how many times I hand a book to a reluctant reader only to have them turn up a nose at the ten point font Fourteen point AT LEAST Thank you And to this engaging characters with an aptitude for destruction goofy yet not over the top circumstances and a bit of Nair sprayed through a hole in a door good stuffWeaknesses The inventor father was almost over the top And yet the dog trainer who took a huge Doberman to an Italian restaurant to eat linguini strand by strand was not Hmmmm After completing Showoff I can't wait to read the rest of the Swindle series Griffin and his gang of friends were back to business as usual after Savannah's dog Luthor goes wild at a dog show in the local mall He injures one of the prize show dogs and is taken from Savannah and put in the pound Griffin bales Luthor out but Savannah knows something or someone had set Luthor off and that he didn't just randomly decide to attack a dog This sparks a plan for Griffin and the gang which involves Luthor learning to be a show dog and Griffin providing great advertising for his father's newest inventionI really enjoyed all of the comical moments in this book just like the rest of the Swindle series The plans and actions the team carry out are always in the spur of the moment and are hardly ever in preparation of the future which usually leads them to new conflicts I also enjoyed learning about the dog show process as this book went really in depth with the training process as the team was teaching Luthor how to perform for a show The only down part to this book that I thought there was is how half of the story is based around just the training of Luthor For me these parts got boring but if dog shows or handling is interesting for you maybe it would then be enjoyableI would recommend this book to any young adult anyone who likes a funny book or anyone who enjoyed any of the other books in the Swindle series in fifth grade i read the first book in this series Swindle it was enjoyable and my school library had the second book Zoobreak so i said ‘f it’ and checked out the second book in sixth grade i picked up the third one Framed and now in seventh grade i picked up the fourth one i personally really like this series it’s really lighthearted and cute im a huge sucker for those sort of “tight knit friend group that is kinda like a group of spies” plot so this series in my opinion is just right up my alley to me this was either the second or third best book so far i really enjoyed it it was really cute to me what i liked •the friendship any book movie or TV show that has a really strong friendshipfriend group has me weak at my knees EX the part from stranger things the losers club the raven boys etc this book was no exception i love that the whole cast of characters would go so far just for their friend •the spy vibes i love spy stuff it’s so addicting Showoff gave me those spy vibes and i was obsessed what i didn’t like •the spoilersok don’t worry there aren’t spoilers here i like to think that this series is a series you can read out of order you don’t have to read Swindle or Zoobreak to read Framed you can understand the fourth book without having to read the first but what i don’t like is that if you read one book it spoils the other i don’t know if that makes sense or not but that’s literally the only thing i don’t like about this book •why did i rate it a 3 star if i loved it? this book didn’t really change my life it was enjoyable and i won’t forget it i just don’t think it merits a three or four stars I MIGHT ADD MORE LATER OVERALL RATING 34 This book was a good and easy uick read The author does a good job of keeping you thinking while not going into a lot of detail I didn't feel like it was bland at all I really enjoyed the part when it was the final showdown for Best of Show at the global dog show and Savannah showed up just in time to save Luthor I also liked the part when Griffin and Ben first met Dimitri and had to convince him to come back into the dog business I just love the way the author builds up to the climax They do it in a way where it doesn't take long but it explains everything you need to know My not so favorite part of the book was when Xerxes owner tried to cover Luthor with nair so his hair would go away but got Dimitri instead Overall this is a really good book I enjoyed reading it and couldn't put it down through the last few chapters This is a great book for killing time It got me hooked on the back summary Showoff is an exciting book with a lot of sad and happy moments Savannah Griffin and Ben attempt to keep Luthor Savannah's beloved dog in their safety They end up losing him but they always find a way to get him back Savannah loses Luthor after he attacked a grand prize show dog that had a chance to be the world champion show dog They were pressed with a lawsuit of over 78 million dollars Now Savannah is depressed and goes away to a cabin in the woods for a while In the meantime Griffin and Ben attempt to turn Luthor into a prized show dog to win the global top show dog prize Then they can make enough money to pay for the lawsuit and keep Luthor Griffin and Ben continued to train Luthor and enter dog shows but Luthor always seemed to get into trouble and get disualified Dimitri the legendary dog handler comes out of hiding Dimitri trains Luthor into being an amazing show dog It takes some time and a lot of hard work but he did it Luthor became the best show dog in the world and won the top prize He paid for the lawsuit and now Savannah gets to keep Luthor but Dimitri wants his end of the deal too Dimitri gets his share of Luthor's winnings from all the dog shows he won Now Luthor continues to dominate all the dogs shows he enters and is a world loved dogGriffin Bing's character is very outgoing and brilliant He is very smart and can come up with great ideas in a heart beat Griffin is the man with