Financial Peace Revisited

Financial Peace Revisited➳ [Reading] ➶ Financial Peace Revisited By Dave Ramsey ➩ – Dave Ramsey knows what it's like to have it all By age twenty six he had established a four million dollar real estate portfolio only to lose it by age thirty He has since rebuilt his financial life a Dave Ramsey knows what it's like to have it all By age twenty six he had established a four million dollar real estate portfolio only to lose it by age thirty He has since rebuilt his financial life and through his workshops and his New York Times business bestsellers Financial Peace and More than Enough he has helped hundreds of thousands of people to understand the forces behind their financial distress and how to set things right financially emotionally and spirituallyIn Financial Peace PDF/EPUB ² this new edition of Financial Peace Ramsey has updated his tactics and philosophy to show even readershow to get out of debt and stay outthe KISS rule of investing—Keep It Simple Stupidhow to use the principle of contentment to guide financial decision makinghow the flow of money can revolutionize relationshipsWith practical and easy to follow methods and personal anecdotes Financial Peace is the road map to personal control financial security a new vital family dynamic and lifetime peace. Since I've been in the middle of a lot of money trouble a friend of mine lent me this book as well as a little cash to make it through my next set of bills I figured I owed him enough to at least read the bookI can't tell you how annoying it was to read this thing which is clearly just a collection of transcribed parts of Ramsey's seminars and radio shows from the 1990s So he gives us some moderately sound financial advice Get out of debt or better yet don't go into it Save where you can Invest in mutual funds once you've savedBeyond those few points this guy is both irrelevant and dangerously stereotypical The book doesn't even mention the Internet or housing boombusts or financial problems of the current economy He talks about looking for deals as if we've never heard of craigslist and then proceeds to act like it doesn't exist I would be okay with this as the book seems to have been written about 20 years ago but this is the updated revisited edition This man has had time to update thingsHe blathers about how everyone can save and stay out of debt and yet makes the assumption that everyone is going to find work all the time that will pay at least 30000 a year which he classifies as really low end income I got news for you Dave I barely made it on about half that last year and I am working three jobs I have than a half dozen friends who are in similar situations He has the nerve to uestion the maturity of 20 somethings who are still living with their parents or with friends because they just aren't working hard enough and classifies it as a problem with my generation A great deal of his suggestions will only work if you don't have to continue to go into debt to survive or are even just cutting it close Saving money and paying toward debt only ever works when something can be cut somewhere to saveAnd the part that made even these socioeconomic gaffs is his ridiculous stereotypical worldview in which everyone is going to get married The men are going to go and earn money The women could go out and work but in some situations should just stay home and take care of kids They are going to buy a house and have 25 kids He is going to want a car and a boat and she is going to want a kitchen set He jokes that when he sells houses he sells women the kitchen and men the basement You know what Dave? I'm renting where I am because I like my kitchen and basement Every chapter is clearly aimed at men and techniues are sold in the same way Each chapter is followed by a short couple paragraph summary from Ramsey's wife Sharon who breaks down the ideas for the ladies In one pretty straightforward chapter about investing Sharon's section explicitly tells women to ask their husbands to explain it to them I was sputtering at some of the tripe I read The sidelong jokes about Social Insecurity probably make better seminar uip fodder and they certainly didn't help me through this bookExcept for one or two good points this was absolute drivel and I didn't even understand some of it Maybe I should ask my husband to explain it to me This book is incredibly outdated I read a 2003 edition in 2019 so it is possible my library did not have a newer edition The examples used and the audience he is speaking to have not been updated and felt out of sync Also multiple times throughout the book there would be a sentence or phrase that was very poorly phrased and I kept asking myself how this got past the editor For example at the beginning of Chapter Twenty One Baby Steps he states The end of our large day long seminars leaves people feeling like this book a bit overwhelmed Is he trying to say the book is overwhelmed? Or that people leaving a long seminar are similar to people reading this book which is still not a good thing to say about your writing It was distracting The Peace Puppies at the end of most chapters should have been in a list at the end with the newest puppies at the end of each chapter It would have saved so many pages We also could have done without Thoughts from Sharon at the end of each chapter as they were fluff that usually was loosely related to the chapter I did however like that we were given templates or work sheets at the end of the book to guide the reader and that it was referenced occasionally throughout the book but not overly so I also liked the reference notes at the end of the book which I did use to look up some articles the author referencedThis is a very Christian view heavy book which is fine as most Christians think they should talk about their faith and let others know about it But at times it was sexist and heteronormative Again this may partially be due to how old the version I was reading