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Within Reach❰Ebook❯ ➩ Within Reach Author Sarah Mayberry – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Being a single dad was never on Michael Young's agenda Yet with the sudden loss of his wife that's exactly the role he has On his best days he thinks he can handle it On his worst Luckily family frien Being a single dad was never on Michael Young's agenda Yet with the sudden loss of his wife that's exactly the role he has On his best days he thinks he can handle it On his worst Luckily family friend Angie Bartlett has his back easily stepping in to help outLately though something has changedMichael is noticing exactly how gorgeous Angie is and how single she is She's constantly in his thoughts and he feels an attraction he never expected Does he dare disrupt the very good thing they have going If they have a fling that goes nowhere he stands to lose everything including her But if they make it work he stands to gain everything. Within Reach is one of the best most poignant most beautiful contemporary romances I’ve read to date The very nature of this story sets this up to be heartbreaking and tragic on so many levels but it is also inspiring and hopeful and uplifting tooWhen Billie Young died she left behind her two small children Eva and Charlie a devastated husband Michael and her best friend Angie The pain and the shock of her sudden death left them all reeling but it's the loneliness and emptiness which Michael can't seem to overcome that threatens to destroy what's left of his family Angie can no longer watch the slow disintegration of these people she loves so much so she decides to step in and do what she can to bring them back to the land of the living I was so impressed with the level of compassion and sensitivity given to the telling of this story Angie's and Michael's struggle to move forward was such an emotional journey and I loved how they helped each other through it Their physical attraction to one another didn't happen overnight but was a natural gradual awakening Their passion and sexual chemistry was combustive and felt right because the grieving process wasn’t rushed In fact everything about this story flowed well and I felt as though I was part of it somehow As though these people were my friends and I was right there with them as their story unfolded The bottom line For as long as I can remember Harleuin novels have had a reputation of being nothing but cheesy melodramatic short stories but trust me on this; the Harleuin of today is not your mama’s Harleuin The stories address today’s issues today’s lifestyles and relationships and do so in a believable entertaining way I’m so glad I decided to give these books another try because they’ve turned out to be some of my very favorite most enjoyable reading experiences and books like Within Reach are the reason why Thought provoking uplifting inspiring this story has made it to my keepers shelf and Sarah Mayberry is an author who I will absolutely be reading of45 of 5 stars My thanks to netgalleycom and Harleuin for providing me with a copy of this beautiful story in exchange for an honest review This book was so beautiful so full of emotion I absolutely loved it A huge huge recommendation to everyone 3 Wow I can not believe how much I loved this book especially as it has my second least favorite trope the widowwidower falling for the best friend My least fave is heroine falling for brothers The two main characters are real and wonderful; the children are adorable and the story is realistically done without losing any uber drama Having lost my best friend a few years ago I have a hard time wrapping my head around this plot but darned if Sarah Mayberry doesn't nail itRe readRe read and I as I suspected I had to take a star off Still I rarely give 4 stars but for a writer to make the concept of a best friend moving on with the spouse takes something The hero falters a little but given that he lost his wife he pulls through for the heroine I teared up for a second time with this one Inherent angsty love story of two essentially decent people 5 stars – Contemporary RomanceI wish I had time to fully review this to give the proper notice it so richly deserves But since I don’t I’ll simply say that Within Reach is a powerful poignant bittersweet and satisfying read that embodies what I love so much about a great romance I highly recommend this touching gem to all my romance loving friends It’s another well written memorable read from the talented Ms Mayberry 5 stars 35 stars I uite liked this one Have read some Sarah Mayberry in the past and usually enjoy her writing Sorry have no time for a proper review these daysxx In Mayberry's last book Her Best Worst Mistake I thought the heroine's guilt about hooking up with the guy her best friend had dumped was overdone This book also features a guilt ridden heroine but you really can't blame her since in this case the best friend was a beloved wife who died much too youngAngie is doing her best to fill the hole left when her friend Billie died leaving behind a devastated husband and two young children She and Michael had never been particularly close but now they lean on each other