Intuition Guardians of Coral Cove #3

Intuition Guardians of Coral Cove #3➷ Intuition Guardians of Coral Cove #3 Free ➭ Author Carol Ericson – Two dark purposes prompted Kylie Grant's return to Coral Cove and its nefarious Victorian mansion solve the mysterious disappearance of a young girl and find closure for her own complicated past What Two dark purposes prompted of Coral PDF ↠ Kylie Grant's return to Coral Cove and its nefarious Victorian mansion solve the mysterious disappearance of a young girl and find closure for her own complicated past What her psychic abilities hadn't prepared her for was an encounter with sexy bad boy Matt ConnerIt Intuition Guardians PDF/EPUB or was his first assignment as a PI and Matt needed this job to show he was nothing like his hometown reputation suggested Mysterious and alluring Kylie was a complication he didn't count on—nor were the death threats against her Working together all day and all night was testing every Guardians of Coral ePUB ↠ professional skill Matt was determined to prove And challenging every private desire he was finding impossible to ignore. Very good book Kylie had come back to to Coral Cove to come to grips with her mom's death and to investigate the disappearance of a young girl She didn't expect to run into Matt who had fascinated her when they were in high school She certainly didn't expect to end up working with him Matt was also investigating the disappearance and didn't need the complication of being around Kylie It didn't take long to realize that someone didn't want them there and that someone was out to get Kylie I liked both Kylie and Matt Kylie is very good with her psychic abilities and has used them before to solve crimes This one is personal because she also feels there is a connection between it and her mother's death I enjoyed seeing the way she worked and how she made the connections She also felt her attraction to Matt very uickly but also felt that it was interfering with her psychic connection She had some trust issues with Matt because of his earlier reputation and also because of the way her mom always used to warn her against people Matt was really terrific too He wanted to solve this first case as a PI to live down his teenage reputation and also to redeem himself from his problems as a cop I loved the way he was able to accept Kylie's abilities and work with her to solve the case I also liked the way he was protective of her His mistake in not telling her of his past came back to bite him but he was able to redeem himself I'm really looking forward to the next book to see who is responsible for the main mystery Intuition by Carol Ericson 4 STARS This is book 3 out of 4 Guardians of Coral Cove series of books by Carol Ericson So far this is the 1st of the books I have read Book 1 Obsession book 2 Eyewitness book 3 Intuition and book 4 Deception comes out in October I liked it Had no idea who did the murder or where the body was hiding all this time Kylie Grant is back home in Coral Cove for two reasons Her first reason is to get closeure in her mother's sucide in the COLUMBELLA HOUSE Thier has been a few deaths in that house this year It is a old big empty Victorian mansion Kylie is a psychic who was hired to find Bree and what happened to her three years ago Bree had come to Coral Cove to a rock festival and disappeared from thier Kylie has never tried to see why her mother killed herself and when she is in a trans up on the third floor in front of where her mom killed herself Kylie feels someone push her over the railing Kylie is holding on but she does not know how long when Matt Conner shows up in the old mansion and rescues her Matt was in high school with Kylie He was a bad boy who dated a lot of girls but not her Matt's father was a drunk He was a tough guy on a motorcycle Kylie's mother was a psychic too but she had no filter to turn off and on at her will Kylie was a goth and had a crush on Matt in school Matt is now a PI in fact this is his first case Bree's father hired him to work the case of his missing daughter Matt hides the fact from Kylie that this is his first case Someone keeps trying to stop Kylie from finding out what happened to Bree Matt keeps rescuing Kylie No one is trying to harm Matt though Kylie and Matt decide to work together and find out what happened to Bree Thier are lots of suspects in town right now because another Rock Festaval is getting ready to be put on again I would like to read the other 3 book in the series to see what all is going on in the town of Coral Cove I like Kylie and Matt how they are trying to not make the same mistakes thier parents made Thier is a lot of action happening a lot of the time in this book and suspense Thier is one love scene that takes place and lot of death and accidents that happens around Kylie I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley 09032012 PUB Harleuin Imprint Harleuin Intrigue ISBN9780373696406 This book was pretty good In high school Kylie always had lovehate feelings for Matt but Matt approached almost half the girls in their class not including her They meet up years later and end up working together on a murder case Their dialogue was good and my guess for the identity of the criminal was wrongThe writing didn’t give the story a Harleuin like feel to it The main thing that made it seem Harleuin was some of the suspense and the VERY common TSTL moment at the end where the heroine decides to go somewhere without the hero for some reason You just know Kylie will end up in the hands of the killer The last thing that I would have liked different is Kylie’s psychic abilities weren’t used as often or given as much importance as her role seemed to demandOverall I did