is The majority of the book is focused on talking about the husband and the wife and while we did get a chapter devoted to different types of singles it felt very narrow mindedDave Ramsey was one of the first names I came upon when starting to learn about money on my own I watched his radio show on Youtube and found many of his teachings online While I like his no nonsense suck it up and change what you are doing attitude that motivates many people I do not necessarily agree with everything he says Maybe I was spoiled by reading Broke Millennial by Erin Lowery a few weeks before picking up this book but I do not think I will be reading another book by Dave Ramsey as I don't want to waste my time or be disappointed againOverall this book is outdated has poor editing and has several components that should just be cut You may want to flip to the end and look at the templates in the very back if you happen upon this book but each of those you could find on Google I suppose the only good thing about using the ones at the back of this book is that they come with detailed instructions and you won't waste time flipping through all of the options online I loved every part of it I like how Dave covered everything from getting out of debt to staying out of debt to money for singles married divorced etc to building wealth My favorite things about this book were how Dave explained The power of compound interest and mutual funds when they're working for you I know I'll be putting large amounts of money into savings and mutual funds I also know I will be very tight on enjoyment spending during college so I don't need to get student loans This is one of the top ten books I would recommend every teen read Great read Lots of tips and tricks about handling money Definitely a good follow up to Total money makeover Common sense and practical financial information and advice that most people already know but don't always follow The back of the book contains a myriad of worksheets to help you after you read Dave's wife Sharon comments at the end of every chapter which wasn't very informative or interesting Otherwise a decent primer for the average Joe to refresh his financial saavy or learn it new While some info in this is slightly dated the advice remains relevant While we have slowly and admittedly inconsistently practiced the advice offered already it has helped me be aware of money like never before Definitely something or everyone in this book from the struggling millennial to the baby boomer unable to retire Financial Peace offers everything in the title and Dave Ramsey has taken a tested and true set of principles threw some scripture uotes in and called it Financial Peace And that's fine because if it helps to get people to get their cash flow under control power to himAs a representative of the genre this book belongs to it really is not bad Usually in books of this nature the author will attempt to establish his credibility by telling you in 12 the book his story For extreme examples of this please see the 4 hour series by Tim Farris But Mr Ramsey does not dwell longer than what is needed Here's my story now on to the meatBut this meat does come with a big stack of fluff First off the Thoughts from Sharon his wife is pointless and in some cases demeaning toward women Maybe because I've married and have lived with a very strong woman for 12 years I was embarrassed by some of what she said We women love to shop don't we? And the Peace puppies is just a list of his take aways from each chapter but the list continues to contain all the previous notes so by the end this list takes up 3 pagesIn the end though none of that matters What matters is that the author puts in front of the reader a clear plan and reasons on how his system works He's done that Its up to the reader to decide if heshe chooses to follow it and how devoted to the system that person will beAnd that is the true rating of this kind of book Not whatever star count I place in this review I get it ThanksThat was my overall feeling while reading Financial Peace Revisited This book is a near copy of the other books pushed out by Dave Ramsey His book Total Money Makeover had been suggested to me and then read and reviewed beforeFinancial Peace Revisited had a few extra insights in it that I enjoyed but I probably wouldn't have done anything than flipped through it were it not for my reading groupI might reference his categorical generalizations of the financial decisions people tend to make throughout life simply as a way to remind myself what to be aware of Other than that my overall advice regarding this advice giving book if you've read one of his books you've read them all Take a look at the table of contents see if there's anything that catches your eye skim it and then put it back on the shelf Who knows maybe the simple act of not buying the book will empower you with a little extra financial peace I read this book in 2005 while attending Financial Peace University at my church The combination helped me change the direction of my financial life motivated me to pay off all my debts helped me become a much better saver and euipped me with the knowledge to help several of my friends become debt free too I highly recommend this book and the FPU course to anyone that does not have a financial plan for their life and I am than willing to share what I have learned and help you get to FREEEEEDOM too Found the author's podcast recently during one of my long trips on the road After listening I was determined to get a hold of this book Now that I've read it I do see the need for proper management of what God has given to us in the form of money Money is a gift and the principles outlined here are a good guide to managing your finances This is a must have if you are; trying to stay out of debt trying to build wealth and ultimately trying to serve God with what He has allowed you to have

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