Darker Still

Darker StillA Lush Gothic Tale That Begs For ReadingI Couldn T Put It Down New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Maclean I Was Obssessed It Was As If He Called To Me, Demanding I Reach Out And Touch The Brushstrokes Of Color Swirled Onto The Canvas It Was The Most Exquisite Portrait I D Ever Seen Everything About Lord Denbury Was Unbelievableutterly Breathtaking And Eerily Lifelike There Was A Reason For That Because Despite What Everyone Said, Denbury Never Had Committed Suicide He Was Alive Trapped Within His Golden Frame I Ve Crossed Over Into His World Within The Painting, And I Ve Seen What Dreams Haunt Him They Haunt Me Too He And I Are Inextricably Linked Bound Together To Watch The Darkness Seeping Through The Gas Lit Cobblestone Strets Of Manhattan And Unless I Can Free Him Soon, Things Will Only Get Darker Still. DNF at 50%.This is one of those books that makes me so mad that I just want to say, I don t wanna talk about it But, I must People need to be warned.All I really feel like doing right now is raging about how much this book aroused intense feelings of extreme dislike and displeasure inside me, so much so that it was a challenge to finish the book I really, really want to start ranting about how much this author messed up her seemingly brilliant story by sprinkling trite YA characteristics and thereby ruined a historical novel I was very much looking forward to.Which is exactly what I m about to do.Rant mode on.Guess what my favorite part of the novel was The insta love What s a novel without insta love Being the teenage girl I am, I simply can t bear to read a book with a slow developing romance My hormones need to be kept satisfied with a mysterious male interest with striking
The writing was decent, I loved the era and the setting, I thought the author did it justice but the plot is still poorly done When you really think about it, we all know books have to have high stakes There was no real stake for our heroine at all She got drawn in by the painting, the only reason she helps is because she feels a certain pull to the ridiculously attractive lord and thus must help him Honestly, what if he was butt ugly Different situation entirely If our MC chose not to act, she could have easily walked away with no consequence I guess her motivation aside from her attraction to oh so gorgeous guy is also because she s lonely as she s a mute It s nice for her to be involved and feel appreciated Although it does become ridiculous how she s the only person able to go into the painting and converse with Jonathan, and it s also too far fetched that in the painting she can miraculous talk again which helps her in real life.Also, the book is written in the diary style which puts a distance from the actual conflict You won t actually be worried for the MC becaus
Darker Still is a story that draws its inspiration from a number of great Gothic classics Bram Stoker s Dracula, Edgar Allen Poe s The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and Oscar Wilde s The Picture of Dorian Gray can be found in Darker Still, and yet this story still feels unique in a YA market that is flooded with witches, fairies, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures I love Victorian literature, and this book manages to tackle some fairly significant modern themes in a historical paranormal romance by examining them through a Victorian lens The story is told in epistolary form through Natalie s diary entries, letters she receives or writes, and police and newspaper accounts This type of first person narrative, in which the whole story is told this way, is uncommon in modern literature It serves a psychological function between the character and the reader that works for teenagers, who are familiar with this structure from their Facebook, Twitter, and blogging accounts It also makes sense for Natalie because she doesn t speak, her communication with other characters naturally happens through her writing, and the reader gets to feel even closer to her than through a straighforward first person narrative Nata
This started out kind of insta lovish and cheesy, but the puzzle of the curse and the haunted painting were really interesting and I ended up liking it mainly because of that and the Gothic atmosphere I was happy enough with the ending that I m probably not going to pick up the rest of the series, though I don t really need to see where else this goes.I do enj
My review 1.5 of 5 starsUhhhhh..Final Page ThoughtsDumb, dumb, dumb throws book First ThoughtsSo here s the story on how I came to obtain this book I was browsing through the library stacks and I was intrigued by the title and was even intrigued when I picked it up and saw the cover girl was wearing this gorgeous purple dress If you know anything about me, it s that I m a huge sucker for anything purple Yep That s my story Completely necessary addition to my review, I know I start reading it and I m kind of pleased at how it starts it s interesting and original sounding and it s written in the form of diary entries If someone would have told me it was written in the form of diary entries I would ve given them a skeptical look and kindly set it aside My experience with journal entry style books have not been pleasant Plus, I think of how I wrote in my diary when I was a teen Today, I woke up and ate breakfast and then had to take the bus and it was dumb but the day got sooooo much better because Kenny touched my hand when he went to turn his homework in and I m going to be happy for the rest of this week I 3 Kenny Remember not to wash hand Note Not actual diary entry Maybe You can understand my glee at realizing these were well written diary entries Maybe I set the bar a bit low in comparison.The Not So PrettyLike I said, I found the journal entries to be interesting but they turned out to be a requirement as I m not sure ho
