Photograph 51

Photograph 51 Script Describing The Efforts Of Rosalind Franklin Who Attempted To Determine The Exact Shape And Replication Of DNA Watson And Crick, Supposedly, Stole The Success Of Her Photograph 51 Without Providing Her The Credit She Died From Radiation Poisoning From Her Research. A wonderful look at the work of Rosalind Franklin, the woman whose photograph of DNA s helical structure led to Watson and Crick s DNA model, which earned them the Nobel Prize while Rosalind received no credit for her contribution. Another script for evaluation for the Staged Reading series Loved it The characters are serious, funny, human and motivated The dialog is real The focus and detachment are real Cannot wait to see this on stage Moving portrait of the death of Rosalind Franklin the first person to photograph the structure of DNA who died of radiation poisoning before she could get her share of the Nobel Prize.