for support But as the haze of grief lifts they begin to notice each other in a new and mutually horrifying way Both are convinced that anything happening between them would be a betrayal and that of course Michael could never love anyone but BillieThe tone of this story is appropriately low key since every main character in it is grieving a loss yet it's also very passionate The tension and awareness between Michael and Angie builds in a compellingly visceral sensory laden way But there's no sense that it's just the lure of the forbidden drawing them together because they are also genuinely friends The ending is realistic than grandly romantic yet left me in no doubt that Angie and Michael will be a happy loving couplereviewed from e arc provided by netGalley This was an excellent book about grief about friendship and how the people left behind deal with it When the book opens Angie is celebrating her best friend Billie's birthday with her two kids and husband and that happy picture is gone the same day Billie dead of a heart defect It is ten months later then and when Angie visits the house the picture is very different there is no joy and instead there is dust and Michael who took time off work to help his kids and who seems to walk through a fog because his wife of six years is dead and at the age of 35 he is a widower with two kids He isn't dealing with things well and it takes Angie to wake him up Angie who has been a rock these past few months Angie who also lost her best friend who was like a sister He doesn't take it that well when she tells him that maybe he needs to go back to work that may help him move forward but when his daughter tells him about the things he has forgotten to do for her he wakes up because he needs to move on for his kidsI felt Michael's grief was depicted extremely well in the book He struggles to function at first he looks after his kids and that is all but going back to work gives him something else to do His identity was tied so closely with being a husband and father and now half of it is gone He thinks that he will spend his life being a father so it is a shock to him when he has a sex dream and it fills him with disgust and guiltAngie was a friend to Michael but they were never close in her mind he was always Billie's husband and never a hunk so when the first time she notices him it fills her with horror and disgust She tries to draw away but Michael notices something is wrong and she vows to keep her thoughts to herself It takes longer for Michael to notice her in a sexual way and when he does he lashes out he is not ready for what he is feeling What is made very clear from the start in this book was that both of them had never had any untoward feelings before and they both loved BillieThey do acknowledge their new feelings and vow not to act on them because in their minds it is a betrayal and then they do act on them and the guilt does rise up They both can't stop getting involved but their is an understanding between them Angie fits into their lives the kids love her and Michael loves having her around but when Angie comes to see she has fallen for him she draws away which makes Michael see that things between them has been one sided with her giving and giving and Michael just taking He isn't ready for anything but somehow without him knowing love snuck in it wasn't something they both wanted and were ready forI found this book emotional as hell the way their friendship grief and gradual love was depicted was amazing The moment at the cemetery when his daughter is talking to her mother was so emotional I know some people may feel Angie was a second choice but she wasn't Michael never saw her coming so it takes him a while to see what was under his nose all along those long grief filled months I never found the relationship dirty or taboo but these two had a lot to overcome because they felt that Why was it just okay for me? I felt that Angie sacrificed too much of her self in giving and giving to Michael I understand she was being empathetic and really cared for him and her best friend's family but she shortchanged herself so much and allowed Michael to do the same In shortchanging Angie I agreed with Michael's assessment of himself in a rare moment of clarity He was indeed being an asshole The story is very interiorised Most of the book is comprised of the internal thoughts and feelings of Michael and Angie as they navigate their burgeoning relationship Not only is the majority of the book's setting located within the main characters' heads but the reader is overwhelmingly told and not shown It's all very dictational and creates a remove between reader and character I could not invest really in these two protagonists All of their going on about experiencing guilt over their desire becomes monotonous and boring This compounds the inability to really feel for Michael and Angie One is too busy hoping they'd just get their stuff together if only to be relieved of the unchanging mental monologues I didn't believe their love I know writers have obsessions and revelatory trademark characterisations character behavioural patterns and plot devices et al render these perceptible to readers of than one book of