Darker StillA copy of this book was kindly provided by Sourcebooks Fire Publishing via Netgalley.For Natalie Stewart destiny is scrawled across the morning paper s headlines A story and a photo of a painting capture her attention It is the handsome portrait of a Lord Denbury, who is reported to have committed suicide in England Rumors swirl thick around the picture, some believe that it is haunted and that the essence of the young man is trapped inside Our mute heroine, Natalie is immediately drawn to the painting She endeavors to gently prod her father, a museum curator, into purchasing the work for the Metropolitan Museum in New York City A few furiously scribbled notes later he is convinced but it seems there are others interested in the mysterious painting With the aid of a wealthy widow, Mrs Northe, the masterpiece is procured and Natalie soon finds herself plunged into a strange, supernatural mystery There is foul magic afoot Natalie inexplicably is able to enter into the painting and indeed trappe
I ve had Leanna Renee Hieber s Strangely Beautiful series on my wish list for a long time now so I was very excited to get my hands on an advanced copy of the first book in her new Magic Most Foul series Darker Still is a fantastic Gothic paranormal story set in Victorian New York and I loved it The story is told in the form of diary entries written by our heroine, 17 year old Natalie Natalie is a beautiful, intelligent young woman but since the trauma of witnessing her mother s death as a child she has been unable to speak Her father loves her dearly but is unsure how to cope with her and she has spent most of her childhood in an asylum with people suffering from various mental illnesses She has now come home to live with her father but is treated as an outcast by society because she is unable to speak and is very unlikely to make a suitable marriage because of her disability Natalie s father works for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and she manages to convince him to get her a job there, afraid that he will send her back to the asylum i
Seventeen year old Natalie Stewart has been unable to speak since her mother died when she was a little girl, and so she has lived a rather isolated life After graduating from a school for the deaf and mute and returning home to New York City, she begins writing a diary to pass the time Her father works for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which in 1880, when the story is set, had only been opened for a few years Natalie becomes interested in a painting of Lord Denbury, a young English nobleman who was recently presumed dead.From the start, Natalie is fascinated by the lifelike portrait, and she soon learns why Lord Denbury is not dead, but has been trapped in the painting by an evil demon who has possessed his body Only Natalie can visit him in the painting, and in her dreams, which have always been dark and disturbing Natalie and Lord Denbury soon begin to fall in love, but can Natalie save him by defeating the demon and breaking the curse that traps him in the painting Darker Still is a book that really stands out from the sea of young adult paranormal romances out there Both the setting New York City in 1880 and the story a demon who t
I should first off say that this review will contain no spoilers as this book is not being released until November 2011 although it is a crime to make someone wait that long to read this wonderful piece of pure art I should also say that I am very much in love with the writing of Miss Hieber, and as such I may appear a little biased But I assure you, this review is meant wholeheartedly and with the mind that I have never before met and or heard of Leanna Renee Hieber To give a false review is to lie to the author and it s ten times worse than to say oh, your child is so cute when in fact, it is not With that saidI started this book a couple of weeks ago with the hopes of finishing it before I was to be thrown back into the havic that is high school This, however, did not happen and therefore has taken me longer to complete I have spent a lot of my study hall time reading this book, wishing that first period would last all day so that I could just sit and read But I should start at the beginning.The novel appealed to me from the first time I heard the premise of the story The phrase that Hieber uses with signing this novel is Find your
With the back blurb giving a sort of mishmash of well known books forced into one YA book, I was happily surprised and relived how well Hieber weaved the stories of Dorian Gray and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde into Darker Still taking well known stories and giving it her own twist on these tales and making it new.

New York City 1882 Natalie Stewart a smart and clever seventeen year old life has been trouble since after a traumatic accident that killed her mother and left her without the ability to speak With nightmares and visions that haunt her dreams nightly This doesn t stop Natalie from seeking out the world through books and trying to break from her shelter living Her life changes when she happens across a painting of Jonathon Whitby, Lord Denbury, with his startling blue eyes that seem to see deep into her soul, almost like he s aliveshocking of all, trapped in the painting and it s only up to Natalie to set him free and face her nightmares and the devil that trapped Denbury in the painting

Natalie is the type of heroine I love, no pity party for this girl Losing her voice and being mute hasn t stopped her from living and expanding her world, while sheltered, she takes everything with a grain of salt and while what happens to her is on the border of crazy fantastic she takes the role she s given and runs with it and still dealing with her building emotions There was a few instances where I thought she trav