the plan He attempts to train luthor for the dog shows but isn't successful He still does what he can for anybody and is a great friend Griffin is faced with a hard decision to either break out Luthor from the pound or just leave him there He ended up breaking Luthor from the pound because he did it for Savannah and Savannah is Griffin's best friend Griffin can handle all situations very well because he always has a back up plan if something doesn't work out The reader is interested in Griffin because you never know what hes gonna do nextThis novel would be appropriate for younger audiences that love animals fun and excitement You never know whats around the corner There are no bad words or violent actions that take place in this book It is a very laid back novel It is a very fun novel that keeps you involved and interested throughout the book I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars I liked reading and not knowing what was going to happen next and still wanting to read It could be a little interesting or have some exciting turns This is just a laid back book for laid back readers looking for a fun time reading The man with the plan has struck again Griffin Bing and his best friend Ben Slovak live at Griffins house for the summer while his parents are out in Europe selling Mr Slovaks inventions They both promise to not do any major plans over the summer but there is just one acceptation for their good friend SavannahThey go to a local dog show where the famous Electra is appearing there When they all get there they watch the great Electra preform her show Then all of a sudden Luthor Savannah's dog goes berserk and breaks Electra's tail Electra's owners then file a 7 million dollar law suit on Savannah Savannah has to give Luthor to the pound and they go to their beach houseBen and Griffin then get Luthor out of the pound and make a plan to try to save Savannah's lawsuit by turning Luthor from a vicious Doberman into the Best In Show in the Global dog competition They know that the only way to tame Luthor is go to the great Dmitri Trebevhoz he was the one who made Electra the great dog she was and so they knew if anybody could train Luthor it was him When they found him he agreed to come out of retirement to save Luthor's life When he was petting Luthor he found a small dart in his side which they found out caused Luthor to hurt Electra Dmitri trains Luthor for two weeks before the last chance to make it into Global's Luthor ends up winning Best In Show of that competition and beat the great Xerxes which always came in second behind ElectraAfter that competition they start receiving threats saying to get out of Global's but Dmitri still went in anyways So then someone attacked Dmitri's house after Luthor and Dmitri tore his ACL chasing the attacker down Since he tore he ACL so then Griffin had to lead Luthor in Global's Since someone was after Luthor they got extra help from their friends Pitch Melissa and Logan They helped catch the culprit at Global's Right before the last competition their was an attack on Luthor which got away and ran wild back to Savannah who showed up to see Luthor win Global's and they ended up catching Xerxes owners to be the one who caused Luthor to attack Electra and they released the charges from Savannah and she got Luthor backDmitri then went to start his own competition where the dogs showed off their own style Dmitri also adopted Xerxes who helped with the dog shows Savannah instantly signed up for Dmitri's style showThank you for reading my review I hope if you read it you enjoy it as much as I did I loved the book Showoff because I love the series that Gordon Korman has been writing about Griffin as known as Man with the plan is what his town calls him because of all his plans and adventures The book Showoff is about that Luther the dog goes into a dog show with his owner dog whisper Savannah Luther went crazy for some reason and attacked the worlds best dog show dog named Electra He breaks her tail and makes it so she cant preform any and win best in the show for her 4th year in a row They fill a million dollar lawsuit on Luther's family So they bring Luther to the pound and leave him there and leave for vacation to keep Savannahs mind of him While they are gone Griffin goes and gets Luther and hides him in his garage When he comes back the next day the garage is trash and his dads inventions are destroyed but his dads didn't patient one of the invention that were destroyed So griffin gave it to messlia They went to find the world famous Russian dog trainer When they find them he accepts the challenge because he doesn't want his brother he calls all dogs his brother to get put down When they win the first match they get ualified to be in the Global Kennel Society dog show It is where the winner is claimed as the best dog on Earth Griffin starts to receive threatens from a person saying to back out or there will be conseuences They went to were the Famous Russian dog owner lived and tried to hit Luther with hair remover but missed and hit the Russian because he jumped in the way to save his brother When at the dog show they leave Luther alone for a plan and waited for the person to strike When they did they would get sprayed by his fathers invention at got fixed When the person did they got sprayed with green goow They ran over and stopped the person and found out the person was Xeroxes owner Xeroxes was the second best dog in the world The owners of Electra found out that is was them and removed the law suit from Luther and sued them The reason was because they found a dart that makes u go crazyI would recommended this book to any that likes books It is fun entertaining and it makes you want to finish reading it as soon as possible Such a cute adventure I love dogs so this one was extra fun

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