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The Uninvited❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ The Uninvited Author Heather Graham – 1777 In the throes of the Revolutionary War Landon Mansion is commandeered by British Lord Butcher Bedford He stabs Lucy Tarleton who spurned his king and his love leaving her to die in her father's a In the throes of the Revolutionary War Landon Mansion is commandeered by British Lord Butcher Bedford He stabs Lucy Tarleton who spurned his king and his love leaving her to die in her father's armsNOW After the day's final tour docent Allison Leigh makes her rounds while locking up and finds a colleague slumped over Bedford's desk impaled on his own replica bayonetResident ghosts may be the stock in trade of stately Philadelphia homes but Allison a noted historian is indignant at the prospect of ghost hunters investigating this apparent murderAgent Tyler Montague knows his hauntings and his history But while Allison is skeptical of the newcomer a second mysterious murder occurs Has Butcher Bedford resurfaced Or is there another malevolent force at work in Landon Mansion Wary yet deeply attracted Allison has to trust in Tyler and work with him to discover just what uninvited guest — dead or alive — has taken over the houseOr their lives could become history. 45 Stars This author always takes me on an extraordinary journey into the depths of history with a paranormal twist This read was no exception; immersing her readers in the time of the Revolutionary War and adding a devastating ghostly tale Heather Graham compiles a story that holds an intriguing mystery while giving the chill factor of a solid ghost story I enjoy each book in this series and eagerly anticipate the next one I believe that this might be the last book in the Krewe of Hunters series and I have to say that I'm a little glad at that The idea behind the ongoing series is good but there's only so many times you can create new Krewes just to start a new love interest before it just seems a little same old same oldNow I have to say that one of the things I enjoyed about this entry was that Allison and Tyler don't actually jump into bed together immediately Graham has the pair experience sparks but for the most part they focus on the whole someone is killing people and Allison is in danger stuff first We see Allison feeling guilty about her attraction to Tyler thinking that it's inappropriate to lust after him when people are dying all around her people she cared about This is a very natural reaction and one that I'm glad Graham explored here After all if a few of your coworkers died you probably wouldn't be solely focusing on the sparks between you and Agent Awesome SauceI also rather liked the way the book played out for the most part The mystery was nice and the history seemed to be pretty well researched something that I noticed in the last few books in the series as well This is one of Graham's strong suits in this seriesWhere the book falters is that there are some scenes where it just seems a little bland and I really couldn't help but wish that we'd get to the point I also felt that the ending was a little overly rushed making the rationale of the killer and the reveal underwhelming I wasn't expecting a reveal that would make me gasp just one that felt a built up It just feels like Graham sort of ran out of pages and figured OK buttercup time to wrap this mother up This felt a little disappointing because the book up to that point was good I almost think that the book would've been better served by not having a big showdown scene and having the baddie arrested without the inevitable hey I'm kidnapping the girl so I can kill her sceneOverall though this wasn't terrible It was good to see Adam poke his head into the book I liked the history mixed into the book and I liked that the romance took a back burner to the story I just feel that this series has run its course and that while I wouldn't mind seeing a story centered around a pre existing couple much like how Nora Roberts's In Death series does this it's time for Roberts to move on She's gotten a fresh wind with the last few books but I can't help but feel that she'd rather be writing something else3 out of 5 starsARC provided by Netgalley 35I think the impression these stories leave depends on the theme I like those with detailed American history Like this oneEven though Allison Leigh was very annoying for almost one third of the book I liked this story a lot The setting is Philadelphia and Landon Mansion a place where a young woman was killed in 1777Allison is a historian and she works as one of the tour guides at the mansion She is the last one to leave and she finds her colleague dead in the room that belonged to British Lord Beast BedfordAdam Harrison makes an appearance here He only appeared in the first book so far Since one of the board members is his friend Tyler was sent to check what is going on One of the reasons Allison was really annoying was because she was than rude to Tyler while he stayed polite She changed later and the story was uite enjoyable The parts with history combined with the Lucy's story were done really wellEven the ghosts are interesting One of them even had a sense of humour No I was walking along feeling sorry for myself trying to sidle up next to people I passed on the street I think I gave a few of them chills he said chortling to himself As usual the story is suspensemystery focused than romance focused even though the romance is better than in some of the previous books Or a former Texas Ranger is enough to make it better Loved the history and detail of the area country and family take on histories The blend of romance and ghosts added to a fun story full of the Texas Krewe The ghosts were very entertaining in this story and it was great touching base with the rest of the Texas Crewe as we did not see them much in the last book I can’t wait for the next story especially since we learned about Jane and her backstory this time around Plot uite boring Daniels wonderful as always Book 8 done now onto book 9 They just keep my attention This was good It had some good creepy moments and the mystery was interesting I liked the main ghost as well If you follow my reviews you are probably aware that I love romantic suspense wrapped in a little paranormal woo woo Heather Graham is one of my favorite authors for when the mood strikes Each of the novels can be read as standalone as each book deals with one member of the special FBI unit and their romance I love that each case brings us a mystery to solve and a swoon worthy guy The Uninvited tells Agent Tyler Montague’s story as he works to solve a murder investigationThe case is set in Philadelphia and involves the historic Tarleton House Allison Leigh is a history professor and spends her summers working as a guide at the Tarleton House Dressed in colonial attire she is locking up after a busy day of tours when she discovers the body of a co worker impaled by his own replica bayonet While resident ghosts are good for drawing in visitors the board is concerned because this isn’t the first bizarre accident to occur They call Adam the head of the special FBI unit and Taylor Montague is dispatched from Virginia to investigate Allison