like the story and will read the others in the series Intuition reviewIntuition is the third fast paced romantic suspense book in the Guardians of Coral Cove series written by author Carol Ericson IntuitionAuthor Carol EricsonPublished by HarleuinAge Recommended Adult Reviewed By Arlena DeanBook Blog For GMTARating 4ReviewIntuition by Carol Ericson was the third book in the 'Miniseries' Guardians of Coral Cove This author did a wonderful job at keeping this a romantic suspensemystery till the very end We find that Kylie Grant is back in Coral Cove for two main reasonsone to find out on her mom's sucide in the COLUMBELLA HOUSE and with her being a psychichaving the 'sixth sense' she had been hired by the mother to find Bree who had disappeared three years ago disappearing after attending a rock festival Matt Connor who is now a PI returns to his hometown and this is his first case had also been hired by Bree's father to work on this missing case A lots is going on in this story Someone keep trying to stop Kylie from seeing what has happen to Bree It seems like Matt who was a classmate bad boy and tough guy on a motorcyle was now trying to stop whoever it was from harming Kyliehe had already saved Kylie when he showed up at the old mansion and rescues her After they find out they are working on the same case they decide to work together and what a list of suspects that they did came up with Will they find Bree before another 'Rock Festival' comes to town? Will there be some tension between these two people that will become romantic? This is where I say you must pick up Intuition to see how the author will bring this mystery out to the reader I found Intuition very engaging and hard to put down until the very end This faced paced and action pack keeping you wondering who what why and where did it happen and finally case solved If you are in for a interesting suspenceful fast paced readInituition would be recommended to you This was a nice uick read with a bit of mystery and main characters who were uickly interested in one another but not 100% sure of each other Kylie has had a lot of pain to deal with in her life due to her own psychic abilities and her mother committing suicide She's since learned to use her abilities to assist police in solving cases which gives her the sense of at least helping others She's brought back to town to get to the bottom of a missing woman who disappeared not long before her own mother committed suicide She's determined to not only find out what happened to the young woman but also get to teh bottom of what might have happened to her mom Matt is hired by the father of the missing woman and didn't know that Kylie was also working the case and hired by the mother He saves her from falling off the same landing that her mom committed suicide from He remembers her from school but they never really spent any time together then You see he was a bit of a bad boy back then or at least assumed to be one and she never truly made his radar We get to see the two of them work together to get the cases solved and also get to see the two of them realize how much they mean to each other There is a bit of tension between the two as neither completely reveals everything to the other until forced to I liked the mystery and enjoyed watching the two of them get to know each other plus have some nice moments of heat They really do make a good pair and I was happy to read this Special thanks to NetGalleycom and Harleuin for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review This book is suspense thriller book which focuses on the main characters; Kylie and Matt being paid by the victim's parent to find the fact about the disappearance of their daughter Bree three years ago Kylie who have sixth sense is using her talent to find the lead Both of them is convinced that Bree is murdered and that the murderer is still at large Kylie is also using her trip back home to find her mother's spirit who have commit suicide and to find out what has transpired leading to her suicide in order to find the closure for herself However both of them realised that someone does not want to nosed around town and that involved person wants Kylie's dead Overall the storyline is very engaging and i find myself unable to put down the reader However i find that the plot is rather short and it can be developed further It left me unsatisfied with the abrupt ending to the story In Ericson’s romantic suspense novel Kylie Grant returns to Coral Cove and the mysterious Columbella House to solve the disappearance of a young girl and find closure for her past Enter Matt Connor something her psychic senses didn’t warn her ofHis first assignment as a PI Matt returns to his hometown Mysterious and attractive Kylie was something he didn’t count on—nor were the threats against her Teaming together on the same case their professional boundaries are tested as the closeness challenges the desire neither of them want to feelA fast paced action packed installment to the Guardians of Coral Cove series Kylie Grant goes home to Coral Cove to find a young woman who has been missing for 3 years using her psychic abilities She also needs to resolve her feelings about her mother's suicide While in Coral Cove she meets private investigator Matt Conner who is also trying to solve the case of the missing woman The book keeps you guessing and interested until the last page this was a good story line with the two of them that went to school together are hired to look into the disapearence of a girl 3 years beforehim a p I and her a mediumin the process she almost gets killedin the end there are answers that you never seen coming

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