an author's I felt that I could too easily distinguish some of Mayberry's tried and trues in this work and that takes me out of a book After this didn't move me Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry focuses on one of my favorite tropes in romance A widowed hero who finds love in the most angst ridden situation one can find and thus Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry is a superb read and delivered exactly what I wanted in the right dosesMichael loses his wife of 6 years to an undiagnosed congenital heart defect and devastation doesn’t even begin to cover what he goes through in the process of picking up the pieces of his life as his two kids demand that he be a pillar of strength rather than breaking down and digging himself a hole somewhere which is exactly what he feels like doing Angie Bartlett loses her best friend when Billie dies at the age of 32 Her vivacious friend whose zest for life and color whose life was so abruptly cut off leaves Angie reeling from the loss of it all And it takes her a timeout from the situation back at Billie’s household to realize the rapid escalation towards crisis it was veering off toHelping out in the process of moving forward means Angie finds herself spending a lot of time at Michael’s and both start to face that unsettling discovery that there might be to their feelings towards each other than just mere friendship Angie feels as if she is betraying her best friend by feeling desire of such ferocity towards Michael And Michael who has vowed never to forget nor love any other woman except Billie finds himself torn apart by the strength of his desire to possess and be possessed by the woman who is slowly driving him insane with want Though Michael wants nothing than to ignore the feelings that Angie invokes and bury his head in the sand the answering need that flares to life in Angie’s eyes proves to be his undoing every single timeSarah is an author who certainly gets everything right when it comes to developing lovable characters She has that uncanny ability to deliver characters that we the readers can relate to characters who are flawed yet comes with redeeming ualities that just makes them seem so real and larger than life For me both Angie and Michael’s characters were eually appealing Angie in my opinion is kindness itself and she earned my love from the very beginning of the novel Angie might be reserved when it comes to being openly affectionate but she has a mighty tender spot for Billie and her family and that shines throughout the story even way before she starts developing feelings for Michael I loved how Angie seemed to be able to give expecting nothing in return even when she knows that the ultimate conclusion of a relationship with Michael might mean irreversible heartbreak for herMichael is such a delicious hero The way Sarah brought him to life through Angie’s eyes those things about an attractive man that we all notice and take a second look at coupled together with that innate sense of fairness and kindness deep inside of him makes him one of the most drool worthy heroes I have read this year I love a man who is larger than life and that is exactly how I envisioned Michael as I read along And let me tell you Michael might seem a bit hesitant when it comes to taking the “plunge” with Angie but when he does oh boy does he do it well The only thing that disappointed me a bit was the lack of an epilogue There was so much angst in the book that the lump in my throat refused to go away each time I picked up the book Even from chapter 1 itself I knew that Within Reach was going to end up breaking my heart a bit but then I trusted Sarah enough to put it back together The ending itself wasn’t bad but I wanted something to keep with me something to dream about a bit during the moments of semi wakefulness that I go through when I am right about to fall asleep And I wanted just a bit for Angie which I know might not convey the message that I want to but I wanted to see Michael and Angie’s happily ever after a happily ever after worthy of someone like AngieNevertheless Within Reach was an amazing read and Sarah Mayberry is an author that always never fails to deliverRecommended highly to fans of Sarah Mayberry fans of widowed hero themed romances that love a good angst ridden read Rating455 I made a strong emotional connection with Angie early on and warmed to Michael as he started to lift out of his grief Nothing unreasonable mind I was just ready for him to be done I supposeAs with the other book of hers that I've read this book takes you for a strong emotional ride with evocative lovable characters going through a rough period handling some not insignificant trials—none of which is cheap or easy Mayberry earns the emotional connection by creating characters who just feel real as they cope with events beyond their controlTears happy andor sad might or might not have been involved in the end but then I'm an acknowledged soft touchA note about Steamy Again on the high side for me Three explicit sex scenes and a handful of not uite sex scenes as well Which isn't a high count but they do go on for pages and pages

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