isn’t happy about this crew of “ghost hunters” invading the historic home but when she begins seeing and hearing the voice of her dead colleagueshe might just change her mind The tale that unfolds is suspenseful as they race to stop a killerWe previously meet Agent Taylor and I was delighted to finally get his story He is ex military and was a Texas Ranger who helped find a missing girl with the help of a ghost Taylor is tall and lean and looks like a linebacker I really liked this soft spoken man He feels like people are intimidated by his size and are uick to make judgment about him He finds himself attracted to the sexy refined intelligent dark haired raven Allison Allison isn’t ready to deal with the murder let alone all this ghost woo woo but Taylor is so patient with her sighs These two were obviously attracted to each other but the discovery and dance was paced throughout the book allowing the romance to slowly unfold The rest of the Krewe of Hunters arrived but as is Graham’s style they worked the case mostly in the background Hints were dropped about whose story we will get next and I hope I am right The list of suspects was colorful and the secondary characters including the ghosts added to the suspense and mysteryThe world building in Graham’s novels are always fun I love the investigation aspect and piecing together the clues Having ghosts provide clues and unlock lost mysteries is always intriguing In this type of tale the story lines follow a predictable recipe; murder boy meets girl search for clues fall in love solve the case Graham takes this recipe and mixing up a delightful new batch each time and I always find myself completely immersed in the tale I love that the romance is just a side dish to the mystery She knows how to serve it and this one was spicy I enjoyed watching it develop the awkwardness tension that first kisseep While there is sexual content it is all implied and should not offend I loved the dead colleague and fans of the Ghost Bartholomew should be delighted by him While I had my suspicions about whom the murderer was Graham surprised me with a twist at the endI recommend The Uninvited to fans who like paranormal suspense crime mystery and a side of romance There is no news on the next book in this series but I will be sure and update you Below you will find links to reviews of previous Krewe of Hunter novelsI want to thank MiraHarleuin and netGalley for providing this ARC in exchange for my unbiased review Review Uninvited by Heather Graham 5 STARS I know on Heather's krewe books my ratings as been up and down a lot it seems This one has been believeable if you believe in the possibilty of ghosts Univited as a lot of history that I enjoyed and have not thought about in years Makes me want to go and visit historcal sites See Valley Forge to go on the Ghost Tours visit the historical buildings of Philadelphia Thier were some love scenes that I skipped over Most of the story Univited takes place in and around the Tarleton Dandridge house I tried to look up and see if it was real Could not but the names appear around that time and place In the Tarleton Dandridge house is open to the public and gives tours The tour guides dress in period costumes and weapons are real but no gunpowder Julian Mitchell was a guide but snuck away after lunch to play with his band for chance at a paying job He snuck back into the house during the last 2 tours He planned to beg Alliso forgiveness after the house was closed Allison loves the house she has lived her whole life in that neighborhood She is also a professor at the University and writes papers about the house and time After She is alone in the house ready to lock up she finds Julian his jaw was stabbed on his bayonett Thier was blood all over the area The police uestion her for hours and then the FBI Krewe agent was sent to find out if thier was a problem or if weird suciede Tyler Montague used to be a Texas Ranger and now works for FBI in special unit they call Texas Krewe They all can see ghosts sometimes Tyler is lead on this case Tyler takes her back to the house and has her show him around even though its late They find that the attic where Julian had his until the tours was over ransacked So police came back to search the room Tyler decides after looking over all the deaths at the Tarleton Dandridge house in the last 10 years needs to be looked at So he calls in the full Texas Krewe agents Allison the next day sees the ghost of Julian and he asks her to help him She faints Everywhere she seems to go Julian shows up She goes to counceling and that doesn't help She even gets drunk Allison does not want to be alone so she sticks close to Tyler Tyler figures out she sees a ghost even if Allison does not believe in ghosts Finally Tyler can see Julian and then his Krewe comes and they can all see him The Texas Krewe and Allison stay in the historcal house to figure out who killed Julian and the others in 10 years Who put a tourist in the hospital with a coma who's family was at the house and their boys asked a lot of uestions about the ghosts Thier is another death that happens The Texas Krewe sets up camaras too see what is happening in the house Their ME looks at the dead bodies to get clues Julian ghost tells them that he did not kill himself Allison tells a lot about the history around the housetown and new country trying to form The History is told in ways that make it alive and got me thinking about a little different way The story line makes sense if you just imagine that the ghosts can see talk and appear to people I had a good time reading this novel I plan to read from Heather in the future I want to go back sometime and read her novels of the first Krewes Unit This makes the fourth novel that I have read with the Texas Krewes but hopefully not the last one I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley 8282012 PUB Harleuin HarleuinMIRA This review was originally posted on Once Upon a ChapterI was in the mood for a ghost story so I picked up The Uninvited by Heather Graham Graham’s Krewe of Hunter series is my go to when I need a paranormal read Generally they are pretty light reads and the ghost aspect of the book is always satisfyingPart of the reason I love this series is that it is steeped in history Naturally some aspects are fictionalized but it is always something that could have happened The Uninvited focuses on the Revolutionary War I feel like the Revolutionary War gets the short straw a lot because it is the furthest in our past Truly though it is amazing nothing short of a miracle that the Patriots won I enjoyed this ghostly backstoryI enjoyed Allison and Tyler Allison is completely against the Krewe coming in To put it bluntly she was a bit of a bitch about it I can certainly see why she behaved the way she did but she made assumptions and that generally doesn’t go over well Tyler was your stereotypical Texan all manners and chivalry Honestly they worked well togetherThe Uninvited by Heather Graham was thoroughly enjoyable I completely missed the who dun it and got a great ghost story in the process I was lucky enough to acuire the next seven books in a trade from PaperBackSwap so I’ll be set for my next ghost story craving

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